USA Exclusive Model – SEVEN CB in Black IP!


Introducing the USA Exclusive Finish for the SEVEN CB – BLACK IP!  Last week we posted the Korea Only GOLD IP exclusive (click here).  Today we are highlighting our BLACK IP finish which will only be sole and shipped within the United States.  For those of you who don’t have an idea what the brand SEVEN is you can get up to speed here – ( Seven Blog Posts Click Here ) .

Based on our more than 15 years in business its evident that American golfers gravitate to black finishes in their blades and cavity backs.  This finish here is very durable and will not rust.  The standard NiCR chrome finish is first applied then we send the heads into a factory for the Black IP treatment which bonds with the clubs original plating.  The wear pattern will expose the standard finish in areas that make impact with the ball or turf.    Ready for more?  Follow the Jump…


From above the SEVEN CB is one of the most beautiful players cavity backs on the market.  In it’s black finish it looks even more dark and stealthy.  From its full face milling to its CNC milled grooves the SEVEN CB and MCB are the highest quality irons made in Japan today and this Black IP finish is no different.  When comparing various finishes such as IP,  DLC and others It is evident that Japanese IP and DLC is far better than the same finish applied by Chinese factories.  For your reference SEVEN will never produce anything in China and every process and material originates and done 100% in Japan.

In our testing we found no difference in feel hitting the Black IP against the standard finish.  The SEVEN CB is extremely forgiving for it’s size we believe it is the most forgiving 1 piece forged players cavity back to ever be made and furthermore it is very soft and addictive at impact yet not gushy.  What you are looking at here is pure quality that represents the very finest Japanese manufacturing can achieve.

Today on the PGA tour there are roughly only 3 players who use 100% CNC milled irons,  RORY,  ROSE, and D.Johnson all Taylormade Prototypes.   Those are not made in Japan and do not have the same angles of milling.  Brands such as PXG’s milled wedges and Taylormades RORS prototypes still show milling done in a circular fashion.  You are now able to play full CNC irons made at a higher quality than even the best players in the world.

We are now taking reservations for both the Korea Exclusive GOLD IP Seven CBs and the U.S Exclusive Black IP finish Seven CB’s.



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