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PRGR Egg Driver Conforming 2015

New PRGR Egg Driver 2015

The new PRGR Egg drivers just released for sale on september 11th, a few weeks ago in the blog we covered the Super Egg non conforming version, today we are showing you pre release photos of the conforming version known as the 2015 Egg Driver ( no super ).

This deep faced 460cc driver holds nothing back in terms of technology and materials, PRGR uses a titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) face with a titanium (Ti-8Al-1V-1Mo) body. Available in 2 lofts 10 & 11 degree’s the standard face angle is listed at 2* open but the driver looks and plays very square, this is due to the unique methods prgr uses to design, manufacture, and measure their clubs. More photos after the Jump…

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Grandista RS-001 Driver Review

Grandista Driver

Gradista Golf Driver -When TSG offers new brands we usually look for a particular type,  brands that have a full line up and release products annually,  brands that have a unique difference about them like top of the line materials from Japan and ultimately brands that produce products that perform,  in this situation Grandista Golf only has 1 product in their line up ( with 2 variants ) so why did we decide to offer it?  Because after a few whacks at the ball it was obviously a performer and we are proud to announce our relationship with them.

Not only is the Grandista Driver unique but it’s really well thought out in it’s design,  one of my favorite things is that they use DAT55G from Daido steel co in Japan,  yes look for the “G” when shopping DAT55 because that’s the one you want this material is one of TSG members favorite on drivers it produces slightly faster ball speeds than the others and of course costs a little more as well.   Lots to share on this excellent excellent driver so follow the jump….

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PRGR Golf Super Egg Driver 2015

PRGR Egg golf clubs

PRGR will release 2 new drivers in October both labeled Egg one is non-conforming and named Super-Egg (gold)  the other conforms simply called the new egg driver (red).

It’s not often big brands release anything non-conforming yet PRGR realizes the vast majority of golfers don’t play in sanctioned events, anyhow PRGR has pushed the COR beyond 0.85 in the Super Egg.  Follow the Jump for it…

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A-GRIND 440cc Driver Review


A-Grind 440 Driver has been released and is now listed in the TSG ProShop,  I must admit I wasn’t too excited for this one as in my opinion the smaller headed,  harsh feeling,  and not forgiving at all Classic 350 A-Grind driver would not last in a discerning players bag for a full season it was more it’s sex appeal that drove sales of that model but now this 440cc version is an entirely different beast this one I can see in the bags of many it’s looks are simple and sleek with no external weights or adjustable adapters and best of all it fits a wide range of skill levels.  Follow the Jump to read our review…

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Bridgestone Golf J015 Custom Series


Coming September to TourSpecGolf.com the all new Bridgestone Golf J015 Series – The new J015 line up consists of a Driver, Fairway, Utility, Iron, and Wedge and will be marketed as a custom fit series where though adjustability,  interchangeable shafts, and some pretty cool finish options these can be made to the players preferences.

Just have a look at the custom finishes offered in the irons and wedges then under that the paint fill configuration.  Stay tuned for more info as it gets closer to release,  next week TSG will have the Pre-Order listing for those who just have to have it.  Official release date is 9/4/2015.

Bridgestone J015

NUD GHIBLI Knight Driver

NuD Ghibli Driver

Introducing the NUD GHIBLI Driver and as I can imagine most of you are saying “What is NUD?”  Nud is part of the Baldo and Baldo is a Japanese Golf Brand that has been around in Japan for almost 10 years known for producing some very cool and stealth looking designs from drivers to putters.

Nud offers 2 different designs of drivers this new Knight Driver that is available in conforming or non ready to see more pics?  Follow the Jump…

Nud Golf Clubs

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Ryoma Beyond Power Driver

BEYOND POWER by Ryoma Golf is a shaft specially designed to produce the highest smash factor possible.  Ryoma offers excellent standard shafts that compliment the Maxima heads even better than aftermarket shafts.  This new Beyond Power utilizes a new technology we are seeing used more frequently in the Japan Golf Shaft Industry known as “multi-kick”  this allows companies that have used it like Fujikura and Jbeam to produce what Ryoma calls “Infinity Flex”  which is supposed to add an average of 2.7mph to your head speed.  Ready to read more?  Please follow the Jump…

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RomaRo Alpha Series Driver 2015

RomaRo Alpha Series Driver

RomaRo Alpha Series – RomaRo Sports has come out with an entirely new line up labelled “Alpha”  Today after about 3 rounds and some help from playing partners we can review their new flagship driver.  Available in Silver or Gold with the difference being the Gold is non conforming aka HOT and only available in 10.5 with a 0.5* closed face angle.

The Alpha SLE (silver) also has a 9.5* loft and comes standard at square face,  both are 460cc’s with a 58* lie angle.  So far we have tested the new RomaRo Alpha Silver in a couple of different shafts including the new TRPX Aura Stiff and also the Basileus AAA 60 Stiff so as far as premium shaft options go we have tried them.  Ready for the review?  Follow the Jump Please…

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J-Beam ZY-11 Review

JBeam ZY-11

2 Drivers have taken the lime light recently and both are made by J-Beam,  this all started during my fitting at Seven Dreamers where I asked what clients heads do they see the best performance during their in depth analysis and the lead engeneer blurted Jbeam 435 & 535…  Not sure if he wanted to let that out but the answer came quick so I’ll take it!  Why is it important who this man thinks produces a good driver?  Because his job is analyzing heads and designing shafts to work together and at his place of work he gets to see the absolute best clubs money can buy.  Since then the new and limited Black out 435 and even more rare ZY-11 have become two of TSG’s top selling drivers and boy am I happy these are catching on because now many players are expereiencing something very different and totally unique to what they are used to.

Ready to experience the ZY-11?  Follow the Jump Please…

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Honma TW727 455S 4-Star Driver

TW727 455S 4 Star

Here’s something new & special that we don’t see very often,  A Honma 4-Star Upgrade but on the new Tour Wold 727 Series club.    Many have heard of  Honma star rated clubs and shafts but the majority still doesn’t quite understand how the program works or how it’s better than the standard versions so I figured it’s time to explain this and there is no better way than to test it myself on range and course.

Honma 4 Star Shaft

So what makes the 5 Star better than the 4 or the 3 better than the 2?  Follow the Jump to learn why Honma offers these pricey upgrades and what they do to better performance for the player…

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