Mizuno MP-55 Yoro Craft Irons


Mizuno MP-55 Yoro Craft Irons – In Japan Mizuno offers the MP-55 instead of the MP-25 why?  I don’t know but  I do know after hitting the MP-55’s that they are indeed special irons that with the help of Mizuno’s hand crafters at their Yoro deptartment can configure these irons to fit a wide range of players from professional to mid/high handicappers by making adjustments to the top line thickness,  sole and grinds along with face progression also known as offset.

Forged of S25C /1025E it is the evolution of the MP-54,  Ready for more pictures and a break down of this beautiful club?  Follow the Jump to read on…


Please take note that these irons are not standard,  they are heavily modified this one here is in their beautiful twilight finish and in the photo above you see a custom Hokkaido sole grind which is an aggressive leading edge relief that comes to a point near the center of the clubs sole this does especially well for steep swingers as its not sharp and helps reduce digging.

The below photo shows it from address,  we kept the top line the same thickness as standard but went ahead and added a half millimeter of face progression which is 0.5mm less offset basically,  this gives the iron a better visual at setup catering to the preference of the traditionalist or elite player.


The new MP-55 features a new V-SLOT  undercut cavity making it more forgiving on mishits and more distance when struck center.  The MP-55 features a deeper center of gravity and a lower sweet spot position along with stronger lofts,   this combo provides more distance and an easier time getting the ball airborne especially in the longer irons.


Below shows a photo of it’s unique and deep cavity structure.  While this set is totally tricked out for the standard model Mizuno’s craftsmen improved the shape by giving the iron a sharper more square look to provide the look a tour player desires with the performance the average golfer can handle.


Here is what we custom ordered for this set:

MP-55 5-PW 
– Hokkaido Sole Grind 
– Grind sharper toe and straight top line 
+0.5mm Face Progression (less offset) 
– Remove “Grain flow Forged” 
– Dark blue (Mizuno blue) paintfill for logos 
– Twilight Finish 
– Nothing on Hosel 
– Modus 105 Stiff 
– #5 based on 38″ 
– D3 3-9 / D4 PW 


I actually prefer the shape of this head to the MP-5’s it inspires confidence with this shape,  less boxy than the MP-5 Yoro but still a tall peak point on the toe which not only looks good from face on but it looks killer delicious at the back face a more edgy and aggressive look in my opinion.


The short irons starting at #8 have no undercut thru PW,  even with the undercut these irons feel pretty dense and not clicky at all,  my review is with the standard model not the Yoro version but I was very impressed with this clubs performance,  first it feels excellent even with an undercut,  next it was a little longer all day than the already strong lofted ONOFF Kuro forged irons which I absolutely adore,  the shape I give the nod and while the lofts were stronger for more distance the trajectory was not as low as expected,  I am very familiar with Modus3 125 and it is one of my go to accuracy shafts which I have played in Stiff soft step or Regular hard stepped after hitting the MP-55 extensively over the past couple of weeks I hope more people consider these as they are truly good all around performing irons much like the onoff kuro forged is.


Above is the #8 iron of the MP-55.  Interested in owning a set?  please inquire with [email protected] stating what model you want and what options you had in mind,  another good way to see more good examples is to type Yoro in the TSG blog search bar.


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