Japan Only Mizuno MP-55 Irons by Yoro Craft


Over the last couple of weeks we have been teasing with multiple Yoro Craft editions by Mizuno absolute works of art hand ground with possibly the best crew on the planet to do such,  Today an all NEW model that is Japan Only Introducing the MP-55.

The retail MP-55 is no slouch at all either and every bit as good possibly better for the masses but what I’m showing here today is the hardcore version.  Forged of S25C /1025E this iron is Made in Japan and  comes finished in Nickel Chrome Mirror standard.  We had ours tricked out quite a bit with the goal of it looking as compact and “player” as possible yet maintain the forgiveness of the original.   Misson accomplished!  Read On….


First off,  it’s a deep cavity as you can see in the pic above an evolution from the MP-54 the new MP-55 features a new V-SLOT  undercut cavity making it more forgiving on mishits and more distance when struck center,  The MP-55 features a deeper center of gravity and a lower sweet spot position along with stronger lofts,   this combo provides more distance and an easier time getting the ball airborne especially in the longer irons.


Mizuno’s craftsmen improved the shape by giving the iron a sharper more square look to provide the look a tour player desires with the performance the average golfer can handle.  TSG took it a step further by reducing the offset,  adding a W Grind to the sole and asking Team Yoro to grind a sharper toe and straighten up the top line… on top of a few other important aesthetic features.


(Above)  Usually the top line has a curve in it, usually the toe is a less sharp.

(Below) This is the W-Grind,  a nice pronounced leading edge relieft along with some trailing edge relief,  this helps players who come in a touch steeper,  nothing too drastic of a change as it’s versitile and works well with most types of turf and swings it’s a popular request.  If you look back in the blog the MP-5 in Twlight has the Hokkaido grind which is for an even steeper descending swing.


The specs below for those who want the same…

MP-55 5-PW
– W-Grind
– Grind sharper toe and straight top line
+0.5mm Face Progression (less offset)
– Remove “Grain flow Forged”
– Dark blue (Mizuno blue) paintfill for logos
– Double Nickel Satin
– Modus 105 Stiff
– #5 based on 38″
– D3 3-9 / D4 PW


It’s a beautiful Iron all around,  Mizuno is offering these  5-PW as the base set with optional #4 iron,  TSG suggests the #4 iron because it’s very forgiving.  I have not hit these Yoro’s yet but I have had a decent amount of time with the retail MP-55,  it’s soft dispite such a deep undercut,  the short irons don’t have the undercut of course,  the retails rival the ONOFF forged in forgiveness,  they beat the Kuro’s in setup/offset/size yet while soft not full face soft like the Kuro’s.  I would still take these over the Kuro’s it’s a near perfect package for pro level all the way up to 20 handicap.


Distance is on par with most players irons so it was not the longest and this is by design with a PW that is 46* Mizuno was not going for big distance instead today’s semi traditional lofts.  So to sum these up a players iron that have plenty of forgiveness,  a soft feel despite having an undercut, and semi traditional lofts making this a players club for the masses.


TourSpecGolf Offers Custom Yoro MP-55’s where you can order custom grinds,  finishes, specs and builds,  please email [email protected] if you choose to go the Yoro Route.


– Low CG, Stronger Lofts for more Distance & Forgiveness

– New V-SLOT technology for more Distance & Forgiveness

– Sharper toe and shape for a better appearance

– Yoro Custom Options Available please inquire




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  2. Do you still have these in stock?

  3. Edward T Bates. : March 8, 2017 at 12:51 am

    A beautiful looking set of irons, just what you would expect from Mizuno. well done.

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