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J-Beam TF Fairway Wood Photos

JBeam TF Fairway Wood

Weeks back I swung by J-Beam’s head quarters to check out their new full titanium TF Fairway Woods.  I snapped these photos and was able to hit each loft on the launch monitor against my own gamers.  The new TF caters to a wide range of players from the better golfer who wants an easier long distance fairway wood to the mid and high handicapper who is looking to make easy contact with a high penetrating launch.  These surprisingly fit the bill for all players.  Follow the Jump for more impressions…

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The New JBeam FW Ti Fairway Wood


The all new Jbeam Ti Fairway Wood – Titanium and designed to be easy to hit from most lies Jbeam has made another very forgiving FW,  they now have 3 excellent fairway woods that should be considered if you are in the hunt for one,  the RX-FW which is perfect in feel and compact size for the better player,  then the Jbeam Glorious which is more shallow,  larger and more forgiving that we found very long and easy to hit as is and now the TF series which is Titanium instead of stainless with a cut away channel similar to Royal Collection  this design is interesting because its shallow,  oversized at 210ccs in the 3 wood but the CG is designed more forward so while you should have an easy time getting the ball up yes even from the rough it still wont balloon on you.  Beautiful fit and finish to it as well… Follow the Jump for more pics!

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