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Overiview: Ryoma Maxima Type-G


Introducing the Ryoma Maxima Type-G,  it has been out for some months now so we needed to write a review based on my own personal experiences with this club along with the plenty of client feedback we have received from those who have purchased it.  First things first though,  These maxima’s have quite the line up and it can get confusing so after the jump we will explain the differences between the Type-V/D/G and special tune models…

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The New Ryoma F Fairway Wood!


The New 2017 Ryoma Fairway Woods -Do not compare these to your normal fairway woods; the usual FW is generally in stainless steel with a maraging face.  Not even close the new Ryoma F has an ultra thin body that contracts then expands during impact for more rebound,  the entire body is lighter and thinner allowing Ryoma to add a 125g weight internally. 65g in the rear they call power booster and 60g up front for power spring.

Combined with Ryoma’s exclusive face material across the board players are gaining a 4.47mph average increase in initial ball velocity which equals about 15 yards when compared to other traditionally designed fairway woods.  Follow the Jump for more photos…


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2016 Ryoma Maxima Driver Review

New Ryoma Maxima Driver

Introducing the Ryoma Maxima 2016 Driver – Here are your first in hand photos and review of what is one of the most highly anticipated drivers from a Japanese golf brand this year. Three years in the making Ryoma claims to have made a significant improvement in all around club head performance over the previous version (D1 Maxima) which was released nearly three years ago. If you have tried any of Ryoma Golf’s clubs you know, they are not just another club made for the sale of release they often bring the player better and tangible results over most other clubs on the market.

My review will highlight my thoughts against it’s predecessor, Please Follow the Jump for more pictures and a review…

Ryoma Golf Clubs

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The New Ryoma Maxima Driver 2016!!!

New 2016 Ryoma Maxima Driver

The New 2016 Ryoma Maxima Driver – Back in March we sat down with Mr. Tanihara President and Designer of Ryoma Golf a man who we consider a genius and separate from the traditional golf industry in Japan with a background in medical science and technology. During our meeting he pushed across the table a couple of new prototypes and asked us not to take any photos, what I had in my hands was the next generation 2016 Ryoma Maxima. This club is three years in the making as Mr. Tanihara wanted to see large tangible improvements over his competitor’s performance. Everything was re-evaluated and designed completely from the ground up starting with the material and featuring new manufacturing methods.


Below is the official press release translated into English:

Our companies policy is to only release a new product when there is a performance difference from previous versions. The new 2016 Maxima is the first driver to be released in three years following the D-1 in 2009 and the D-1 MAXIMA in 2013.

The New 2016 Maxima driver’s greatest features are the world’s lowest center of gravity and the high rebound initial velocity.

The New “2016 Ryoma MAXIMA” is a complete revision of the original design. It further improves on the company’s own patented DSI technology and has achieved the astounding feat of outperforming its famed predecessor by a distance of 10 yards on each shot. Designed using an unprecedented new forging method involving a new technique that utilizes every last gram of head weight to create the best distance driver in golf today.

An “under press Cup crown” featuring a bend angle of up to 130 degrees was created, which is impossible for all other titanium alloys. The welding position has been substantially lowered, and extremely high-density 17g tungsten powder was employed in the design of the new “anti-roll power booster”. A lowering of the center of gravity corresponding to a score line interval of 5mm per club was implemented while maintaining the deep face shape, which achieved a low center of gravity rate of 50%.

Compared to ordinary drivers from other companies, the back spin has been reduced by 900 rpm on average. Also the average initial velocity was improved by 3.8mph as a result of the strengthening of the spring effect extending across the body. Our company has created an unrivaled high-performance club that belongs in a new category of its own. By continuing to create products that perform beyond their price, we strive to remain a producer trusted by golfers.

Pre-Orders now in TourSpecGolf ProShop:

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Ryoma Beyond Power Driver

BEYOND POWER by Ryoma Golf is a shaft specially designed to produce the highest smash factor possible.  Ryoma offers excellent standard shafts that compliment the Maxima heads even better than aftermarket shafts.  This new Beyond Power utilizes a new technology we are seeing used more frequently in the Japan Golf Shaft Industry known as “multi-kick”  this allows companies that have used it like Fujikura and Jbeam to produce what Ryoma calls “Infinity Flex”  which is supposed to add an average of 2.7mph to your head speed.  Ready to read more?  Please follow the Jump…

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Ryoma Beyond Power Driver (Special Tuning)

Ryoma Beyond Power Driver

Ryoma Beyond Power Driver – This year many of our members were asking what will Ryoma release new for 2015 and while it’s not entirely new Ryoma has enhanced it’s Ryoma Maxima Driver naming it the Ryoma “Beyond Power” Special Tune Driver.

