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USA Exclusive Model – SEVEN CB in Black IP!


Introducing the USA Exclusive Finish for the SEVEN CB – BLACK IP!  Last week we posted the Korea Only GOLD IP exclusive (click here).  Today we are highlighting our BLACK IP finish which will only be sole and shipped within the United States.  For those of you who don’t have an idea what the brand SEVEN is you can get up to speed here – ( Seven Blog Posts Click Here ) .

Based on our more than 15 years in business its evident that American golfers gravitate to black finishes in their blades and cavity backs.  This finish here is very durable and will not rust.  The standard NiCR chrome finish is first applied then we send the heads into a factory for the Black IP treatment which bonds with the clubs original plating.  The wear pattern will expose the standard finish in areas that make impact with the ball or turf.    Ready for more?  Follow the Jump…

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The American Classic Remastered – MacGregor IM-G5 Classic!


Introducing the MacGregor Japan Tourney Classic IM-G5 Iron Master Putter!  This putter is 100% made in Japan as a limited edition based on the original dating back to the 1930’s when it was named after Tommy Armor.  Back in the 30’s to 40’s it cost only $8.00 brand new oh have time changed as today it costs almost $600 dollars.  Ready for more images and explanation? Follow the Jump…

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SEVEN 577 Series FORGED Wedges


Introducing SEVEN 577 Series Wedges | Creating wedges for the most part is an easy process but for SEVEN and this particular wedge it was 2 years in the making,  We needed to work directly with the foundry, grind house, and finishing company  this is essential to us to control every variable for now and into the future.  No manufacturing agents were used to produce our products as many brands do, every detail is extremely important to us.

For those of you not familiar with SEVEN it’s been a brand that has been very secretive on TourSpecGolf  we needed to establish the proper foundation to create designs consistently and to our standard,  and that standard is very high.  We pull from the collective feedback of our most discerning customers and listen to what our target player truly desires.  The result is this…

SEVEN by TourSpecGolf

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Buchi VS200 Blades in Stock!

Fuso Dream Buchi

A couple of years back TSG released Buchi Global Edition Irons and Wedges and while it was received with a lot of excitement the lead times were a major disappointment with custom sets taking over 4 months to produce.  TSG  will begin offering the standard Buchi clubs which thankfully are in stock and readily available with custom build shaft/grip/specs.

Master Tabuchi-san is currently ranked as one of the top Grinders in Himeji Japan and his skills are in high demand as he has his own style of grind and shaping that can be seen in his work.  The difference is often a more rounded shape with some very compact heads and while this iron looks sharp and edgy from different angles it is soft and smooth.  Ready to see those angles?  Follow the Jump Please…

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Modart Now Officially Available at TSG!


We at TSG work hard to bring enthusiasts worldwide not only the biggest and most popular Japanese brands but also smaller up and coming brands that most people have never heard of. If it is available in Japan, TSG can or will eventually be able to get it (so don’t hesitate to ask us if you don’t see something in our shop). We introduced Modart and it’s founder, tour grinder Mitsuru Suda (pictured above) back in February at the Japan Golf Fair. It has taken some time to iron out the details of our partnership (people always expect products to appear instantly at TSG but we make sure things are done right) and Modart clubs are finally available at TSG!


I was actually in Tochigi last week at Modart headquarters ironing out the final details and got the chance to look over Modart’s beautiful products again and snap some photos of the clubs and Suda-san grinding and posing to help promote the brand. Besides having Suda-san’s wondeful custom grind wedges now available to all TSG followers, Modart’s entire lineup can be had through TSG with an custom shafts and custom made to specs.  Just to recap what I had posted before, Modart launched last year but is really just picking up steam this year especially after their first appearance at the show in February. The key things that appeal about Modart which again stands for Modern + Art are that all clubs are made in Japan and a few of the iron and wedge models are completely CNC Machined from the block!!


Suda-san explained that this creates the most pure iron when it comes to materials. The pressure and heat from a forging press can create inconsistancies in the steel including cracking and weakening of the material ultimately degrading he feel. With each Modart iron and wedge being milled straight from the block, there is no contamination of the steel and you get S25C in its original and purest form. The mix of satin and chrome mirror plating really enhances the machine marks on the irons which make them stand out like no other brands irons.


It’s not possible to have grinding inconsistencies or unbalanced shapes as every head is machined to perfection. Every curve, every line. Not to forget those who also want a human touch, Suda-san will grind his custom wedges for any TSG order to whatever shape and offset and spec the customer wants. While the CNC machined irons are works of masterful technology and machinery, the Suda grind wedges are works of masterful hand art and his experience from grinding on both the PGA and Japanese tours.


