Zodia CM-2 Forged Cavity Back Irons


Gotta admit, Zodia has been producing some stunners recently and that’s not stopping with the release of their new CM-2 forged cavity back.   Meticulously crafted via hand grind and cnc milling of Himeji forged S20C soft carbon steel.

Zodia calls this beautiful plating their GM (grind mark) Finish,  to me it looks like an aggressively brushed NiCr Satin but whatever the case it’s a plating which means it shouldn’t rust or wear much.

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Yururi Tataki Wedges Now Available


Introducing the new Yururi Golf Tataki Wedge,  It’s been a while since Yururi has released new wedges and why should they with the continued success of the Raw Gekku and Gekku Tour easily TSG’s best selling wedge over the years.  This is Yururi’s new players wedge, it’s no joke,  it’s compact, rounded in all the right places and just finished beautifully.  It’s available in a wide range of lofts 50.5/52.5/56.5/58.5/60.5 and in lefty they even have 5 different lofts,  It sells for $175 U.S head only and TSG will build it custom with just about any shaft and grip you choose.

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Modart A60-G CNC Milled Irons


Modern – Art aka Modart has been getting great reviews among our clients and readers,  not only has Modart seemed to have created something different but also has a produced an entire line up of clubs that perform very well.  Back in Feb at the golf show obviously the first thing to catch everyone’s eye was their more compact CBC CNC milled iron,  time when by we had some customers wait months to receive their CBC’s then following that members started picking up on how good the Driver MA01D and S along with their fairway woods and utility clubs.  More recently TSG will go on the record saying the Suda-wedges are the best we have to offer here or anywhere else in our opinion.

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Seven Dreamers Golf Shafts


Seven Dreamers  is a new shaft company launched early 2014,  while new the company has a long standing history in composites dating back for over half a century.  In 1955 Minamoto Takeishi Watanabe came across a material that left him intrigued with all it’s possibilities,  he decided to single handedly study composites and after 2 years of research in 1957 established his very first composite molding plant in Shibuya, Tokyo and thus began the company Super Resin Inc.  Click Read More to Continue…

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Cavity – Blade Fusion: RomaRo Ray-H Forged 2014


RomaRo is one of the most well rounded Japanese Golf Brands available today,  their entire line up from putters to drivers and grips to apparel and bags is top notch.   This is my long term impressions on the 2014 RomaRo Ray H Forged irons their newest and flag ship players CB.

First let’s break down the basics of what it is,  The Ray H is a fusion of a muscle back and cavity back made of Japanese S20C Forged steel.  The weight expanding across the cavity helps produce a fair sized sweet spot yet also provides the benefits of cavity back perimeter weighting.

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Limited Edition S-Yard Bold Wedge in NiCr Satin Finish


It’s been almost a couple of years since S-Yard released it’s BOLD wedge,  unfortunately Mr. Kobayashi is no longer the president and lead designer of S-Yard but his product still lives on and sells well here at TSG.

A limited edition plated version was released which was one of the biggest requests people had of S-Yard a version of the BOLD that does not wear in the finish like the original black version did.

For those not familiar with the bold wedge it’s a spin machine with a higher center of gravity than nearly every other wedge that’s available today,  not so easy to see in these pictures are  but there are also  laser markings all over the face,  this further improves spin rates when the club face is wet due to dew or rain.  The Bold removes weight from the sole and places 3 tungsten weights opposite on the back face raising the CG point for a more stable and consistent trajectory.  Click Read More to see more pics…

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Fujimoto Gikoh: Believer and Adject Forged Irons


Introducing Fujimoto Gikoh from Himeji, Japan. It’s always fascinating testing and evaluating new products in the JDM golf scene.

Early in 2014 Tario, Jacque, and myself visited some of our vendors and clients in the small town of Ichikawa. Not our first trip out there but definitely the most positive as the last time we were here the factories were downsizing and reducing capacity due to tuff economic times following the disaster in 2011. This year it’s obvious that things are on the rise again.


Himeji Japan and specifically in the even smaller town of Ichikawa there are a handful of small makers isolated in the beautiful countryside,  it’s a quiet place not only known for its golf factories, but also, its high end leather, paper, and coffee.   For more photos and explanation please click Read More…

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ONOFF CB358 Labo Spec Irons


Every so often an iron is released that wows us, by far the most popular irons of early 2014 has been the CB358by OnOff’s Labo Spec department, Labo Spec is essentially the tour design service and with ONOFF’s #1 tour player being Shingo Katayama they have their hands full.


Shingo Katayama is a very unique player, he demands clubs specially made for him that fit his preference, many are already familiar with the 2013 OnOff forged model which was also a hit here, Shingo loved that iron but wanted something with less offset, sharper angles, and a smaller profile yet while keeping the great feel and extra forgiving performance.

Click Read More to view the rest of the images and for more info…

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2014 PRGR EGG 1 Driver

PRGR EGG 1 Driver

Is this weird to you?

Don’t worry PRGR is known for pushing the envelope, for those not so familiar with PRGR aka (Pro Gear) it’s a JDM brand owned by the giant Yokohama Rubber co.  PRGR was started back in 2001 (same as TSG) their first club was the TR speed titan followed by the PRGR Duo drivers. Just fantastic clubs back in the day ahead of the times with technology and style.

Very popular on TSG was the Egg series it’s been popular for years and still is today, The product that broke through to TSG members was the original Egg fairway wood. Not traditional by any means but it gets the job done and focuses on performance.  Years later the Egg series is still going strong and in this blog post I’d like to introduce everyone to the newest member of the egg family the Egg 1 Driver.


Ready to see more pics and read the rest of the review?  Click Read More to continue…

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PRGR EGG Spoon Update

PRGR Egg Fairway Woods

This is the 4th Generation PRGR Egg fairway wood and since it’s very first rendition we here at TSG have been big fans.

First kudo’s to Pro Gear (PRGR) for always thinking outside of the box, innovating and pushing the boundaries of design, I think the entire Egg series is a reflection of their willingness to take chances in order to gain improved performance.

Pro Gear Golf Clubs

Recently fairway woods with shallow faces have been getting more love than their deeper faced siblings and for those that need even the slightest help getting the ball airborne a shallow face depth does improve those chances, the first 2 PRGR Egg fairways were semi-shallow but over the years they have slowly evolved into deep faces yet with every ounce of weight pushed as low and close to the ground as possible.

This M.F.D technology morphs the face to expand and retract creating a powerful pop off the face with good timing. The sweet spot is very large especially on misses high or low of the CG.  We have more pictures & review after the Jump,  click Read More to continue…

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