Grandista LS-001 Driver

Grandista LS-0011

Grandista LS-001- The brands second driver release.  For those who are not familiar with Grandista they produce really good drivers and fairway woods.  The owner,  founder and designer Kazutaka Yoshida is a former professional golfer.  At one point he was ranked 3rd – 5th on Japan’s long drive championship.

This man doesn’t fool around,  he sourced the best DAT55G from Japan by Daido steel co for the face of this new driver.  I’ve got more for you guys after the jump…

Grandista LS-0012

Both Yoshida-san’s drivers have beautiful shapes at address.  This new LS-001 has a total of 9 adjustable weights on the head each made of different materials.  3.8g is tungsten,  2g is Titanium.  With each of the weights adjustable you can do some major fine tuning.

Grandista LS-0014

The head volume is 450cc’s and the head is available hand picked between 9.5 and 11.5 with head weights from 192g to 210g.  Customers often order custom face angles and these can be had square to 1.3* open.

When comparing the cg depth, height, and distance from the face vs the previous Grandista driver this is the slightly more forgiving driver.  The new LS-001 is 5mm more shallow than the previous RS-001.

Grandista LS-0013

It’s a low spin yet high launch head which is not common.  The face seems longer heel to toe.  Higher MOI, lower CG deeper back helps this become a straight shot driver.

The new Grandista LS-001 is in the TSG ProShop and can be had as head only or custom shafted by inquiring with [email protected]





  1. This drivers seems as though it will be much easier to hit with. I really like to carbon details on the sole the sleek look.Compared to the previous model, this one does look a bit more forgiving.

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