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Mizuno Yoro Craft MP-5’s


Time for another beautiful set of Yoro Craft Irons this time it’s the new MP-5’s fully tricked out with custom grinds, finish and stamping.

We asked the team Mizuno’s Yoro Craft Dept to add a W Grind to the sole which is one of the most and versatile grinds for the better players anywhere,  the toe was hand ground sharper and the top line straighter for a more angular and edgy appearance,  the offset was reduced ,  finish changed to double nickel satin,  markings on hosel removed and custom stamping and text deletion so no where on this head does it actually say MP-5 on it.   Like it?  Tons of pics after the Jump….

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Mizuno Yoro Craft MP-5 Irons

Mizuno MP-5

Mizuno Yoro MP-5 Irons – Behold a completely insane set of Mizuno MP-5’s custom crafted by Mizuno Japan Yoro Dept,  these are spec’d to the brim with a ton of options.

If your not familiar with the Yoro program basically its a selection of custom options that go beyond what most golf equipment manufactures offer,  hand ground by the same fine people who make the Tour players irons and influence the R&D process.  Ready to see more?  Follow the jump…

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Mizuno MP-5 Yoro Craft Order Bank – Now OPEN!

Mizuno MP-5 Forged Irons

TSG is proud to announce that Mizuno Yoro Craft Department has now begun accepting orders for their super cool heavily customized Yoro Japan Crafted irons!  The standard version retail release begins shipping on September 18th while the Custom Yoro Craft models take approx.  4 weeks to hand make in Japan so that will put the ship date right around Sept 31st if you were to order this week.

The MP-5 Iron features the most options available from custom finish,  custom grind, and several custom stamping configurations along with builds, paint fill and specs. while the MP-55 Iron has all of those custom options except for stamping configurations.  Do expect TourSpecGolf to bring in a some of each for photos and to show off just how amazing Mizunos.  Interested in a set of your own?  Email [email protected] for more information!