The New PRGR EGG Series Woods and Irons!


Introducing the new PRGR EGG Series!  New Driver, fairway woods, utilities, irons, and even golf balls are scheduled to release mid September.  I have had demos for weeks now and have hit them we will be posting individual club reviews this and next week.  Needless to say I was very impressed and know these will fit a wide segment of amateur players who prioritize distance, forgiveness and technology over all else.

PRGR has been doing the EGG series for many years known as super long,  higher launching and forgiving golf clubs.  PRGR as a brand really pushes the envelope when it comes to design beating to a different drum compared to other golf companies,  they measure information differently and use unexpected solutions to solve problems for the player.  From measuring grip speed over club head speed to using open faces on most of their clubs (measured differently) PRGR also seems to patent a lot of their technology and sometimes feature multiple patents in a single product.  The parent co. of PRGR also known as Pro Gear in Japan is the Yokohama Rubber Co.  They make tires,  hoses,  industrial materials for all types of craft.   Follow the Jump to get a brief run down of of the new Egg 2017!

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New PRGR Red TITAN Series Irons

PRGR 2016 Red Series Golf Clubs1

PRGR has 4 different product series of gear such as the RS, RED, egg, Sweep (ladies).  Today I’ve got some photos of the new Red series irons.  It uses a thin walled titanium face insert + vibration dampening material called “flash one” low cg all that good stuff a multi piece iron design gets to have.   So it’s all about distance and forgiveness with these and best part is they don’t look super chunky.  More pics and comments after the jump…

PRGR 2016 Red Series Golf Clubs2

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2016 PRGR RED Driver


PRGR Red Driver New for 2016 – Pro Gear also known as PRGR has a lot to offer this year.  First they announced the RS series woods, irons, and wedges those were geared toward the better player and now the release of the new Red Series which caters to the slower or smoother swinger.  Today I highlight the driver.

There are two versions of the driver,  the Red which you see here in the photos and the Red-S 9.5.  The S version fills the segment between slower swinger and faster.  What makes this Red special is more than a few things and we will go into it after the jump…


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2016 PRGR Titan Face Irons

PRGR Titan Face Irons2

PRGR 2016 Titan Face Irons – This week we highlighted many of PRGR’s new club releases in the RS series. Everyone loved the RS Forged irons we posted on Monday but it is highly likely we will end up selling more of this Titan face model.  The general golfing public is looking for 2 basic qualities,  Distance and Forgiveness while the more vocal and maniac golfers found on the internets blogs, forums, and social media tend to desire a more purist and compact club.  This creates a conundrum for golf brands: Be the cool and support the keyboard warrior or go after the segment that caters to the larger pie, the recreational player.

Today we take a dive into what would help most mid to high handicappers scores the most,  a semi-game improvement iron thats easy to launch long with ease.  Follow the Jump for more comments and pictures…

PRGR Titan Face Irons4

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PRGR RS-F Driver

PRGR RS-F Golf Club Driver8

Yesterday we showed you the RS Forged Irons now today the RS-F Driver.  There are two drivers in the RS series the RS and RS-F,  the “F” is the better player model.  Both are 460cc’s with the same materials and base technology.  Where the differences are is the “F” has a 56* lie angle which will make many people happy it also has a 3.5* open face angle,  Ok before you run for the door the good news is PRGR measures their face angles different than other brands do.  It looks super square to slightly open and PRGR fans know not to be afraid of this.  Follow the Jump for more…

PRGR RS-F Golf Club Driver1

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PRGR RS Forged Irons

PRGR RS Forged Irons1

PRGR RS Forged Irons – When it comes to technology and design PRGR is always pushing the envelope.  In this head alone we have an S25C forged body with a rolled maraging steel ES235 face.  The inner cavity design is a patented technology called Flash One that features a vibration dampening material within.  Rubber blended tungsten weighting fine tunes the cg locations from within making this new RS forged iron a compact cavity back with amazing forgiveness ( considering it’s size ) and a rewarding soft feel upon impact.  Follow the Jump to Read On…

PRGR RS Forged Irons4

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New PRGR Super Egg Spoon

PRGR Super Egg Fairway Wood3

Many TSG members and customers already know that PRGR makes some incredibly forgiving and long clubs from drivers to irons and especially fairway woods.  Recently PRGR has been releasing more and more non conforming clubs like their “Super” Egg Series.  The models designated Super are the non conforming versions,  PRGR also has conforming clubs that do not share the Super label.

The PRGR Egg’s in general have been known for years to be very long and straight fairway woods and this new model here is a high rebound stretched design with an emphasis on distance and forgiveness.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

PRGR Super Egg Fairway Wood4

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PRGR Egg Driver Conforming 2015

New PRGR Egg Driver 2015

The new PRGR Egg drivers just released for sale on september 11th, a few weeks ago in the blog we covered the Super Egg non conforming version, today we are showing you pre release photos of the conforming version known as the 2015 Egg Driver ( no super ).

This deep faced 460cc driver holds nothing back in terms of technology and materials, PRGR uses a titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) face with a titanium (Ti-8Al-1V-1Mo) body. Available in 2 lofts 10 & 11 degree’s the standard face angle is listed at 2* open but the driver looks and plays very square, this is due to the unique methods prgr uses to design, manufacture, and measure their clubs. More photos after the Jump…

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New PRGR Egg Irons Review

2015 PRGR Egg Irons

New PRGR Egg Irons – To say PRGR is at the cutting edge of golf technology would be an understatement year after year they continue to think outside of the box pushing the boundaries and trying things other company just don’t have the guts to,  their latest releases are evidence of this with their 2 new irons the Egg Iron Red as seen in this blog post and the non conforming Super Egg Iron which I will review later.

At the heart of the new Egg Irons is it’s power groove structure,  when the face meets the ball during impact it flexes and releases pushing off the face at a higher velocity,  the front portion of the sole also flexes with the face as one making this a really unique design.  High launch and low spin is the result.  More photos and comments after the Jump…

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