What is the Japan Only Callaway Epic Star?


Snapped some shots of the Japan only Callaway EPIC “Star” driver today and figured now would be a good time to go over the differences between the standard sub-zero model and the Epic star version found in Japan.  First thing to note is Japan offers both models but the Star has been met with explosive demand as of our orders placed near the end of Janurary are now shipping sometime in May and beyond.  Follow the jump to learn more about the differences…


The Epic star is not an adjustable driver many players in Japan prefer traditional epoxied style hosels myself included.  Another big change is that there is no forward weight which means the star version likely has a higher MOI and creates straighter more stable yet less workable shots.  Finally there is the weight rail in the rear that the sub zero version does not have.  This is to position your weights to create a performance bias.


The specs are a little different as well.  The lie angle is more upright which favors the player who comes over the top to help fix a slice.  Another difference is in length as the sub zero model comes in at 45 inches standard while the star version is a bit longer at 45.75″.   The face of the star  also appeared to be slightly closed although I cant verify this It was visually apparent.  My take is that this is the epic for the higher handicap when compared to the sub zero model.  In Japan the star is outselling the sub zero and has the longer back order list.   If this driver sounds like a good fit for your game you can order one here from the TSG Proshop – Callaway Epic Star




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