Mizuno Yoro Craft MP-5 Irons

Mizuno MP-5

Mizuno Yoro MP-5 Irons – Behold a completely insane set of Mizuno MP-5’s custom crafted by Mizuno Japan Yoro Dept,  these are spec’d to the brim with a ton of options.

If your not familiar with the Yoro program basically its a selection of custom options that go beyond what most golf equipment manufactures offer,  hand ground by the same fine people who make the Tour players irons and influence the R&D process.  Ready to see more?  Follow the jump…

MP-5 Yoro Edition Irons

Hows this sole grind?  Ever seen it before?  Years back there was a limited set made for friends of Mizuno in Hokkaido Japan and TSG aquired one of them,  this is the same sole grind we call Hokkaido grind,  Mizuno doesn’t officially call it that but TSG does and boy do we love it,  best sole grind for steep descending players without a doubt and it was replicated beautifully on these MP-5’s.

Twilight Finish – I’m sure you notice this also,  it’s a plating or can be considered like a Dark Chrome popular with the hard core enthusiests as its durable, dark, and just looks really good on iron and wedge heads.

Box Toe Custom Grind Irons

The offset or in this case known as FP (face progression) has been reduced/increased meaning there is 0.5mm less offset than the original MP-5.  For many blade players the less offset the better.

Mizuno MP-5 Forged Yoro Craft Irons

The top line and toe are boxed off a bit with the toe being sharper and the top line being straighter,  this gives the player a more focus oriented appearance at address,  it also makes the back face look more edgy and angular.

Mizuno offers custom stamping options for certain models,  the MP-5 only has 3 options and we went for a version that offered 4 characters of custom letters or a word and decided to leave it blank,  these MP-5’s actually dont say MP-5 anywhere on the head.


As you can see below custom grinds have a big influence on the way the shape of the irons face appears,  less curved and rounded in the top line,  box toe with a very high and sharp peak.

The twilight finish looks mirror from some angles or completely black from others.


We custom ordered the words “Grain Flow Forged” to be removed from the neck and had them shaft these up at D3/D4 with Modus 125 Stiff shafts which are awesome for those who want a tight workable dispersion that is low,  stronger players love the feel and performance of these,  I like to think of them as an X100 had a baby with an NS950 to make the Modus 125 Tour.


MP-5 4-PW
– Hokkaido Sole Grind
– Grind sharper toe and straight top line
+0.5mm Face Progression (less offset)
– Remove “Grain flow Forged”
– Dark blue (Mizuno blue) paintfill for logos
– 5-ANAME103 Stamping Empty
– Twilight Finish
– Nothing on Hosel
– Modus 125 Stiff
– #5 based on 38″
– D3 3-9 / D4 PW

Interested in owning a set?  please inquire with [email protected] stating what model you want and what options you had in mind,  another good way to see more good examples is to type Yoro in the TSG blog search bar.







  1. Agh!!!!!!!! Just bought standard MP-5 and I would have loved this grind. Next time :)

  2. What’s not to love here? Even standard mp 5s look pretty good, so I am starting to dribble just thinking of some the options! Maybe a modus and then just a bit of stamping and grinding…. OF course, i would still struggle to hit the damn things but how good would they look?

  3. Just An Average Golfer Consider the MP-55 with custom finish & grind options for more forgiveness.

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