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2017 Mizuno Frame Walker Stand Bags


2017 Mizuno Frame Walker Stand Bags are here!!  Not sure how many folks here in the TSG community actually prefer to walk and carry their bags on the course,  but I actually carry my bag pretty much all the time.  My wife thinks golf is good exercise as long as I walk!!   So I walk.   I do think walking provides a better overall rhythm to my game where the walks in between shots give me enough time to think about my next shot as well as other things including how I should look into trying new clubs etc…  you get the picture.  :)     When I occasionally ride,  it seems to totally mess up my game.   Click to read more…

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Elite Grips

Elite Y360 Grip

A lot of TSGers have moved from Iomic and Nowon to Elite Grips in 2015 and Elite seems to be continuing it’s expansion pretty aggressively into 2016 with the latest product being their textured putter grips in a wide variety of colors. Here are our photos from the Elite Grips Booth at the 2016 Japan Golf Fair.  Follow the Jump…

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SEVEN DREAMERS $10,000 Golf Bag!

Seven Dreamers Golf Shafts Seven Dreamers started off by shocking the world with some really expensive shafts,  $1200, $1800, $12,000,  $15,000 and get this… the $120,000 golf shaft!  Despite these shockingly insane prices the Matrix,  Haute, and L01 shafts are among the very best in the world if not the best hands down. Now Seven Dreamers is shocking us once again with their all new caddie bag using space grade carbon fiber used in satellites.

They use a spine structure called T-System that can withstand a powerful impact protecting all your seven dreamers shafts:)  I’m sure it’s beautiful and well made using leather I love this design as it’s been striped of any unnecessary logo’s or markings.  Made of Japanese Carbon Fiber and Leather.   This bag is very limited after the currency exchange it comes out to about 8,500 usd and you can order one at [email protected]

Seven Dreamers Carbon Divot Tool

Seven Dreamers Carbon Divot Tool

TSG’s favorite shaft brand Seven Dreamers has released a new and (and expensive) Divot Tool & Coaster.  Both available individually the divot tool retails at $80 while the coaster set (2pcs) is $175 or the other way to get them is to clunk down some major coin for their awesome L01 Limited Shaft and get both included as a set.  These will be in the TSG ProShop later in the week.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

Divot Tool & Coaster by Seven Dreamers

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2013 CRAZY 9012 Denim Caddy Bag


Rarely do we write up a blog post about a single golf bag but this time we felt this particular one was something special.  It’s a bit flashy and designer it feels as if a  luxury hand bag could have built this and It’s called the Crazy 9012 Caddy Bag and she’s a stunner.  It’s made of cotton denim  with what I believe to be is vinyl,  looks like leather.  Everything is made top notch and there are a lot of little extras like silver bits and pieces,  It also comes with a bottle holder.  One thing you must mind is if it’s damp or even dry and rubbing up against something white  like many jeans it could bleed.

Crazy ShaftsWe have tons of pictures for if you click on “Read More” below.

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Romaro at the 2013 Japan Golf Fair!


Romaro Sports had a very strong 2012 and they looked to ride that momentum right into 2013 by adding new clubs and accessories to an already awesome lineup. Last year saw all new drivers and woods as well as Pro Forged blades and the Ray H for better players. The Ray V Forged iron which were from late 2011 were still among the most popular irons for improving players and better players looking for forgiveness.  Romaro though which has traditionally been a company focused on the athlete and better golfer decided it was time to tweak the Ray V Forged iron to make even more forgiving yet more appealing visually.


The took an already great design forged from S20C steel and featuring an undercut cavity with TPU insert, the sharpened off the shape of the cavity back creating a straighter top line and sharper toe but increased the forgiveness by changing the internal pocket cavity and weighting.  The increased MOI and larger sweet spot equal less distance lost on miss hits and an overall more attractive package. The back cavity has a new V pattern which enhances feel at impact on the sweet spot. Romaro decided to release the improved V Forged as the TypeR which is the name of the new performance lineup aimed at the average golfer.

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2013 TourStage Golf – Japan Golf Fair

TourStage Golf Clubs 2013

TourStage Golf presented a solid line up at the 2013 Japan Golf Fair this year.  The designs were oh so clean and modern each and everyone of the new X-Drive series products from irons to woods I could easily see land in my bag in 2013, thats how good it was.   Let’s dive right in and take a look out our favorites this year from TourStage.

Above we have the all new 909 X-Blade.  It’s important to know that this is a limited edition model and only 2000 sets have been produced,  so if you like what you see you don’t have very long to order it from the TSG Proshop.  The new TourStage X-Blade MB really reminds me of the old TourStage MR-23 U.S Spec blade except with a cleaner setup and added forgiveness.  The entire head is plated in a beautiful brushed satin finish it really is stunning in person even these fantastic pictures just don’t do it justice.  Forged by Endo of S20C it’s one of the most beautifully designed blades perhaps ever.

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