The New LOOP Prototype IP Shaft!


Introducing the Loop Prototype IP Shaft – LOOP makes some outstanding shafts many TSG clients consider these up there with the best and since we have started selling Loop slowly but surely the group of brand loyalists has been growing.  Today I’m going over their newest shaft the Prototype IP.

It’s a slightly tip stiff shaft that has a strong forward push movement kick,  the mid section is slightly stiff as well while the butt is stiff,  so yes it’s for those who want to work the ball and produce a fade.  The stronger, faster and more aggressive transition style player.   Follow the jump if that’s you…


Designed for low handicap players and the professional the performance concept reduces both back and side spin producing a strong medium trajectory.  Two factors make loop shafts so great,  the forward kick through the ball and the reduction of toe droop of the club head near the impact zone keeping everything down the line for a better result.

The new prototype LOOP IP shaft is now shipping at TSG,  in order to purchase any LOOP shaft it is installed only so you can send us your head or purchase one from TSG.  We also as a precaution and benefit to the customer send them a 16 question form to fill out which we give to LOOP’s owner and factory manager to help fit you into the proper shaft from within their line up.  Please inquire to [email protected] if you want to purchase a shaft and for more info on the brand “click here


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