SEVENs New ST Wedge Revealed!



In just a few short days SEVEN will be announcing new products one of those is a very limited design made to take the place of our double milled non-conforming wedge that has been sold out for more than a year.  Everything from SEVEN doesn’t last very long,  not because we are some super hot and popular brand but because quality product from Japan takes time.  Our factories supply us the most they can each month and we stack it until we have enough to release to the public.

The New SEVEN ST Wedge is S20 Forged in Japan with a fully CNC milled face and milled CONFORMING grooves.  It replaced a very aggressively milled non conforming wedge that still to this day produced the most spin of any wedge we can find by a country mile.   We are using a different manufacture for this wedge specifically for their CNC abilities, follow the Jump for more pics and info…


There are two types of finishes a deep grain Arakenma style and a smooth polished version and like all SEVEN products custom options are available.  We are only producing 2 lofts for this wedge the 51/57 the f1 has next to no offset while the 57 has slight offset.

The new ST is made by the same manufacturer as many of TSG’s most highly reviewed wedges we took what worked in those products and make subtle improvements in material and milling to give our wedge the edge.


The photos used in this post are of an early prototype while gorgeous the retail versions shipping look even better.  Retailing at 225 each head only TSG can build to custom specs and assemble for you as well featuring a wide array of custom shafts and grips to choose from.






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