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Seven x Benock Putter User Review


Benock Putters Japan5

Alright,  putter lovers, gather around for my review of the Seven x Benock Putter.!! Smooth and balanced stroke is easy with this putter.   Feel at impact is.. Ummmm  “PERRRRFECT” .. how do they do it?    I always thought CNC machined irons and putters would feel soul less and cold and that manual grinding by an experienced craftsman was the only way to make putters and irons lively and special.   Click here for more…

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Review: JBeam Galpha Driver


Had a chance to shaft up this  Jbeam Galpha  driver with a TRPX  Xanadu to give it a whirl.    First off,   looking at the head at address,  shape wise very reminiscent of the legendary JBeam BM 435 ( aka Crazy CRZ 435 ) .   I have not checked recent stats,  but at one point the BM 435 was the most popular driver used among Japanese Mid Am players in competitions.    I also noticed that the paint had some colorful glitter mixed in.  Adds a touch of bling to the overall look.      At 445cc,  it definitely looks smaller than the said volume due to the deep profile.   Looking at the sole,  I do like the new design where it uses a mix of IP finish and mirror chrome accents.   Nicely done JBeam!    Face milling is present on this model as well.   It is said to provide slightly lowered spin.  Click Read more to continue…

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TSG Rankings – June Edition

The TSG Golf Club Rankings June Edition are in!

Find out what clubs were listed as the favorite among TSG’ers based on a combination of Market Buzz, Sales, Design Innovation, Performance, and Golfer/Customer Feedback help us in determining what we consider to be the hottest clubs at the moment.

Please keep in mind, that the clubs /products we choose don’t necessarily mean they work for every single golfer. They are however the clubs that stood out from the rest based on consolidating all of our criteria. All clubs that are still current in a brands lineup and offered through the Tourspecgolf.com store qualify.

(Click Here!) to find out what’s trending in the world of Japanese Golf Clubs.  

Ryoma D-1 V-Spec Driver Review

Ryoma V Spec Driver Review

What makes the Ryoma D-1 so damn good?  I must admit I hopped aboard this bandwagon a bit late, I sat on the sidelines and watched while others posted what looked to be unbelievable distance gains matched with complete face forgiveness.  Was this hype? Could it be the infamous honeymoon period we know happens when you buy a new club?  It was my turn to find out…

Ryoma V Spec DriverIn a nut shell what makes this driver such a monster is it’s 60 gram power booster weight in the back.  Usually you see 10-15 grams in a driver, you heard me right 60g!  It pulls the center of gravity so far back low and deep in the head that it increases energy transfer to significant levels for the ultimate slingshot effect.

On top of that Ryoma utilizes something called “DSI” it stands for Deep Strong Impact and it’s basically a one piece unibody produced of forged titanium.  It’s a construction features a body that is only 0.35mm thick which is about half the thickness of current drivers on the market.  Some brand’s get their crowns that thin but not the entire head.

To keep stability and structural integrity Ryoma has stabalized the inner frame. If your the technical type and need charts with specific information and diagrams please “click here” to view this listing.

Ryoma Premia DriverAll this technology creates a mid launch low spin driver.  It’s Ryoma’s opinion that mid launch with low spin creates the best angle of descent and the most run… plus in most cases the most stability and control.

On average people are gaining 10-15 yards, some even 20-30 yards and not in a sloppy whippy carry bomber kinda way but rather a controlled  intentional and piercing trajectory that’s very accurate.  Sound to good to be true?  Right tell me about it, that’s why I had to review it for myself…

Distance: I swing around 100 mph+ with a higher ball flight than most and that’s why I opted for the 9.5 V-Spec.  I’ve hit what could be the longest drives of my life with this setup.  Ryoma 9.5 V-Spec w/Muzzik BangVoo Preium S-260 cpm I usually average about 240ish now I have been in the 260+ range.  It’s what keeps me a float when playing with longer hitters. Longest driver I have ever hit.

Forgiveness: I’m totally gonna sound like a Ryoma fanboy now but it’s forgiveness was phenomenal!  My mishits are usually near the heel, it really didnt make much of a difference where as with other drivers that would create a big fade or slice this one sailed straight with a tiny fade at the end.  Distance loss was minimal and I gotta attribute that to the 60g power booster it spreads that weight through the club head making the CG so deep and far back that it projects mass behind the entire face and impact zone. Most forgiving driver I have ever hit.

Feel: It’s got a firm forged feel to it, I would definitely rank it in my top 5 best feeling drivers of all time.  I’m sure it’s not the best I’ve hit but it’s pretty darn outstanding.  I tend to gravitate to clubs like the Epon 460ZR, Kamui, and Crazy CRZ 460 when it comes to feel and I would put the Ryoma in that level of perfection at impact.  Listen to the sound in the video review coming up.

