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Japan Only Mizuno MP-55 Irons by Yoro Craft


Over the last couple of weeks we have been teasing with multiple Yoro Craft editions by Mizuno absolute works of art hand ground with possibly the best crew on the planet to do such,  Today an all NEW model that is Japan Only Introducing the MP-55.

The retail MP-55 is no slouch at all either and every bit as good possibly better for the masses but what I’m showing here today is the hardcore version.  Forged of S25C /1025E this iron is Made in Japan and  comes finished in Nickel Chrome Mirror standard.  We had ours tricked out quite a bit with the goal of it looking as compact and “player” as possible yet maintain the forgiveness of the original.   Misson accomplished!  Read On….


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Mizuno MP-55 Yoro Craft Irons


Mizuno MP-55 Yoro Craft Irons – In Japan Mizuno offers the MP-55 instead of the MP-25 why?  I don’t know but  I do know after hitting the MP-55’s that they are indeed special irons that with the help of Mizuno’s hand crafters at their Yoro deptartment can configure these irons to fit a wide range of players from professional to mid/high handicappers by making adjustments to the top line thickness,  sole and grinds along with face progression also known as offset.

Forged of S25C /1025E it is the evolution of the MP-54,  Ready for more pictures and a break down of this beautiful club?  Follow the Jump to read on…

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Mizuno MP-5 Yoro Craft Order Bank – Now OPEN!

Mizuno MP-5 Forged Irons

TSG is proud to announce that Mizuno Yoro Craft Department has now begun accepting orders for their super cool heavily customized Yoro Japan Crafted irons!  The standard version retail release begins shipping on September 18th while the Custom Yoro Craft models take approx.  4 weeks to hand make in Japan so that will put the ship date right around Sept 31st if you were to order this week.

The MP-5 Iron features the most options available from custom finish,  custom grind, and several custom stamping configurations along with builds, paint fill and specs. while the MP-55 Iron has all of those custom options except for stamping configurations.  Do expect TourSpecGolf to bring in a some of each for photos and to show off just how amazing Mizunos.  Interested in a set of your own?  Email [email protected] for more information!


Mizuno MP-55 Irons – New for Japan 2015


Mizuno MP-55 Forged Irons – Big day for Mizuno releases the Japanese MP-55 iron has been announced and it looks promising.  Versus the MP-54/H5/15 the new MP-55 features the deepest center of gravity of all,  it’s sweet spot height is also lower than the others making it a strong lofted, higher trajectory semi-players cavity back.

Mizuno has created a new V shaped T-Slot filling most of the cavity to provide a more solid and dense feel,  the combo of loft/deep cg/low cg creates a higher trajectory for more distance and a stronger ball flight.  It is Forged of S25CM  and available 4-PW.  The new MP-55 will have YORO craft options coming to TSG at the same time as the official release which is in September.  Stay tuned for our photos of customized MP-55 Mizuno Irons.