Mizuno’s “ON FIRE” Yoro MP-R5L Series Wedge!


Yesterday we had the boat load of inquiries asking about those tricked out MP-5’s in the previous blog post,  today we want to follow up with another truly unique item from the team at Mizuno’s Yoro Craft department,  these guys deserve some praise and as I said yesterday Mizuno comes second to none in having a custom options department that no other brand comes close to touching.

 Introducing the Japan Only Mizuno MP-R5-L Wedge geared toward the player who comes into the ball steep,  there are two versions of the new R5 the W & L and the W is for the slider or golfer who’s impact comes into the ball more level,  as a steep swinger myself I had to get what I could hit best so the L it is.  Great pics after the Jump so please follow…


This wedge is forgiving yet from address it looks damn near perfect reminding me of a Vokey kinda,  Mizuno has also implemented what they call a reverse taper blade design where they allocate more weight to the back portion of the club head to increase the MOI as well as RBI in a verticle direction to keep shot trajectory more stable. The new groove pattern also varies from loft to loft so that spin matches the type of shot the golfer hits.


So these are obviously Yoro Craft wedges they are not stock setup,  first thing to note is this wedge is 100% RAW as in no finish at all,  these came double wrapped with oil to prevent them from rusting during shipment,  we also went with a custom stamping configuration that removes run bird logo up top replacing it with the option engrave custom characters or none if you prefer the blank look.  Custom grinds are available but after looking at the standard grinds I don’t think they are necessary I mean this wedge has great killed trail edge to open the face as well as heel and enough toe relief to have some fun with shot creativity.


Forged of S25CM/1025E these feel buttery soft almost sticky especially hitting them naked with no finish,  spin is noticeably above average and the wedge is extremely forgiving making them very similar to the 2016 seven wedge which is also soft/forgiving/plenty spin. 


Available in 50/52/56/58* lofts you can also order these with custom grinds,  finishes, and stamping configurations for an additional cost from the YORO dept by contacting us at [email protected]




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