MIURA ICL-601 Driving Iron


The ICL-601 by Miura Golf was just announced and released in Japan.  Its a driving iron with a hollow cavity and weight screw located on the sole.   Miura designed this club as an optional replacement to the long irons in their forged iron sets creating a club easy to hit 200 yards and beyond.  Learn more about the materials,  technology and where its made after the jump…


First thing to note is that its a driving iron and how that differs from a hybrid is the DI is basically a really forgiving long iron and in this case it is a hollow structure made of SUS304 in the body with a 455 carpenter steel face which is commonly used in fairway woods.  The standard weight screw is 8g but Miura does offer optional 4/6/10/12g weights to help you dial it in.  TSG can also custom order the weight you desire already installed at the factory.


This head does have a good amount of offset but that is usually necessary to help square the club face up and hit straighter shots.  If they went ahead and made this a straight neck it would be so much harder to hit than it is.  The top line and shape is very attractive from its wide flatter sole to its clear blade top line all done in brushed satin to reduce glare.


The CG is of course deep considering the weight location but also this head when hit was very tolerant of mistakes.  On the grass range the consistent straight and medium / high ball flight was evident.  I feel many Miura forged iron players should drop their long irons for one of these.   Those who hit long irons better than hybrid woods should use a driving iron.


Its flat sole with little bounce and camber makes perfect entry in dry or wet conditions.   A little camber may be needed if you play in soggy conditions but its light years easier to hit than most 3 & 4 irons.   Miura did not make this in Japan and they were very transparent about it being made at their Taiwan supplier.   Because this head is made of steel there is no finish or plating its brushed as a SUS putter would be.  Miura is offering 3 lofts 18/20/23 all 3 are heavy with the base weight of 8g at 232/238/244 grams.


The Miura ICL-601 comes with a nice carbon look cover.  The 23* is now shipping to customers while 18/20 will be released at the end of July 2017.




  1. Any chance this is offered in left hand?

  2. What is the cost? Stock shafts?

  3. Also, how does this compare to the new Honma TW-U Forged Driving Irons?

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