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Mizuno Crossfit+ Glove 45GM01610 Review

I was at Katsuura on Monday for a round and noticed before teeing off that my trusty Kasco glove was getting a bit worn. I usually have spares in my caddy bag but I was down to my last one. I went to the pro shop in the club house to grab a glove and thought I would give a Mizuno glove a try. The Mizuno gloves are very popular here in Japan, from the Biolock to MP Leather glove, they are among the best sellers for Japanese golfers every year. This year they released a more entry level glove called the Crossfit+ which I decided to give a try.

The Cross fit is made of artificial leather and and has a very comfortable stretch thanks to polyester and ventilation holes all throughout the glove.  A glove is what connects the players hand to the club and while many players want to grab any old glove to play, using the right fit and a glove that gives good grip with minimal twisting can actual increase you control. The Crossfit+ design features two velcro bands/belts which fasten the glove in opposite directions. They in fact cross each other for a very secure lock.

Along with the dual bands, the Crossfit+ like Mizuno’s higher end gloves also feature the double inner grip. These pattered grips are placed on the inside of the glove on each finger and the palm in order to increase grip strength and decrease any twisting of the club in the hand due to lack of grip.

The glove fits comfortably and where it really shines is during play. I realized at the end of the round I did not have to tighten my glove even once (I don’t take it off for putting). While it fits snug, the comfort comes from strategically placed stretchable material which are set at the joints of all 4 fingers as well as around the base of the thumb. Its a pretty feature packed glove but not as costly as the Biolock or MP Tour model glove. After a round with this glove I am sold on its feel and stability and grip and it is my new glove of choice. For those adamant on products made in Japan only, unfortunately the Crossfit+ is not, but then again many gloves here in Japan from JDM brands are not made in Japan or else they would cost 3 times as much especially when they have a more complex design.  Where it is made aside, I still recommend the glove as Mizuno’s design is very good and the glove simply works with great fit and performance. It’s in the pro shop here.