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Titleist 718 T-MB New for 2017!

Titleist 718 T-MB

Introducing the New Titleist T-MB 718 Irons – The 2017 Japan Golf Fair is nearing just a couple of months away scheduled to take place during the last week of March.  We are expecting many new Japan Only Titleist clubs mostly due to the fact that we are getting notices of current models being discontinued.  It started with the Vokey Cold Forged then the T-MB and now we are starting learn a bit more about what’s next to come from Titleist.

Like the 716 T-MB the new 718 T-MB by Titleist looks like a muscle back but features a hollow structure making it very forgiving for it’s size.  This is the first sight of a model named “718”  with the 716 series destined to be replaced with the same moniker on the future.  Titleist has expanded the tungsten structure on the heel and toe side bringing the MOI up and lowering the CG to make it even easier to hit.   We do expect a #2 iron as well.  Titleist Japan is saying that they have found a way to make the new T-MB more forgiving than even the current model AP2.   TSG will have pre-orders up for these very shortly so stay tuned!

Titleist 718 Golf Clubs


Titleist 716 T-MB Irons Review

Japan Only T-MB Irons

It’s finally time,  our review of the 2015 Titleist 716 T-MB Irons.  This one caught us by surprise at the Japan Golf Fair and just a few days before the event leaked spec sheets were floating around the web,  we scrambled jet lagged the day of the show waking up at 1am to prepare the product listings and placeholders in the newsletters for an iron we had never seen in the flesh,  somehow we knew this would be big,  and it was.. it is.

After hitting just a #7 iron in the swing cage  I knew it was special and while it looks like a blade it doesn’t perform like one, not even close.  This thing whatever it was is different and after a weeks worth of play It’s time we spill the beans on what could be one of the most awesome irons of 2015.  Follow the Jump to Read on you do not want to miss this!

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Titleist Japan T-MB Irons

Titleist Japan T-MB Irons

Titleist T-MB Irons – Here we are at the 2015 Japan Golf Fair and just days before Titleist JAPAN revealed a sneak peak from a paper catalog of their latest muscle back design named the T-MB,  TSG not only has the first in hand photos but also review as I’ve had the chance to hit these fine tools and report back to you the members..

First thing to note is these are JAPAN Only,  obviously the best place to get them is at www.TourSpecGolf.com and with custom specs available, we will have it listed in the store for Pre Sale later this week or you can email [email protected] to reserve your set for a 3/20 release.

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