One of the great things about the new Modart drivers is that unlike many Japanese drivers that are made to counter slicers, the Modart drivers are fade biases for those who fear the hook. The black IP finishes of all the woods look amazing and the key strengths are feel and performance. The new Modart putters are also CNC Machined and look fantastic. So be sure to check out the new clubs here in the pro shop. And as always if you need help choosing the right models or understanding options, just give us a shout!






Club making tools and equipment

With so many enthusiasts and hobbyists these days building and working on their own club, we’ve decided to start offering an array of club making tools.  We’ll carefully select club making equipment that is high quality and mostly made in Japan so that you can build your own clubs at home!  How many of you want to re-grip your clubs but have no confidence in safely removing old grips without marking or damaging the shaft. How bout those old or tough cord grips that just won’t come off?  The first product we’ll offer is the made in Japan, ALC Grip Cutter which removes an old grip in seconds and without ever damaging the shaft.  The AGC sits firmly on any table and does not need to be secured or viced and is quick and easy to use. Imaging removing an entire set of grips in just a couple of minutes. Below is the Grip Cutter in action. Cost is 215.00 + shipping to your destination (about 3kg weight). Contact us to order or look for it in the pro shop soon!

JBEAM 445 HG Japan Made Drivers

JBEAM GOLF DRIVERSHere at TSG we’ve been fans of JBEAM Drivers for a couple of years now.  Made in Japan the emphasis of the brand is in creating high quality metal woods. The first time we took notice was when Crazy Golf decided to partner with JBEAM to create 2009/2010’s longest driver in Japan (for faster swing speeds) It was a combo head + shaft named the CRZ-435 head combined with the TJ-46 Crazy shaft.  It won 96 -103 mph  and 105 – 120 mph.

The lead designer and owner Sakata Kazuhiro has produced designs for top name OEM’s in the past and serviced JPGA touring pro’s for over 20 years. He wanted to emphasize on quality first and foremost before so he decided to create his own label JBEAM.

The JBEAM 445 HG driver is designed to perform for the low to mid handicapper. Jbeam really doesn’t make high handicap drivers their main focus is on providing optimal spin rates combined with a very hot and great feeling face.  It’s black IP finish extends around the club making it gorgeous and sleek, If you desire a particular head weight let us know, as you can see JBEAM can adjust head weighting and bias at their HQ in Tokyo, Japan.

JBEAM Japan Golf Clubs

The new JBEAM 445 HG features a 2 piece design the body is produced of 6A-4V+ Ti while the face is made of the DAT55G,  Same material companies like Kamui use to produce their driver faces.  It’s available in 9.5 to 12* accurate lofts,  JBEAM can hand pick face angles from square to +2* closed . This driver is USGA conforming.  Keep an eye out in the TSG ProShop for the latest JBEAM drivers including the new 445HG as shown in this post.

I’m personally a big fan of their products, the driver TSG tested before this was the JBEAM 425-Tour in 10*. It had a low piercing trajectory and lots of forward kick run.  TSG club tester Tatsuro Oshimoto ended up having to have this club in his bag.  Combined with the Muziik 787 Speeder by Fujikura all he could do was hit it straight all day and everyday.

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PRGR 2010 GN502 Tour Forged Iron Review

Pro Gear or PRGR as we all know it, the golf division of Yokohama Rubber Industries as been doing very well the last few seasons with their GN502 and EGG line raising popularity to new levels.  We also saw PRGR release the limited TR500 Forged iron last year which sold out within weeks. The TR500 was forged at Endo in Japan and the good news is PRGR has moved all of its forged clubs production back to Japan at Endo.

A Real “Tour” Model?

Last year’s GN502 Tour model saw what was really a mid sized cavity with some offset. Most didn’t believe it really fit the “Tour” moniker and PRGR Pros did not play it on tour. PRGR worked quickly to design a new model for 2010 that would be in play by PRGR Pros on tour and more deserving of the “Tour” label. Following the success of the TR500 Forged, they made the new conforming 2010 GN502 Tour Forged in a smaller package premium forged from S20C at Endo. So does this new 2010 GN502 Tour Forged model fit the bill as an athlete and low handicapper model? I received a demo from PRGR to find out.

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Industry and Tour Insider: Made Where, Assembled Here and There

I was in Tokyo earlier this week and had the chance to go for a meal with some Japan golf industry insiders including representatives from both OEM brands and actual manufacturers. We talked golf and gear while enjoying some delicious ramen and yaki gyoza and as always I listened carefully to pick up some interesting inside information about new products on the market and in development.

