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2017 Japan Golf Fair – Fujikura Shafts

Fujikura Diamond Speeder MC Putter5

This year at Fujikura’s booth they had some exciting new shafts starting off with the new Diamond Speeder for driver and fairway woods the third shaft in their Jewel line up that is considered to be their top of the line series.  Interestingly Fujikura reached out to Mitsubishi Rayon to use their proprietary “PYROFIL®” MR 70 which is a 90T carbon material.  Along with TT1100G as used in the evolution series Fujikura touts this as one of their most premium and best shafts they have ever produced.  Ready for more?  follow the jump to read about the new MC-Putter and MCI 60 Black Shafts…

Fujikura Diamond Speeder MC Putter7

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Fujikura Speeder Series Makes its Return! 757, 661, 569, 474

New Fujikura Speeder Shafts

We posted pictures of the Concept Model Speeders back in February from the Tokyo Golf Fair,  It’s been months but finally more info has come to light around these and it appears at least Fujikura in Japan will be releasing these to the public.  Fujikura started off as a hardcore aftermarket shaft brand but then got caught up in the OEM game aka the money game and since then has taken a step back from producing the aftermarket shafts we know they can make.  In this post I’m going to go over all new Speeder models including the 474, 569, 661, & 757 shafts.  Click on to Read more…

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Spotted Fujikura Motore Speeder VC7.1

At the recent Japan Open, a new Blue Fujikura Motore Speeder was spotted in testing. It sported the model VC7.1 and was an X-Flex. As most of you know the Motore Speeder is the world’s first 7 ply technology shaft. It has a lot of distance performance and feel but some found the overall profile too soft as it best suits the smooth swinger. The VC7.1 looks to provide a more stout feel and control with stability in mind for the harder swinger. No word yet on availability or pricing.


Fujikura Motore Speeder vs. Mitsubishi Bassara Griffin

griffinspeederI’ve been writing a lot about shafts lately and for good reason. There are just so many good shafts out there to choose from. Today Yamato dropped by and delivered the new Mitsubishi Bassara Griffin that we have been talking about on GTI as well as the highly touted Fujikura Motore Speeder. These two new summer 2009 releases could very well be the shafts of the year. Will these shafts live up to the hype?

DSC04144---CopyWhile the Griffin was just officially released today to big fanfare in Japan, the Motore Speeder has been out now since late April. It was first previewed by us way back in February at the Japan Golf Fair at Tokyo Big Sight. Our initial impression back then was that the had a very nice kick and feel to it though we only had a chance to test it in the nets at the show. Talking with the Fujikura reps at the time they described the Motore Speeder as being a great feel shaft made for distance and most reviews out in Japan seem to have proclaimed the same positive feedback.

Fujikura claims that the Japan only Motore Speeder is the most advanced shaft they have ever made, featuring the world’s first 7 PLY cross axis design. The Fujikura 7 Axis technology (a special 3 axis design layered with a special 4 axis weave) minimizes energy loss and creates a shaft with little to no rounding during flex. This creates great feel and kick as the shaft unloads with full force creating even more head speed for the golfer. Stability is placed at an equal importance to distance for the Motore Speeder and the shaft produces minimal twisting for accuracy in addition to distance. The Motore Speeder is designed for low spin, high ball speeds and mid to high launch for maximum carry and run out.

The Motore Speeder with its feel, gives the impression that it is softer than the Motore F1 which we confirmed that it slightly is. This however does not make it any less accurate because of its design and technology, this is one stable and tight shaft even with all its feel. Using a VC5.0 paired with a forgiving and easy head like my PRGR GN502, creates an automatic driver. Just swing and the Motore Speeder does its work to make sure the head meets the ball flush at impact. I found this to very much be a user friendly shaft with the VC5.0 providing a good kick with a mid to higher trajectory for max carry but still giving good run out. The VC5.0 and 4.0 are definitely the distance models in the Motore Speeder lineup, great shafts for higher handicappers or those slower swingers who want more distance. More advanced players or harder hitters should look to heavier weights and stiffer flexes of the Motore Speeder. If you look at the specs of the entire Motore Speeder lineup you will see that the bend profiles for each model become stiffer overall as weight increases.


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