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Honma Black Mirror TW737P Irons


This is a custom set of Honma Tour World TW737P Irons – TSG is now offering these to our clients via email order and in the TSG ProShop.  The “P” model is the most forgiving in the TourWorld line up It is the only cast iron of the TW737 series.  Honma has been a leader in golf specific castings for decades and is implementing a new soft iron casting manufacturing method.

Honma has also thinned out the top line yet still managed to keep the CG low.  The face itself is a hot hybrid steel material for improved distance.  Behind the impact zone Honma has strengthend and thickened the area for a softer more mild impact.  The TW737P is the most forgiving of the TW series,  then one step more forgiving is the BeZeal line up followed by the Beres models for seniors, smoother, and female golfers.  Follow the Jump for some more beautiful photos…

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HONMA Golf TW737 Series

Honma TW737 Golf Clubs

Introducing the all new Honma TW737 Series Golf Clubs!  TourSpecGolf recently put the previous model TW727 on closeout sale prices (click here) to make way for the upcoming and all new TW737 series golf clubs.  The new 737 may have similar aesthetics to the previous series but every club is an entirely new design from the ground up utilizing lots of new features and technology which Honma is confident will take the new Tour World 737 series to new heights.  Follow the Jump for more info and photos…

Honma TW737 Drivers

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Honma TW727P Iron Review

Honma TW727P Irons

As it stands today Honma Golf is one of the most powerful golf brands in Japan,  many don’t know this or understand why but it’s a combination of their aggressive business model and their marvel of a factory the Sakata Studio.   As an established golf brand  Honma has the experience and financial backing to be  in prime position to grow market share in Japan once again and nowhere is this more evident than on the JPGA & European tour where many of the top ranked players are signed with Honma under contract, 18 to be exact.

Today we will dive deep into the Tour World TW727P Forged Iron,  It’s the most forgiving of the TW727 line up designed for more distance and to be easier to hit.  It’s got a thicker top line than the rest not to mention a larger head size so looking down at it you have confidence you can hit it with a good result, compared to teh TW717 it’s even easier to hit with more carry than before.  Time to Read On…

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