Ryoma Beyond Power Driver

Made with high strength titanium TX Forged with a Forged CNC Multi-beam cup face the “Non Conforming” Special Tune is combined with a new shaft that Ryoma claims will increase head speed by 2.7mph on average and depending on the player sometimes even more.  What’s interesting is this shaft is infinity flex which works for any golfer between 67mph to 111mph!!

This isn’t uncommon now days as Fujikura has an infiniti flex “Fujikura Speeder Air” shaft that works for both fast and slower swing speeds but this new Ryoma Beyond Power Driver Shaft is designed for both types of swingers not to balloon and to still meet the ball square at impact with no delay.  The design and materials of the shaft allow the bending to start at the tip section and as you swing toward impact step by step it kicks in different areas ending with kick in the hand area at impact which allows the club head to accelerate through the ball in an automatic behavior.  Usually the final kick is in the tip section.

Ryoma claims this will amplify the head speed for all swing types creating power to the player of 120%…

So we know everything Ryoma makes is well thought out and they don’t rust to adding new products of the line up,  but will this really work?  Let us know your thoughts!  The Ryoma Beyond Power will be available at TSG for Pre Order shortly with a mid April ship date.


PRGR EGG Spoon Update

PRGR Egg Fairway Woods

This is the 4th Generation PRGR Egg fairway wood and since it’s very first rendition we here at TSG have been big fans.

First kudo’s to Pro Gear (PRGR) for always thinking outside of the box, innovating and pushing the boundaries of design, I think the entire Egg series is a reflection of their willingness to take chances in order to gain improved performance.

Pro Gear Golf Clubs

Recently fairway woods with shallow faces have been getting more love than their deeper faced siblings and for those that need even the slightest help getting the ball airborne a shallow face depth does improve those chances, the first 2 PRGR Egg fairways were semi-shallow but over the years they have slowly evolved into deep faces yet with every ounce of weight pushed as low and close to the ground as possible.

This M.F.D technology morphs the face to expand and retract creating a powerful pop off the face with good timing. The sweet spot is very large especially on misses high or low of the CG.  We have more pictures & review after the Jump,  click Read More to continue…

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RomaRo Type-R Driver in the Bag!

RomaRo Type R Driver

Finally, the new products by RomaRo are beginning to roll out. I just received the new Type-R driver and have had a chance to game it a couple of rounds and get some good range time in with it, and it’s a beast. Based on the way it looks I was expecting it to play very closely to the 460HX that performs admirably and much to my surprise the two clubs play very different from each other.

Let’s wrap up the info before we move on to my review, The Type-R is 450cc’s large available in 9.5 and 10.5 lofts, it comes standard with a square face angle and 59* lie angle. Total weight with the stock shaft is 303 grams and with its 56 gram stock shaft has a D2 balance in stiff at 46 inches. It features SP-700 titanium forged cup face and a 6-4ti body making it a 2 piece structure.

RomaRo Drivers Golf

One of the new features on this driver is its more shallow face, the older 460HX and the 430cc 435LX had deeper faces. One could expect a higher ball flight with the new Type-R which isn’t really the case as RomaRo seems to have maintained the same trajectory as the HX yet by adding real estate on the heel and toe side have made this driver considerably more forgiving.

There’s a lot more info, pictures, and reviews after the link break so click “Read More” and follow the Jump…

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Help Spread JDM Clubs – Get a Free Driver!

Help get access to JDM clubs and demos at your local golf shop and get a FREE Epon, Romaro, Ryoma or Crazy Driver in return! As you all know Tourspecgolf is the leading retailer of Japan Market Golf Clubs outside of Japan. Not only is TSG pround to make Japan Domestic Market golf clubs accessible to golfers around the world, we strive to to spread awareness and accessibility to JDM by introducing and marketing brands that would be otherwise unknown outside of Japan.

As some of you may know we have begun focusing on a distribution network in North America (though we are also looking at possibilities in Europe and Middle East). We have been slowly building a team of premium and quality shops who share similar views and understand the benefits of Japan market golf clubs. TSG is currently an official distributor for the following Brands:

Crazy Shaft

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