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2017 Japan Golf Fair – Fourteen Golf

Fourteen Golf Brand14

The latest from Fourteen Golf at the 2017 Japan Golf Fair.   The two major releases at the event were the HI877 and the FH900 cavity back.  Lets start with the new HI877,  its yellow!  I like that they went this route as its different.  below a photo of its profile from the back face,  obviously its a hollow structure with internal weighting with a design that caters to the mid to high handicapper or someone who can handle some noticeable offset in a club.   All that said its super easy to hit high long and straight.  Follow the Jump for more…

Fourteen Golf Brand1

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Fourteen Golf

Fourteen Golf Show

This year Fourteen Golf had a few new unexpected releases like an updated FH1000 muscle back along with a new RM-22 Forged Wedge and the Just Released UT-716 Hybrid,  all of the above look really good,  no details yet on the new blade and wedges so I’m going to shut my mouth now and just show you the photos after the jump…

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Japan Golf Fair 2013 Day 1

The entire TSG team arrived bright and early at the 2013 Japan Golf Fair at Tokyo Big Sight ready for a day of meetings and checking out the latest gear. To our surprise, unlike previous years, there was quite the lineup just to get into the show before the 10am gates opened. Perhaps the economy in Japan is finally turning around or this years golf show was to be unlike any other. All we knew is we had a busy day ahead and our predictions came true as for the first time ever we spent more time developing relationships than taking pictures… so yes admittedly we are a bit behind in our coverage. Today I will highlight just a few brands to start off our continued coverage over the next week(s).

As we headed into the East Halls where the show is held every year, we quickly weaved our way towards the back where Taylormade and many of the bigger brands typically have their booths. This was the plan to beat the crowds. Taylormade’s setup was twice as big in previous years and they had Adidas golf on one side and shared their space with Adams Golf. Tourspecgolfer actually ran into Tom Watson on the elevator who is here for promotions of the new Adams lineup and part of the morning events at the TM booth. Taylormade went all out as they do every year and had an army of R1 girls ready to promote the new R1 driver. While we know the R1 as well as new Rocketballz Stage2 clubs are coming out worldwide, we were excited to see the new Daddy Long Legs Spider Putter.

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September Tidbits from the World of JDM

It’d hard to believe how time flies and we’re more than halfway through September already. Many Japanese brands are already preparing or in the process of announcing Fall releases and some even building up for 2012 models already. Fourteen Golf has announced their RM-11 Forged Wedge which has already been talked about for months. The RM-11 has grooves with 15% more volume to increase back spin and stopping power.  The head shapes of the RM-11 will vary depending on loft and intended usage for that loft.  Its interesting to note that Fourteen has done away with the MT-28 moniker which has seen five generations since its original design by Grind Studio Master Masahiro Tomaru. The Nicke Chrome Finish model will release in Japan on October 14th with the Black finish following about a month later.

On the what’s hot side, we’ve got several products that are in huge demand resulting in manufacturers struggling to keep up with supply. The very surprising PRGR egg i+ Utility which I reviewed a month back is back ordered quite heavily depending on loft and flex as golfers have come to realize how easy it is to hit and the great distance it provides. Crazy has several products that are making golfers wait such as the new CRZ-435II which is back ordered until October along with the Crazy Target Tour shafts in Dark Chrome. Crazy has also announced that all models of Crazy shafts except for Royal Decoration and graphite iron/wedge shafts, are now available in a pearl white color for a limited time. If you’re ordering a Crazy shaft and want it white just let us know but it will take a bit of extra time to make.

Epon golf has seen a successful launch of their new AF-902 utility and even at its higher price, pre orders sold out the first manufacturing batch and Endo is now playing catch up though the wait won’t be long as they are an experienced manufacturer when it comes to volume.  For the average golfer with an unlimited budget, there is no other utility that can match its manufacturing and materials and may even its performance.

This year has seen a comeback in the release of non-conforming and High COR drivers. With Ryoma about to launch their much anticipated Special Tuning 0.88 HI-COR driver and new max COR Ryoma F woods, Geotech Golf has also released two new Hi COR drivers featuring springy over the limit SP700 faces, the GT 45N SWS Alpha Spec Pearl and the all Black RF700 Prototype, both of which I will be reviewing later this week.

