JBEAM ZY-7 Driver!


The JBEAM ZY-7 Driver Pre-order bank is now officially open at TourSpecGolf!  You may contact us directly via email for a custom build [email protected] or purchase directly from the TSG ProShop listing that will launch tomorrow.  This driver is only available via specialty JBeam dealers like TSG.

A little background on why the new ZY-7 is such a highly anticipated driver.  J-Beam has been known to produce some of the best and longest drivers in all of Japan many of their models have unique spin reduction and launch characteristics.  Many brands like Crazy, TRPX and others have sought to collaborate with Jbeam seeking similar performance in their clubs.  This new ZY-7 is being used on the Japan Long Drive Tour by JBEAM sponsored player Yasuhiro Yamazaki as a prototype already securing him the top spot twice in his last two events.

The history of Jbeam’s drivers date back more than 30 years where Mr. Kazuhiro-san the father of the current president shown below was a persimmon driver artisan famous in Japan,  for years Kazuhiro-san watched his father meticulously grind wooden heads to the specifications of many of Japan’s best professional players.  Kazuhiro-san has taken much of what his father has taught him and incorporated modern technology and his personal philosophy on how to create maximum distance for many types of players.   Follow the Jump for more information about the new 2016 JBeam ZY-7 Driver.



The ZY Series driver was originally unveiled as the ZY-11 a club that has been in my personal bag and the bags of many of TSG’s most discerning customers for a while,  the ZY-11 features a foamed head for a unique muted impact and sound along with an extremely deep face profile.  The photo above shows a honorary driver constructed to commemorate Yamazaki-san’s victory as the #1 long driver on the LDJ senior tour.   I’ve had many drivers over the last year but none matched the distance and spin reduction of my ZY-11,  I still own 3 ZY-11’s in different lofts and shafts.

A few months ago I was able to visit Jbeam to test the new ZY-7 prototype against my ZY-11 and to my surprise Jbeam has evolved the original to be even longer,  straighter, and just as forgiving.  The new ZY-7 also no longer has a foamed head yet still has a semi dense and soft sound at impact which I also to see as a welcome improvement over the ZY-11.  The new ZY-7’s head is 445cc’s and was designed as a cooperative development with Yasuhiro Yamazaki.


The head at address is beautiful,  it inspires forgiveness yet doesnt look bulbous or oversized,  it’s matte black crown gives it a stealth appearance.   Jbeam has developed an all new proprietary face material and structure design that it guards closely as a secret this new technology not only provides a metallic muted sound at impact but also has increased rebound capabilities providing a noticeable distance increase over it’s predecessor.

The face itself while still very deep now looks more refined,  the edges of the face hae been curved which also makes sweet spot and impact zone produce shots that are more stable and straight with improved predictability.  Overall the real estate on the face has decreased but it’s still a driver geared toward the player who will miss high and low on the face yet my off center shots closer to heel I was getting no distance loss whatsoever.


The sole features some very unique cut away’s that help move the center of gravity higher and more forward.  Instead of screws placed flat on the sole Jbeam pushed them well forward and has them secured up front lowering spin even further.  The ZY-11 with standard weights and specs had a slight fade bias,  this new ZY-7 is designed to go dead straight.  You may request a draw bias custom from TSG and we will ask Jbeam to either hand pick a head with a custom face angle,  or change the weights for a different weight position or for more extreme specifications even hosel reeming.  Some of our hard hitting clients already have hosel reemed ZY-7’s pre ordered with 3* open face angle and reemed lie angles to their particular preference.  Consumers never get this type of service,  this is also beyond what many tour vans can provide as well.


This driver can be fitted to help professional players to even high handicap golfers who require less spin.  For average golfers we often suggest 0.5* higher loft than their current club as well as a slightly closed face angle and lighter head weight with a draw bias.  Many customers will go with 10.5 – 11.5* lofts to counteract it’s low trajectory yet maintaining it’s low spin traits which produces a mid/high trajectory with low spin.

The spin reduction and forgiveness is a big part why the distance is so good on the ZY series clubs,  when a player has spin rates that are too high they are losing distance while the ball goes in wayward directions,  with the ZY-7’s spin reduction it helps produce a straighter shot and lower spin keeping the ball tight on a stable path with less energy loss in the ball flight itself.


