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The New Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV

Fujikura EVO IV Shaft

When a customer comes to us looking for a great shaft on a budget we often recommend the Fujikura Evolution Series.  Within this single speeder line most golfers can find the proper bend profile and characteristics for their swing.  I’m always confident in recommending the Evo series because Fujikura explains in detail what materials and technologies they use.  Many brands now days especially the ones built in the forums market as premium but can’t back it up.

This is the Evolution IV model that is not released yet.  As usual TSG has the scoop for you in detail breaking down why this shaft is an absolute beast and worth considering.  Follow the jump for a break down on how its made…

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2017 Diamana X Shaft by Mitsubishi Rayon

Diamana X Golf Shaft

Mitsubishi Diamana X new for 2017!  How long has it been?  4 years since the last version was released. Hard hitters rejoice!  This is the lowest Torque in the brands history with the 70X & XX coming in at 1.9*.  The goal of this shaft is to produce a strong and powerful piercing trajectory reducing side spin and reducing the loss of energy through the bend.  Today on the US PGA tour you see a trend with players going slightly lighter or a lot lighter than a decade ago so this time the Diamana X shaft comes in a 50g range as well!  This is Diamana’s most premium model for the strong swinger.

Another big deal is this shaft has a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 1g ib weight and +/- 1cpm on frequency. The materials are a Japanese 90T carbon with 78T in the butt end to strengthen that area.  Diamana uses PAN MR70 CF,  this is a similar type of PAN material that seven dreamers shafts are known for.

The New Mitsubishi Diamana X shaft is now available in the TSG Pro Shop for pre order (ships Jan 13th)  This is a very limited edition model just like last time so be swift and good luck.  click here to purchase

Diamana X Golf Shaft 2017 Mitsubishi Golf

New Limited Edition Modus Red Series Shafts!


Coming Sept 16th a 2000 set limited production that will never be produced again that celebrates the success the Modus series has had on both the U.S and Japan tours not to mention various smaller tours worldwide.

6 years ago in 2010 the Modus Tour 120 was released and NSPRO has sole more than 2 million worldwide. Now they are commemorating this with the limited RED edition.  The price is higher retailing for about $70 usd per shaft but it’s a beautiful Japan Only shaft that will quickly sell out.





Mitsubishi Diamana BF-Series Shafts

Diamana BF Golf Shaft

Introducing the next-generation Blue Board shaft by Mitsubishi – The Diamana BF Series Blue

Continuing the same tradition of the original blue series the new BF blue board shaft is known for a tight dispersion combined with a smooth feel. Mitsubishi started by reinforcing the tip of the shaft to improve impact efficiency ball velocity. Mitsubishi utilized their new Superelastic DIALEAD material to particular areas such as the tip and butt section. What this does is improve the maneuverability of the ball at the players will. The tip section has also been reinforced with their new MR70 high strength carbon fiber mixed with boron fiber to improve elasticity without hindering energy loss transferred to the ball. The result is more distance with better direction and workability making the overall shaft experience both stronger and more flexible at the same time.

Reexamining the raw material fibers and the manufacturing process of the original blue board allowed Mitsubishi to create a new carbon fiber material possessing both improved elasticity and strength, something which has been hard to achieve in the past. Approximately 20% strength improvement and 10% elasticity improvement compared to Mitsubishi Rayon’s past products. Now available for pre-order in the TSG ProShop with an August 5th Ship Date!

Mitsubishi Blue Board DF Shaft

SEVEN DREAMERS Buy 1 Get the 2nd Shaft 50% OFF!


Starting May 1st to June 1st, Seven Dreamers X TourSpecGolf are offering a Buy 1 get one 50% off sale meaning any shaft purchased during this period is eligible for a second shaft at half price. This also includes fairway and hybrid shafts as well as pre-ordered putter shafts.

All Seven Dreamers Matrix shafts cost $1200 USD individually at full price shipped this means for $1800 you get two shafts of your choice; it can be two driver shafts or a driver and any fairway, hybrid or putter shaft.