Good news from Iomic who earlier this year began offering Jumbo Sticky grips which are oversized grips. They have now officially added mid sized grips to their line up with the Sticky Mid and Mid Evolution grips. Many customers know there is a lack of mid sized grip offerings since Asian hands just seem so small! Now I wonder if Nowon and other Japanese makers will follow suit since maybe there is a market for bigger hands after all. On the smaller hand side, Iomic has also released X-Grip Sticky and Art Series Sticky grips for ladies and juniors!

Many customers always ask is it worthwhile upgrading to a new release model. Well Kamui Works thinks so and they were out to prove their new Ray driver is a longer driver than the Silver 456. The sent me data using Fujikura Shafts robot testing pitting the 456 against the new Ray and the results were quite interesting. I’ll have a writeup on the numbers later this week.  Up ahead this week I’ll also be testing Bridgestone’s NEW Super Newing ball which is the replacement for the best distance ball two years running the Newing Brill. I’ll also be taking a look at an alternative to Bridgestone’s Science Eye swing speed monitor by testing out a similar offering (but no magnets needed) from PRGR. This will be a fun week as we get closer to October! As always we are here to help so drop us a message anytime!

Fourteen TC-710 Irons

Fourteen TC-710 Forged Irons Review

Fourteen TC-710 Irons
Introducing the Fourteen TC-710 Forged Irons, It’s a very clean and elegant design with modern influences.  Forged of S25C and new for 2011.  The TC-710 Irons sit between the TC-910 & TC-510.  It’s geared toward the player who wants forgiveness combined with workability.  Built specifically for those who swing between 91 – 103 mph which in my opinion is a very large demographic.

The center of gravity distance and MOI are aligned exactly the same for every iron.  This produces exactly the same distance or yardage on every shot granted that it’s not an easy feat to reproduce.  It’s a midsize head traditionally shaped and features a newly designed flat sole shape with slight heel and toe relief.  Available #4-PW with only NS950 as an option.  The new Fourteen TC-710 is scheduled to be released in March.

TC-710 Fourteen IronsGolf Digest 710 Hot List Winner

Fourteen J.Spec III Forged Wedge Video Preview

Fourteen’s MT-28 J.Spec line of wedges is year in year out one of the best selling average golfer models. The new 2010 J.Spec III Forged has just been released and top tester Taichiro Kanatani over at GDO has a new video checking out the key points and performance of the new wedge. He also has the help of an amateur golfer who has a 12 handicap and plays about 50 rounds a year averaging scores of 80-85.

The key changes for the J.Spec III are of course conforming 2010 grooves as well as a new back face and the use of a new reverse taper design.

Kanatani pro dubs the J.Spec III Forged as a fully automatic wedge. He notes that the wider sole and design of the head provide a lot of forgiveness. Just point and shoot.  He stresses many times to the amateur, “don’t think about it just swing and let the wedge perform itself”. The J.Spec III is still able to create very good spin as seen in the video for the amateur golfer even with new grooves. A lot of the spin is thanks to the reverse taper design and back face “cavity” which brings weight higher up in the head creating a controlled lower trajectory heavy spin ball.  The soft forging also contributes to the spin as a soft forged wedge creates more friction on impact which results in more back spin.

The J.Spec III has some offset which helps the average golfer square the face. The leading edge is rounder and the sole larger and curved which make the wedge super versatile in any lie and very easy to use in bunkers. Check out the new 2010 Fourteen MT-28 J.Spec III forged wedge in the pro shop and watch Kanatani Pro’s video from GDO below!  Windows Media player or plugin required.

Simply click on the image below to watch the video! (this will open a pop up window with the video)

New Fourteen J.Spec III Forged Wedges!

Fourteen Golf has long been one of the top wedge makers in Japan with the MT-28 series of wedges being a top seller every year since its introduction. 3 years ago, Fourteen also introduced an MT-28 J.Spec model which was the automatic version of the MT-28 series. A slightly bigger head, wider sole and a touch of offset made it very user friendly.

The all new 2010 JSpec III Forged wedge of course features 2010 conforming V grooves and Fourteens very successful new reverse taper design. The back face features a look you’d think you’d normally see on a cavity back with the weight placment towards the sole and toe and heel area increasing MOI and stability. The wide rounded sole is very forgiving and meant to excel in any lie and bunkers.

I’m looking forward to trying the new 3rd generation of the J.Spec out as I’ve been gaming the 2nd gen for quite some time now and it has to be one of the easiest wedges to use.  The new J.Spec III is finished in a half matte nickel finish and will be available in 48/5 50/5 52/5 54/7 56/10 58/10 and 60/9 lofts.

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