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A-GRIND’s New Type-D Driver


A-Grinds longest and most forgiving driver has just been released.  It’s called the Type-D 460.  Stock out of the box it comes with open face angles.  1* on the 10.5 and 0.5* on the 9.5 loft.  This driver features a 6-4Ti forged face with a 6-4Ti cast body.   The concept is simple but proven,  variable wall thickness and a thinner crown to drop the center of gravity lower.  What is not proven ( in my opinion ) that is part of the design is that channel on the sole near the face,  many brands claim increased ball speeds from this and while it is true it’s minimal and so small that it’s no guarantee to improve distance.  Ready for more pics?  Follow the Jump…

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Miura Giken Limited Type D & Type F Irons

Miura Limited Type D

Miura Giken has a couple of new variants recently announced called the Y-Grind series Type-D & Type-F blades,  both very similar to the blades they already have the market but hand ground with some aggressive new angles and edges.

Of the two models the D & F MG has released 200pcs of each model 100 in a more silver metallic finish and 100 in a flatter silver look x 2 different sets that means a total of 400 of these new blades  combined will exist.  While it looks like most of their other blades as the base heads are often shared there are still some visual distinctions that are easily noticeable from different angles that we will highlight in this blog post.  If you like Miura Giken ( Japan Version ) and you enjoy drooling over muscle back irons its time to read more…

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