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MODART MA01D+R Driver – Made in JAPAN!

Modart MA01D+R Driver6

Introducing Modart’s latest creation the MA01D+R and while it may look similar to their other three drivers this one is completely different.  The first modart drivers released a few years ago were the MA01D and MA01S both were 435cc players woods with a mid trajectory and some pretty low spin rates.  Last year Modart then released the MA01DS which was an improved version of the original but with a shaft adapter that allowed you to change shafts with ease.  The all new MA01D+R is based on an entirely new mold at a full 460cc’s it’s designed to be much easier to hit and produce a mid/high trajectory with very low spin.  It is suggested to play this head shafted at 45″ or longer.  Follow the Jump for more information on this hot new club from Modart…

Modart MA01D+R Driver10

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SEVEN Dreamers Umeda Lab in Osaka

Seven Dreamers Golf Shafts9

Seven Dreamers makes the best golf shafts in the world it’s a fact. No other company has the capability, technology, or standards to compete. Seven Dreamers has three fitting labs in Japan with their flagship headquarters in Shiba-Koen Tokyo, then the smaller Ginza location, and now the newest Umeda lab in Osaka. Each of these labs feature a $60,000 multi-camera fitting system attached to the ceiling that works separately from the trackman to monitor seven areas on the shaft throughout the entire swing this is what allows seven dreamers to learn where energy is lost in your swing and where they can adjust the shafts design to reduce this energy loss.

There are two basic shaft choices both use the same materials, manufacturing and utilize the same engineer and designer the difference is the in-person fitting vs a question form. The Haute Couture shaft includes the in-person fitting while the Matrix shaft is by fitting question form. TourSpecGolf can schedule an in-person fitting for you at any of these centers in English or Chinese but what most of our clients do is go for the question form version. When you attend an in-person fitting it’s at a $500 premium making the Haute Couture shaft cost nearly $1800 USD while the Matrix is $1200 USD. Follow the Jump for more information and a tour of the Umeda Lab…

Seven Dreamers Golf Shafts7

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The new collaboration series by SEVEN GOLF together with Master Masayuki Sasaya of the Prestigious Gold’s Factory in Japan. Together with Master Sasaya we bring you the very best hand crafted putters that money can buy, in the coming months we will be showcasing various special edition SEVEN putters that have been meticulously altered and modified by Master Sasaya himself.

The main selling point of SEVEN putters is the use of the Japanese SM490A material known to be the perfect compromise between SUS303 which many say feels too firm and FE Carbon, which many agree feels too soft, SM490A has been proven to produce a mild and dense sensation like a cold stick of butter. Follow the Jump for many more photos and explanation of the X GOLD’s FACTORY upgrades…


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Kamui Pro TP-09S Driver


Last week I posted photos of the Kamui Pro TP-09D Driver here.  Today it’s about it’s shallow faced brother the TP-09S,  obviously D is for Deep and S is for Shallow.  What you can expect is a more forgiving shape to promote straighter shots on heel and toe misses while the D is better for the golfer who hits high and low on the face.

The S also has more of a draw bias by design and a slightly higher trajectory with a touch more spin,  enjoy more photos after the Jump…


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A-GRIND DST Fairway Woods Coming May!


Scheduled for a May Release A-Grinds new DST has been showing up in a few tour players bags on the JPA tour. It’s Ako-san’s next gen fairway wood designed for more forgiveness a mid/high trajectory with minimal spin. This is still a better players wood just an easier one to hit when compared to the Original A-Grind Fairway wood.

The head is made of stainless steel 17-4 with a 455SS face that is thinner than his original model for a bit more distance. DST = driving slit tech but to be honest I don’t believe and can’t find any specific evidence in these types of so called “technologies” no matter what brand is using it. The head comes standard with a 1* open face angle a matte black head and dark chrome finish.

TSG will have these earlier than others for shipment; we can also build these clubs with the best shaft and grip options found anywhere in the world. Pre-order yours today via [email protected]



SEVEN X GOLD’s FACTORY- Only a few days ago we showed you one of the SEVEN X GOLD’s FACTORY putters now another limited one-off design made in collaboration with the Master himself Masayuki Sasaya. This one is very special it’s our very first custom center shaft putter with a black center Teramoto shaft.

This putter was originally a heel shafted putter, so the master started by cutting the neck off and filling the hole with metal and hand grinding it flat then he welded the hosel to the proper position and adjusted all specs for optimal performance. The sole was then enhanced with two 20g heavy tungsten weights along with a fatter slit line that doesn’t extend through the putter; this slit line design is something new for Gold’s Factory, and we found it does a great job at enhancing feel yet not changing it drastically as many other slit lines can.

Finished in NiCr Satin with Copper Underlay it’s final head weight comes out to 376g! Follow the Jump for more stunning captures of this one of a kind putter…


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Yururi SEIDA BLACK Wedges

Japanese Golf Clubs

Introducing the New Yururi SEIDA Black Wedges – Forged of S25C and very soft feeling,  this wedge is designed with a high CG and low trajectory ball flight yet it’s also very forgiving due to it’s slightly larger size and shape.  Available in 52/56/60 heads only or custom shafted,  TSG has also been selling quite a few of these in custom finishes through our TSG Club Works Program.   Follow the jump for more pics….

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Baldo 568 Competizione 420cc Driver

Baldo 568 Competizione Driver

Baldo 568 Competizione Driver – A very deep faced players driver that comes in at 420cc’s small, it’s got a forged DAT55G cup face which is as good as it gets when your talking about driver face materials. TSG can request baldo hand picks the heads for specific lofts ranging between 8.5 to 10.5 degrees as well as custom face angles and head weights. This is a better players driver designed to produce a medium trajectory and very low spin, it’s 420cc’s small but doesn’t look small and the face is extremely deep not only to aid with a lower trajectory but also better for players who mis-hit high and low of center. Baldo also claims this driver despite it’s size is very easy to hit with a stable ball flight yet is still workable.

These come standard with a 58.5* lie angle, and 198g-200g head weights the standard installed weight is 10g, but baldo does offer (12g, 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g sold separately). Baldo claims this driver reduces spin by 800 rpm on average due to the newly designed forged cup face. For more photos follow the Jump…


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CRAZY-9 PT Shaft – Full Length 90T Carbon!

Crazy 9 PT Shaft

Introducing the new top end series Crazy Shaft the Crazy 9 available in 2 models the “Dia” and the “PT”.  The PT model in this listing is designed for the faster and more aggressive swinger looking for a heavier shaft to help tame a faster tempo & transition for better results.

It’s an expensive shaft due to the shaft structure crazy has implemented using a FULL LENGTH 90T carbon sheet with reinfoced areas using 40T and 46T carbon – no other shaft company has gone to these lengths to create a golf shaft using this material structure.

The Crazy 9 PT produces a medium  low spin trajectory that is very straight and the high modulous carbon allows the player to hit straighter shots by minimizing the need for perfect timing to close the club face,  the material has extremely low shaft deformation bringing the face to square at impact faster than almost any other shaft. It is available in 4 flexes option ( S/SX/X)  More pics after the Jump…

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