Please click the SHOP SEVEN DREAMERS tab on the image above to take advantage of this offer, it will send you directly to email so you can request more information or have your questions answered. or email us at [email protected]


SEVEN Dreamers Umeda Lab in Osaka

Seven Dreamers Golf Shafts9

Seven Dreamers makes the best golf shafts in the world it’s a fact. No other company has the capability, technology, or standards to compete. Seven Dreamers has three fitting labs in Japan with their flagship headquarters in Shiba-Koen Tokyo, then the smaller Ginza location, and now the newest Umeda lab in Osaka. Each of these labs feature a $60,000 multi-camera fitting system attached to the ceiling that works separately from the trackman to monitor seven areas on the shaft throughout the entire swing this is what allows seven dreamers to learn where energy is lost in your swing and where they can adjust the shafts design to reduce this energy loss.

There are two basic shaft choices both use the same materials, manufacturing and utilize the same engineer and designer the difference is the in-person fitting vs a question form. The Haute Couture shaft includes the in-person fitting while the Matrix shaft is by fitting question form. TourSpecGolf can schedule an in-person fitting for you at any of these centers in English or Chinese but what most of our clients do is go for the question form version. When you attend an in-person fitting it’s at a $500 premium making the Haute Couture shaft cost nearly $1800 USD while the Matrix is $1200 USD. Follow the Jump for more information and a tour of the Umeda Lab…

Seven Dreamers Golf Shafts7

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CRAZY-9 PT Shaft – Full Length 90T Carbon!

Crazy 9 PT Shaft

Introducing the new top end series Crazy Shaft the Crazy 9 available in 2 models the “Dia” and the “PT”.  The PT model in this listing is designed for the faster and more aggressive swinger looking for a heavier shaft to help tame a faster tempo & transition for better results.

It’s an expensive shaft due to the shaft structure crazy has implemented using a FULL LENGTH 90T carbon sheet with reinfoced areas using 40T and 46T carbon – no other shaft company has gone to these lengths to create a golf shaft using this material structure.

The Crazy 9 PT produces a medium  low spin trajectory that is very straight and the high modulous carbon allows the player to hit straighter shots by minimizing the need for perfect timing to close the club face,  the material has extremely low shaft deformation bringing the face to square at impact faster than almost any other shaft. It is available in 4 flexes option ( S/SX/X)  More pics after the Jump…

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LOOP SHAFTS by Syncagraphite

Japan Golf Shaft Loop

A new shaft company is born – LOOP by syncagraphite and while we originally new about them via word in Japan LOOP shafts have caught our closer attention since trying these shafts at a demo session in Tokyo last month, what was most interesting is how stable and heavy they felt yet to our surprise the specs were actually lighter and softer than the result led us to believe and, for this reason, we knew it would be a great addition to the stable of shafts TSG has to offer.

Loop golf shafts Japan

Many shafts use multi-axis weave designs where as LOOP uses a UD (Uni-Directional) Material, multi-axis doesn’t require as much care in hand rolling construction as well as the multi-axis weaves have a material called penny-whistle or tin-whistle to fill the many gaps, UD (Uni-Directional) Material is a much more pure and complete carbon with no gaps or fillers it is also stronger and more expensive to produce a more consistent shaft using genuine materials. Click Read More to Continue…

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Mitsubishi Rayon

Grand Bassara Shaft Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Rayon was at the 2016 Japan Golf Fair this year with a stacked line up they were touting their latest release the Grand Bassara aggressively which highlights the future of light weight shaft technology,  Mitsubishi has released 2 versions the Grand Bassara G29 and G39 and the weights are some of the lightest in golf bar none,  follow the Jump to read about Mitsubishi’s awesome line up of new shafts…

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – CRAZY

Crazy Golf

Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Crazy Shafts,  it’s been a very long time since Crazy was at the golf show and while they told us they had a lot of new products in the works I had no clue their booth and the buzz around the booth would be so strong,  years ago their former president got into trouble with the law which cast a shadow over the company but now Crazy is running in full force and embracing the original concepts that made them one of Japan’s elite shaft brands years ago.  Welcome back to the dark side folks follow the jump to read on…

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