Trajectory/Dispersion: This is where it shines, I can hit most 9.5’s high by teeing the ball up but with the Ryoma V-Spec it was medium all day.  I did get the ocassionally higher flight resulting in distance lost when hitting into the wind but with all variables like wind gone it was simply the perfect medium trajectory.  The ball dispersion was nice and tight and much of that I can attribute to the Muziik shaft as I do know the stock Ryoma shaft flew high and wild for me.  Very straight and very accurate was my result with a forward kick and lots of roll.  I repeat lot’s of roll with this one when combined with the proper model shaft.  I’m always looking for a driver that provides the right trajectory on both windy and calm days.

Ryoma Golf Driver Review

Design: In the beginning I was honestly not a fan of its looks, but while in Japan I held a V-Spec and was surprised that the 60g power booster could not be seen from above. The black finish is highly durable, I’ve drop kicked this club a few times and where as other black drivers would scratch heavily this one didn’t.  I keep going back to the 60g power booster and the stabilized unibody frame support within it’s forged titanium head.  Something so obvious and overkill I’m surprised other golf club companies have not picked up on it.

All in all the Ryoma V-Spec has converted me, It sit’s FIRMLY in my bag which is no easy feat as I have over a dozen of the hottest drivers with aftermarket shafts at my disposal.  I highly suggest this head and I highly suggest the Muziik BangVoo Premium shaft as well. It’s a triple axis 70T carbon shaft that is VERY PREDICTABLE in the sub 70 gram weight range.

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Diamana ‘ahina review

diamana ahina reviewsIt’s been a while since posting a review, been busy with all sorts of amazing projects and I feel refreshed and thankful to be back into the swing of things.  I recently got out there to try the new Diamana ‘ahina 70 Stiff flex in an Epon AF151 10.5 head .5 closed face angle.  I built the club un tipped with a final length of 45 inches coming in at a D3 swing weight.  I first want to comment on the Epon AF151 head, it’s the closest thing I can find to the ol Epon 460ZR which was a driver I am absolutely head over heels for.  On to the review…

About My Game:
I am about a 14 handicap today, I’ve been in the single digits off and on and recently more so hovering around a 16+.  I’ve wrestled with back and weight problems that have prevented me from reaching my full potential.  I naturally hit a medium trajectory ball and with equipment tweaks know how to get it a higher,  I’m very sensitive when it comes to equipment and feel and shafts.  The long game is my weakest aspect, accuracy has always been my key over distance.  My driver swing speed is currently averaged around 97-100mph with a very fast tempo.  My bad shot is a slice or pull due to the common over the top problem while my good shot is dead straight.

ahina shaft review diamana

Diamana ‘ahina review

I received a sample of the Diamana Ahina to review and requested  the heavier 70 gram version to help smooth things out with my tempo.  Keep in mind this is only one man’s experience and also be aware that I shouldn’t even be playing a high kick shaft in the first place.  Before building this Epon/ahina combo i had the Titleist VG3 in play with a Graphite Design DI-7 Stiff flex installed aftermarket by yours truly.  I am in love with this combo and will never ever sell it..:)

During the first round of play I did need adjustment time, The positive was that it was long no matter with a pull or fade.  My bad shot the slice had a tighter dispersion than with my Tour AD shaft.  This I can appreciate when my game is not on firing on all cylinders.  I feel that the extra distance came from spin reduction and the medium trajectory creating more forward roll.  With modest torque ratings at 2.7 its not difficult to turn over.

By the second round into the new ‘ahina things were more fluid and I really noticed the great feel this shaft has which I contribute to it’s softer but section.  Compared to other high kick low spin mid trajectory shafts it doesn’t feel nearly as boardy as others.  The kick was smooth and well mannered all in all throwing the ball out into the 235-245 range for me which is great considering I was able to hit most fairways consistently. Below is a chart showing the stiff tip of the ‘ahina and softer butt end promoting improved control and maximum kick/power in the downswing.

diamana ahina shaft price?To sum it all up this shaft is great for those who already hit a higher ball and those who require a tighter dispersion.  I personally will not be using this shaft as I do not feel it serves my already low ball flight yet I can totally see it working very well for the faster swinger who go’s after it and wants to keep their trajectory in check.  Overall It’s an amazing step forward when compared to the Diamana white board improving on dispersion, feel, and distance.  I’m more of an ‘ilima guy myself…  The Diamana ‘ahina is now available at the TourSpecGolf Proshop for $360.00, need a discount?  contact us via PM through the forums.

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Golf Back Pain and Problems: Non Surgical Spine Care Center Review

Back Pain in Golf

Anyone here suffer from Chronic Low Back Pain or Neck Pain? I have been struggling with back pain for the last 4 years.  It’s been a daily struggle!  I’ve been VERY pro active in trying to get relief with twice a month massages, Anti inflammatory pills, Rehabilitation classes, Chiropractors very frequently, ice on the back, heat on the back and all sorts of contraptions in the car, office, and bedroom.  The result was lots of money out of my pocket in exchange for minimal and temporary relief.

