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New Limited Edition Modus Red Series Shafts!


Coming Sept 16th a 2000 set limited production that will never be produced again that celebrates the success the Modus series has had on both the U.S and Japan tours not to mention various smaller tours worldwide.

6 years ago in 2010 the Modus Tour 120 was released and NSPRO has sole more than 2 million worldwide. Now they are commemorating this with the limited RED edition.  The price is higher retailing for about $70 usd per shaft but it’s a beautiful Japan Only shaft that will quickly sell out.





N.S Pro Modus3 System3 Tour 125 Shafts


NS Pro has just unveiled it’s latest release the Modus3 System3 Tour 125 Shaft!  Bang that’s a mouthful,  Modus3 Tour 125 for short sounds better.   It features new technology made in Japan which we will go over but also Nippon Steel Co.  is touting the tight tolerance and Japan level quality control.

(MHT) = Multi Heat Treatment,  by controlling the strong heat levels in certain areas they are able to control the hardness of the steel where it’s needed.  This is a very big deal when it comes to making steel shafts,  It’s similar to what carbon can do by adding or changing layers of carbon to different parts of the shaft to increase stiffness.

Variable shaft thickness was always a technique of NSPRO,  they have the sophisticated technology to control the thickness of all areas of the shaft at a micro level allowing for design freedom which allows them to provide the proper amount of spin and launch for different players.  Nippon Shaft Modus3 System3 Tour 125 Link