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Buchi VS200 Black Boron by TSG Club Works!

Fuso Dream

Wow look at these huh,  TSG Club Works takes the already awesome Buchi VS200 irons and mods them into these black boron beauties,  these pictures are nice but in person these look out of this world.   Yellow paint with white sheep + #  and fuso dream logo look classy too.  Get in touch with us if you need these at [email protected]  Follow the Jump for More Pics!

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2014 Buchi Global Edition Coming in June!

Buchi Wedge

Fresh off the grind the 2014 Buchi Global Launch Edition.  TSG announced Buchi well over a year ago and at the time the brands design and shape catered to the tastes of Japan.  Over the last year we had customers purchase Tabuchi-san’s custom grind wedges and while I was not a big fan at first , the comments began to roll in.  Customers were claiming the Buchi custom wedge as the best feeling and most versatile  they have ever played and that caught my attention as some of these guys play it all.

Buchi iron wedge

Since then we have gone through a half dozen prototypes all variants of what our customers requested until it became a blend of sorts.  The result is a wedge that not only looks stunning but feels unreal and most importantly performs for a wide group players.  We tested in the rain, in the desert, and from a variety of  sand conditions to create a wedge that we think has few rivals.

Release is in June and it all kicks off with a limited 4 wedge set 50/54/58/62* lofts called the global launch editions.  Only 10 of these sets will be made.  In regards to price Buchi is an excellent value,  these global models cost the same as the custom wedges!  That’s pretty unheard of now days.  So if you want something already prepared you can go with these,  if you have custom requests and don’t mind waiting the cost is no different.  Only the limited sets will demand a premium and for good reason,  a new additional mold needed to be created to make it happen.  Stay tuned for more info and the official release announcement.