Mizuno Yoro Craft MP-5’s


Time for another beautiful set of Yoro Craft Irons this time it’s the new MP-5’s fully tricked out with custom grinds, finish and stamping.

We asked the team Mizuno’s Yoro Craft Dept to add a W Grind to the sole which is one of the most and versatile grinds for the better players anywhere,  the toe was hand ground sharper and the top line straighter for a more angular and edgy appearance,  the offset was reduced ,  finish changed to double nickel satin,  markings on hosel removed and custom stamping and text deletion so no where on this head does it actually say MP-5 on it.   Like it?  Tons of pics after the Jump….

This set used for photos is available and in stock so please contact [email protected] as we only have 1 and anything custom ordered is carrying a 6 week lead time due to the Holiday Season where as these can ship in 1-2 days.

MP-5 4-PW 
– W-Grind 
– Grind sharper toe and straight top line 
+0.5mm Face Progression (less offset) 
– Remove “Grain flow Forged” 
– Dark blue (Mizuno blue) paintfill for logos 
– 5-A Stamping 
– Double Nickel Satin 
– Nothing on Hosel 
– Modus 105 Stiff 













  1. Too good for any of us choppers!!!

  2. Got a nice set of MP 33’s that would suit you JW.

  3. Hey Joe, I am soon to move onto some proper chopper cavitiy clubs!!! Blades should be keep in a beautiful glass showcase to bring back memories of when I could hit them!! Gonna play more next year, want to get 1 Sunday a month in if there is room, played Springfield once this year!!! Hopefully catch everyone in King bar for a beer or 3 over the holidays.. All the very best Joe :)

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