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Epon P3’s in White Satin Matte by TSG Club Works!


Last week on our instagram and facebook pages TSG Club Works revealed a set of custom Epon P3’s.  Today we have another 4-PW this time in white satin which is a new golf specific finish developed at the refinishing factory.  This iron set also has a custom leading edge grind. The White Satin is a matte finish whiter than traditional satin yet there is no glare.

Last weeks set sold in less than a day from listing in the TSG ProShop I have also included those photos after the jump…

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Itobori Vintage Copper Finish Now Available!

Itobori Vintage Copper Wedge3

Some shots of the Itobori Vintage Copper Finish,  It’s copper base finish is soft and Mayuki Takai’s vintage blue treatments adds an unique hue to your wedges.  This wedge here has the Itobori grind but with the smooth sole + hairline finish option.

You can order this finish on any Itobori forged wedge or iron,  from the cavity back to the blade. Follow the jump for more photos…

Itobori Vintage Copper Wedge5

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Gold’s Factory Update June 2013

It’s been a while since I did a Gold’s Factory update but the truth is Master Sasaya is busier than ever. Since last year, Gold’s Factory has been featured in many top golf publications here in Japan especially the very highly respected Choice magazine.  Late last year he even did a joint interview at Gold’s Factory for the magazine along with John K Solheim president of Ping Golf Japan (grandson of Ping founding father Karsten) talking about the evolution of putters. Since then Gold’s Factory has been featured several times for their wedges and putters. More pics later in post!

205choice03Besides creating some awesome one of a kind putters like his Meister Absolute Crafting series (MAC) he is busy as ever with modifications of putters from all different types of brands.  Back in the November update I showed his modification of customer Craig’s Hiro Matusmoto and original Private Stock “2. You can see those putters here. Craig was so happy with those putters he decided to send a couple more in for refinishing and modifications. Craig forwarded me a Yamada Kendo and an 85029 Copper series putter. Both putters were in great condition and the copper finish was actually quite nice but Craig asked me to come up with some mods and new finishes for the two heads. Here is what they looked like when I first received them:


After getting a brief idea from Craig on what he envisioned I sent the putters to Gold’s and gave them instructions to overhaul both putters. Here are the finished products!

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Gold’s Factory Update November 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve updated some of the things going on at Gold’s Factory. They sent over a few putters so I thought now would be the perfect time to do so.  Stainless Beads Blast was originally a finish for SUS303 putters but now Gold’s is using the same technique, beads blasting, to overlay logos and graphics over SUS303 putters.  They sent me their new “Blaster” putter to snap some pics of and it does look very nice. Custom logos and personal marks will look very cool with the white satin like beads blast. Here are more pictures and as you can see they can bead blast anywhere on the head, the neck and the sole.

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