Golf has been very difficult for me.  Before hitting the turn my back hurts and pain shoots down my sciatic nerve stopping behind the left knee.  Sitting in the cart is the most uncomfortable part of it all.  My L4 & L5 disc’s are degenerative and I was told by many doctors that I would need surgery within the next 5 years.  Most doctors have told me It I may need surgery 2 times within my life span on the L4/L5 area.   I’m not talking about primary doctors, I have built a team of specialists to help me with this issue.

A friend of mine suggested i visit Dr. Dave Nguyen at the Non Surgical Spine Care Center in Orange County LA.  I was very skeptical because I tried everything but surgery, spoke to the experts, participated in back pain forums and just didn’t see any solution in sight besides surgery or shots into my spine. I was always stressed about my back issues.

After arriving to the Spine Center  we were surprised that the process was a re education on back pain for me.  I learned that 80% of people who have had back surgery eventually have major back pain again.  I also learned that by separating the bones of the spine reducing the pressure within the disc I can rehydrate and return the discs in question to their original shape.  At first I thought great!  I have an inversion table at home but was further educated that my inversion table was the cause of my knee problems, the knee was not designed to take 150+ pounds pulling the opposite direction of gravity. Also inversion tables can’t isolate the exact discs and your muscles remain tense due to you hanging upside down which in turn is counter productive to the entire process.

I arrived for my appointment at their head quarters in Orange County and they provided a free digital X-Ray of the my lower back.  I never had a super high resolution digital X-Ray done in less than 5 minutes before. Following the X-Ray I had a consultation where they plastered my digital X-ray on the big screen and showed me how their spinal decompression therapy would work in my specific situation.  It was enlightening as they were not trying to sell me but rather educate me.

Back Pain in GolfI then layed on a hot table for 10 minutes to warm up before getting onto their DRX-9000 decompression machine for 20 minutes. This machine isolates the problematic or degenerative disc and pulls with a specific amount of weight eventually releasing and pulling again in a cycle. During this you have head phones on and a TV above you, I watched Planet Earth in was a comfortable experience.

After getting off of the DRX-9000 I was connected to an electro therapy machine in 4 areas on my butt and lower back. Dr. Nguyen would come in every few minutes to increase the pulse.  After the electro therapy the doctor used electronic massage tools to loosen me up followed by  stretching me out on a table like I do in rehab centers.  The final step of the process was relaxing for 15 minutes on an aqua massage bed. I always fall asleep during that part.

What makes their therapy work so well is not only the DRX-9000 but also the process of going through each of those stations in a particular order.  It takes 20-25 visits to the center for total relief of pain and symptoms.  I just completed my 5th visit over the weekend and my pain is 100% gone!  Played golf for the first time with no inflammation or pain in a long time.  I’m going to complete all 25 visits then stop by every several months for maintenance. left feeling very loose and relaxed.

Did my pain go away after the first visit?   It did not but I did feel the most relief of any program I have been on and believe me I have been through it all pre shots and surgery.  It takes 20-25 visits to the center for in most cases total relief of pain and symptoms.  I just completed my 5th visit over the weekend and my pain is 100% gone!  Played golf for the first time with no inflammation or pain during or after the round was over. It’s been a while!  I’m going to complete all 25 visits then stop by every several months for maintenance.

We have set up a free consult for  TSG members who live in L.A or plan to travel to Orange County for treatment. It’s something I can stand behind and based on my experience there is nothing like it.

Please use this contact form here if you are interested in a free consult from the Non Surgical Spine Care Center.

I want to end this review with a poll on back pain as many of my golf partners seem to have many of the same problems I have:

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Taylormade Rossa Red Stripe Corza Putter Review


Taylormade Rossa Red Stripe Corza Putter

It’s been out for a short time now and we felt it was about time to post a review on the Japan Only Taylormade Red Stripe Corza Putter. To be honest I am not a very big fan of the feel the ASGI insert gives at impact but I do know without a doubt that it does reduce spin and skipping and it is a noticeable difference by most players standards when compared to a putter with no insert or anti skid design technology.

Feel: 3.0/5 Points
The feel is this putters weakest point, I like soft/solid to melty I dont owe it all to the insert but rather the lack of solid mass behind the putters face. I have hit the Daytona model Red Stripe and it feels much more solid than the Corza Red Stripe. I think the large hole areas near the sole of the putter give it a hollow feedback or sound when struck.  It’s decent and maybe I’m being a littly too picky but I like what I like.

Forgiveness:  4.5/5 Points
This putter excels in this area, I found it very difficult to hit wayward putts when trying to hit it straight.  When I put a bad stroke in on purpose it performed exceptionally as well. This is where I feel the design of the putter shines mostly for the Corza shape and weighting but the insert does provide a good amount of stability where other inserts fail to do so.


To View Ratings & Images for Accuracy, Roll, Etc.. Click Here or Read More…

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