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Review: JBeam Galpha Driver


Had a chance to shaft up this  Jbeam Galpha  driver with a TRPX  Xanadu to give it a whirl.    First off,   looking at the head at address,  shape wise very reminiscent of the legendary JBeam BM 435 ( aka Crazy CRZ 435 ) .   I have not checked recent stats,  but at one point the BM 435 was the most popular driver used among Japanese Mid Am players in competitions.    I also noticed that the paint had some colorful glitter mixed in.  Adds a touch of bling to the overall look.      At 445cc,  it definitely looks smaller than the said volume due to the deep profile.   Looking at the sole,  I do like the new design where it uses a mix of IP finish and mirror chrome accents.   Nicely done JBeam!    Face milling is present on this model as well.   It is said to provide slightly lowered spin.  Click Read more to continue…

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JBEAM Galpha Driver!


The all new JBEAM 445 GALPHA  – The forgiving players driver.  The user feedback has been outstanding.  The Galpha was released a couple of months back and has now had time to make its rounds.   The Galpha is a 445cc driver with a fade bias by design.  By adding a heavier weight to the heel you can bring the bias back to neutral and by using a lighter toe weight and closed face angle slightly promote a draw.  Follow the jump to view more angles…

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JBeam 535 Premium Black Driver

JBeam 535 Premium Black Driver4

Introducing the Jbeam 535 Premium Black Driver – Jbeam is one of TSG’s top selling driver brands.  Known for it’s spin reducing and lower launch characteristics.  The most popular Jbeam head right now is the ZY-7 yet it’s not for everyone as it caters to those who need to reduce spin and lower their trajectory.  This new 535 Premium Black driver is for those who wish to reduce spin but also want a medium to mid/high trajectory.  It’s also more forgiving than the ZY-7.  Follow the Jump to read on…

JBeam 535 Premium Black Driver5

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JBEAM TD-450 Driver 440cc

JBeam Golf Drivers6

Do you hit a slice yet prefer a deep faced low spin driver?  The JBEAM TD-450 might be your answer.  Many over the top swingers have a negative attack angle meaning the send the ball up very high and impart way too much spin.  I’ve been tinkering with the new TD-45o and its really really good at doing a key few things that will help most players.

Follow the Jump for a brief run down on specs and my initial impressions on this club…

JBeam Golf Drivers1

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JBEAM ZY-7 Driver!


The JBEAM ZY-7 Driver Pre-order bank is now officially open at TourSpecGolf!  You may contact us directly via email for a custom build [email protected] or purchase directly from the TSG ProShop listing that will launch tomorrow.  This driver is only available via specialty JBeam dealers like TSG.

A little background on why the new ZY-7 is such a highly anticipated driver.  J-Beam has been known to produce some of the best and longest drivers in all of Japan many of their models have unique spin reduction and launch characteristics.  Many brands like Crazy, TRPX and others have sought to collaborate with Jbeam seeking similar performance in their clubs.  This new ZY-7 is being used on the Japan Long Drive Tour by JBEAM sponsored player Yasuhiro Yamazaki as a prototype already securing him the top spot twice in his last two events.

The history of Jbeam’s drivers date back more than 30 years where Mr. Kazuhiro-san the father of the current president shown below was a persimmon driver artisan famous in Japan,  for years Kazuhiro-san watched his father meticulously grind wooden heads to the specifications of many of Japan’s best professional players.  Kazuhiro-san has taken much of what his father has taught him and incorporated modern technology and his personal philosophy on how to create maximum distance for many types of players.   Follow the Jump for more information about the new 2016 JBeam ZY-7 Driver.


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Jbeam TF-UT Hybrid Woods!

JBeam Golf TF Wood1

Introducing the new JBeam TF-Ti Utility Wood – Designed for the widest range of player from higher handicaps to single digit golfers seeking a higher launching long distance easy to use clean contact design.  Made using what Jbeam calls Hyper steel which is a high rebound soft impact stainless material coupled with a titanium construction the result is more distance compared to other hybrid clubs.  Follow the Jump for more feedback and photos…

JBeam Golf TF Wood2

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J-Beam TF Fairway Wood Photos

JBeam TF Fairway Wood

Weeks back I swung by J-Beam’s head quarters to check out their new full titanium TF Fairway Woods.  I snapped these photos and was able to hit each loft on the launch monitor against my own gamers.  The new TF caters to a wide range of players from the better golfer who wants an easier long distance fairway wood to the mid and high handicapper who is looking to make easy contact with a high penetrating launch.  These surprisingly fit the bill for all players.  Follow the Jump for more impressions…

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TourSpecGolfers Main Gamer: ZY-11 + Seven Dreamers L01

JBeam ZY-11 Driver

With the ability to play any JDM driver and shaft Its not an easy task deciding on just one gamer,  too much switching has hurt my score in the past but on the flip side having access to a ton of different drivers over the last 13 years has helped me understand what I want and need to play my best golf.

In 2013/2014/2015 one brand has captured the big dog’s spot more than any and that’s Jbeam.  Not from bias but for the simple reason that they are Loooong and reduce spin significantly,  It started with the original 435,  then the Blackout 435 and for most of 2015 the ZY-11.  I currently own 2 Jbeam Blackout 435’s and 2 Jbeam ZY-11’s all four with Seven Dreamers Shafts installed,  before that the Basileus AAA in 50 & 60 Stiff & Regular tipped along with many other shafts from some of our top shaft companies and It’s not just me who owns multiple JBeams many of TSG’s members have more than a few and for some strange reason just can’t let them go.

Seven Dreamers Golf Shafts

So what’s new about my latest gamer?  Well for one the white finish yet the biggest difference to note is the Limited Seven Dreamers L01 Nishijin-ori Shaft,  This means all 4 of my Jbeam drivers sport seven dreamers shafts and thankfully my driving game and confidence has never been better.  Follow the Jump to see more photos and check out the specs on this shaft/head combo…

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J-Beam ZY-7 Driver Coming Soon!

Jbeam ZY-7 Driver

Sneak peak of the prototype ZY-7 Driver by J-Beam Golf spotted in the bag of long drive champion Yasuhiro Yamazaki.  TSG will have a few in advance prior to release so stay tuned for more information,  release date is early 2016.

The New JBeam FW Ti Fairway Wood


The all new Jbeam Ti Fairway Wood – Titanium and designed to be easy to hit from most lies Jbeam has made another very forgiving FW,  they now have 3 excellent fairway woods that should be considered if you are in the hunt for one,  the RX-FW which is perfect in feel and compact size for the better player,  then the Jbeam Glorious which is more shallow,  larger and more forgiving that we found very long and easy to hit as is and now the TF series which is Titanium instead of stainless with a cut away channel similar to Royal Collection  this design is interesting because its shallow,  oversized at 210ccs in the 3 wood but the CG is designed more forward so while you should have an easy time getting the ball up yes even from the rough it still wont balloon on you.  Beautiful fit and finish to it as well… Follow the Jump for more pics!

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