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Rare Mizuno Black IP MP-15 Ti Muscle Irons

Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons9

Something special for everyone today,  the Mizuno Japan only MP-15 forged irons.  In the states Mizuno went with the MP-25 and I have no idea why as these MP-15’s pack more tech and have a better shape.   The head size is roughly the same as the MP-59 irons but they made the cavity deeper lowering the cg depth and added weight that expands across a large portion of the head heel to toe.  We have a ton of great pics to show you after the jump…

Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons4

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Mizuno Yoro Craft MP-15 Irons

Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons

Mizuno Yoro Craft MP-15 Irons – The latest forged irons release in the MP line by Mizuno the MP-15 so I figured I would go the distance and request them optioned like a fully loaded baked potato.  These are the designed for the low handicap player forged of their 1025E steel and feature a blend ti material that removed over 30 grams of weight replacing it with only 10 grams.

The retail version is mirror chrome and as you can see this one is done up in double nickel satin finish for a drastically reduced glare in the sun… but wait theres more!   On top of the Double Nickel Satin Finish it features a W Sole Grind which is a subtle killed trailing edge + leading edge for the steeper swinger or player who is in softer conditions that wants to get through the turf more easily.  Still more modifications done by the Yoro Dept…  Follow the Jump to Read on!

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