TSG Club Works | R9 TP Forged Copper + Satin/Blue


TSG Club Works has previously posted 3 different Taylormade R9TP Forged irons in the blog,  the black boron w/ yellow,  black mirror w/white,  copper underlay + satin w/red and the final and last set we produced the copper underlay + blue paint.  We produced 4 sets in total from used irons sourced in japan after the refinishing they are all in excellent condition not brand new but look pretty close and after testing these feel better at impact since the refinish over the factory finish.

We have not listed any of these for sale yet,  now that all 4 have been shown we will be adding to the TSG ProShop for immediate shipping,  enjoy the pics of the copper underlayer + satin blue,  by the way all of our finishes are done in Japan in this case it’s NiCr Satin which can’t even be done in the states due to EPA regulations.








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  2. Drooooollllingggg

  3. I had irons like this a while back. Looks great in the satin finish with blue filling. Are these for sale?

  4. Whoa! Where can I buy these? I see one in your store but it has red color paint. Will you put this one in the store too..

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