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Mayuki Takai creator and founder of Itobori Golf has been very busy lately.  His latest creation the MT-Grind Itobori Putters offer a unique shape with a slew of custom options to choose from.  Much of the work that can be done has yet to be discovered and a lot depends on the creativity of the customers mind.  From hand grinding to welding and custom stamping the sky is the limit.  Today I will be showing off some fairly basic and elegant designs he has created for our customers.  Follow the Jump for more photos and explanation…

Itobori Golf MTG10

Above and below we have photos of the Satin Finish + Polished Sole MT-Grind Putter.   It features a hand ground notch and welded neck with the tops of the bumpers enhanced with a the Itobori grind.  Truly a beautiful putter.  A red translucent paint fill was applied that glows in sunlight.

Itobori Golf69

The MT-Grind putters have deep face milling for a softer feel with an extremely flat cnc milled face to the ideal loft for this design. The MT-Grind putters have a standard head weight of 365 grams.  The head material is a soft carbon forged S20C. In the below photo we have a custom hand done torched blue finish.  This putter has flat top bumpers and forms a gorgeous patina with use.

Itobori Golf MTG11

Each torched finish putter is one of a kind with variance in color,  it starts with a Japanese copper finish then by hand and blow torch Mayuki Takai himself flames it to style.  Any of the finishes used in his irons and wedges are also available on the putter.

The design concept and shape is based on Takai-san’s favorite putter shape and what he feels is the optimal head weight.

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Itobori Golf67

This putter below is finished in Japan Black Mirror with no paint fill.  This finish really shows off the CNC milling. As you can see the options are endless,  you have Mayuki Takai’s hand work at your disposal and now it’s just up to your creativity.

Itobori Golf MTG9

The Itobori MT-Grind putters retail at $900 usd and like his irons and wedges the customizations are included in the products price so there is no extra fee to the options seen here.

Itobori Golf65

Black Mirror in the above and below photos.  Some customers prefer the Itobori grind on the tops of the bumpers especially on the finishes that are prone to glare because it helps diffuse the reflection.

Itobori Golf64

Itobori Golf66

The head covers are rocking as well,  very high quality like everything Mayuki Takai does.  We will have the MT-Grind putters in the TSG proshops shortly but if you want to consult for your own custom design please email me directly at [email protected]

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