PRGR RS Fairway and Utility Woods

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TSG has been sharing all the new products in PRGR’s line up including the new RS-F Driver, RS Forged and Titan irons.  Today it’s all about the PRGR RS Fairway & Utility Woods. Follow the jump to read on…

PRGR RS Fairway Utility Woods Golf7

The new RS fairway wood  features a W crown design PRGR found this to slightly increase rebound performance and ball velocity.  A new thin face and weighted bridge structure within the club is a another layer of technology they found to increase distance and help the player maintain a straighter trajectory.

PRGR RS Fairway Utility Woods Golf8

The face is fairly deep which is what a pro or better player would request yet the center of gravity is very low.  PRGR has mastered this across the entire brands various models especially with the ultra hot and long non conforming PRGR super egg design.  They have mastered making deep yet high launching fairway and utility woods for all levels of players.

PRGR RS Fairway Utility Woods Golf10

The faces of PRGR’s woods across the board are very square some even open off the rack.  On all lofts of this new RS fairway prgr states a-4.0* open face angle.  Keep in mind PRGR may measure face angles differently.  The new RS fairway wood is available in 15/18/21/24* lofts and available by clicking here.

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Now moving on to the new RS Hybrid.  Let’s start with the basics first,  It’s a stainless design like the fairway wood not titanium.  The reason why you see many stainless fairways and hybrids is because due to the size or volume of the head less weight savings is required.  In this case it’s Face: maraging steel (ES235)  – Body: Stainless steel (SUS630).

PRGR RS Fairway Utility Woods Golf3

Next unique feature is that the face, sole and crown is very thin.  far thinner than most fairway woods but combined with rolled stainless it does’t have that hollow sound.  It’s got a pretty deep face for a UT but remember PRGR are the masters of higher launching FW & UT designs.

PRGR RS Fairway Utility Woods Golf4

Face angle?  they are all listed as 3* open.  remember likely to be measured differently.  This fairway wood also features that W crown design which looks like a killed leading crown edge to increase velocity and aid distance.

PRGR RS Fairway Utility Woods Golf5

The lofts available are 19/22/25/28.  The standard shaft is but stiff and tip soft to help get the ball into the air.  Standard shafts by PRGR fit their designed segments very well.  I notice when you change to aftermarket shafts in most PRGR clubs they go lower and a bit tighter.  If you like what you read and see feel free to make your purchase here.

PRGR RS Fairway Utility Woods Golf1



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