One interesting topic that always comes up with any gear enthusiast is where a club is made or forged. It’s a common question we always get as well, especially when a new model comes out “Who forges that iron?”, “Where is that driver made?”. Brands shift manufacturing depending on design and budgets and sometimes its hard to keep track of what is made where these days especially if manufacturing remains within Japan. It’s hard to tell these days as many brands list Made in Japan/Made in China or Made in Japan and Assembled in China. Several top brands like Tourstage and Callaway Japan while maintaining manufacturing in Japan have moved assembly to China or Thailand to save costs when it comes to standard spec equipment (most Japanese manufacturers will still do all custom order assembly in Japan).

I happened to bring up a recent magazine article where new drivers were rated based on performance especially for distance and feel. I noted that this article had the new PRGR 505 Red and Titleist VG3 both rated very highly for average golfer performance with soft feel.  I was glad to find out that both drivers are in fact made at Endo Japan which actually does not surprise me. It is common to find Endo producing the most advanced designs and most premium titanium drivers which is also why those drivers always seem to be at a premium compared to other brands. Endo Manufacturing is a rather pricey golf club producer but it is undoubtedly top notch. I had thought that PRGR had only moved their irons and wedges to Endo but the 505 Red is made there as well. I had suspected the VG3 to be made at Endo considering the Titleist/Endo relationship and the advanced multi piece forged head that the VG3 is.  Other clubs made at Endo are ones we probably already knew about like Fourteen 2010 models, Yamaha woods and irons and Callaway’s Legacy line.

We also chatted about gear trends on the Japan tour which is always indicative of what gets hot in the Japanese market. As most know, Graphite Design’s DI series shaft has claimed the number one spot on the JPGA men’s tour. Graphite Design has long been the run away leader on tour here in Japan, easily out distancing Fujikura and Mitsubishi Rayon. Other news included Yuuji Miyagi of Cool Design MTI Wedge leaving the PRGR stable and going to Yonex where he is developing the new Nano V wedge that will be in play by Ryo Ishikawa.

Speaking of wedges, there is buzz about a new brand on the horizon called Seven Hills. Their prototype wedge has appeared on the Japanese tour and looks to be a very clean design. It  is forged in Himeji of premium S25C JIS steel. I’m always interested in writing about  new wedges that may be of interest to our customers (like Sky Dream Jump and others) so I have a couple of heads be sent to me. I look forward to getting them for testing and will report back soon on the blog and officially introduce them to the market as TSG has taken a huge interest in Seven Hills’ development (and I mean literally (^_^)

For once I don’t have any pretty golf club pictures to post since it was just a casual lunch get together. I do have pictures of where we went and what we ate though which is what you see above. (^_^)

Epon Golf 210KGX Wedge Images & Info Released!

Epon Golf 210KGX Wedge

New EPON 210KGX Wedge Information and specifications went public today and is scheduled for an early March release date to the retail market. TourSpecGolf will be getting some early for testing and reviews to help Epon get the word out on their new Hi-CG performance model.

Made of Super Precision Forged JIS grade S20C steel the 210KGX arrives with the perfect steel hardness rating of HRB80. If you enjoy the soft and rewarding impact of Epon Golf’s forged products then this one will satisfy your craving. The 210KGX is availble in a NiCR plating ( satin silver ). In previous models like the 208KGX several options were available, this year Epon Golf is offering copper and vintage black but it comes at a pretty steep upgrade cost.

Epon incorporated a new Laser Hardening technology used on the shoulder of the groove giving it more spin and durability while remaining soft like S20C forged Japanese steel. In the U.S many in the golf industry say V groove but the edges up close are not like a V but rather a double R or dual rounded edge.

They designed the 210KGX for more playability and spin stability. Stability + the 210’s Hi-CG placement really helps compensate for the new groove ruling keeping the ball accurate and in play. It’s slightly higher CG position was designed for the most stable high spin rate possible.  Epon also aggressively ground a good chunk off of the heel trailing edge enabling the player to open the face with minimum lift of the leading edge while amazingly allowing the wedge to keep its effective bounce.

Available in six different lofts from 50/10, 52/12, 54/12, 56/14, 58/11, and 60/11. Stock shafts are DGS200, KBS Tour Hi Rev125 and the NS950 Stiff. Custom shafts, finishes, and specifications can be ordered from TourSpecGolf.com.  To give you an idea about swing weight balance with S200 all lofts come out to D4 at their stock lengths. With the KBS Tour Hi-Rev 125 you get D3 and NSPro you get D2.

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