Now I’m not sure if all these sole cutaways are actually the reason why the ZY-7 performs as well as it does.  The ZY-11 was no slouch and I could be happy for a long time with it,  but along comes the ZY-7 which is a noticeable improvement and It leaves me wondering how they were able to improve it this much,  it’s the same yet different,  it feels similar but totally different,  it flies similar but not so it’s a very hard thing to explain but I do consider this a proper evolution of an already great club that will give the player tangible results with the right shaft.


Jbeam has many prototypes,  not just for aesthetics but also in shape,  size, and materials this is something that is very good to see at their HQ because it shows they tinkered and tried all sorts of things before getting it right.  The ZY-7 is almost 2 years in the making and was in design along side the ZY-11 from the very start.


The image above shows a prototype where Jbeam used an alternative material and paint scheme.   Below a different face finish as well.


One of the most important parts of finding the correct driver for a player is the shaft.  Talking strictly head only choosing the ZY-7 gives you spin reduction, distance, straightness and forgiveness next step is to make sure the shaft delivers the club face square for you with the proper kick and performance for your tempo, timing and transition.  This is a vital part in your custom build,  many low end shafts with inferior materials require more accurate timing by the player while now days many high end Japanese manufactures use better design and materials so the golfer can rely less on the hands squaring the club face up at impact.  Jbeam and again with the collaboration of Yamazaki pro have designed shafts that not only work well in Jbeam heads but other brands as well.  These shafts are in use on the US Long Drive tour in non Jbeam heads which says a lot.


The older model white and black YZ shafts have been replaced with a new blue and yellow version YZ shaft.  Blue = ZY-Speed and Yellow = ZY-Speed Yellow.  These are multi kick technology shafts that allows the golfer to go after the ball hard or swing smoothly,  each kick point fires off in relation to the previous kick point unloading.  What this also does is help the shaft fit to a wider array of player and require less emphasis on torque and weight.  You can swing 125mph and still use a sub 60g shaft.  They have flexes starting at R going up to XXX for the long drive tour.

So I personally am a Seven Dreamers fanatic,  I play 3 of my Jbeam drivers with 7D shafts,  my new final release ZY-7 has a special Ginza edition 7D shaft being custom made for it as I write this but that said I was able to hit both the new blue and yellow ZY shafts and found the blue extremely easy to hit straight with a nice tall penetrating trajectory with no balloon whatsoever.  I think these types of shafts are great for players who lose a little steam on the back half like myself,  I tend to start strong then by the end of the round get sloppy well with the multi kick ZY blue and yellow shafts I see it as permission to do my own thing and let the shaft take care of the timing for me.  I highly suggest these shafts with any Jbeam head or even other makers heads for that matter.


Anyway that is the end of my brief introduction,  I have multiple ZY-7’s on order for personal use with a variety of different shafts,  so do many of our top TSG members so in coming months expect many updates and reviews in the blog and forum.  Thank you for readying and please get in touch early before they are sold out.






  1. Is there any particular difference between the Blue and the Yellow shaft besides colour please?

  2. I think I want a JIm Beam on the rocks. No really, I turned 58 at midnite and Chris has been helping me with shafts. I want a new driver head and shaft. Presently playing with a Titliest C-16 with an Oban white 65 04 …. I think I hit the Basileus Spada at PGA Demo day 2015.. Not sure… I want a fade bias shaft and head…. Rat Glue or Hot metal in the past worked with a Taylormade 2008 head…. The two new JBeam heads look really nice. Swing speed 102-106 or 7 when it gets hot out. Ball sped varies with weather too. My swing is quick tempted and aggressive for my age. Average distance at 70 degrees is between 250 to 265. Anything over 280 is down wind and hard fairways.

  3. Have you guys ever done a Trackman comparison with a Japanese head and shaft vs a club made for the U.S.? Like say the XY7 or GPOM Vera Taylor made M1 or Titliest D2 both club heads with T1100…. Japanese head with Basiera AAA and USA with Hzrdus T1100… Can you do that? It would be an interesting article for sure… It would also help me pick a head

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