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Modart T55 PROTO Wedges!

Modart PROTO

Introducing the MODART T55 PROTO!    This wedge features the same shape as the original T55 (found here) yet the sole is wider and the milling effect altered for a new look.  Modart also applied a black oxide finish so the player can feel the steel differently than the original and plated model.  If you look closely what looks brushed is actually milled then slightly polished by hand.   Follow the Jump we have many photos…

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Modart Blade Irons1

Many moons ago we posted that Suda-san of Modart Golf was producing muscle back irons in limited quantities by his own hand and here is the final result,  it’s forged of S25C triple pressed then it goes through a 900* heat treatment before it’s final precision forging this heat treatment and final forging press is very rare with only 2 factories in Himeji able to accomplish it.  The result is a dense and pure impact feeling that provides enough feedback around the edges to let the better player understand where contact was made on the face.  Only 100 sets will be made,  more photos and a description after the Jump…

Modart Blade Irons7

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MODART MA01D+R Driver – Made in JAPAN!

Modart MA01D+R Driver6

Introducing Modart’s latest creation the MA01D+R and while it may look similar to their other three drivers this one is completely different.  The first modart drivers released a few years ago were the MA01D and MA01S both were 435cc players woods with a mid trajectory and some pretty low spin rates.  Last year Modart then released the MA01DS which was an improved version of the original but with a shaft adapter that allowed you to change shafts with ease.  The all new MA01D+R is based on an entirely new mold at a full 460cc’s it’s designed to be much easier to hit and produce a mid/high trajectory with very low spin.  It is suggested to play this head shafted at 45″ or longer.  Follow the Jump for more information on this hot new club from Modart…

Modart MA01D+R Driver10

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Modart CBC Irons Back in Stock!


Finally available again the Modart CBC Irons,  these have been out of stock for months with customers waiting patiently ( thank you! )  Now I’m happy to inform everyone that these are now shipping with custom builds available from TSG.

For those who are not familiar with Modart here is a bit of back story:  Modart was created by Suda-san all the clubs offered by Modart are made completely in Japan featuring a full line up of woods and irons and wedges and putters.  Suda-san having spent more than 10 years in the golf industry had long had a dream of making his own brand. He spent years honing his grinding and club design skills at Fourteen Golf where under the guidance of Grind Studio master and former top Fourteen grinder Masahiro Tomaru. When Tomaru-san left, Suda-san became the top grinder and focused on grinding Fourteen wedges for top Japanese pros on tour. Besides grinding for tour pros, Suda-san was also in charge of up and coming releases which include the very popular MT-28 V5 wedge in his portfolio.  Ready to hear what makes these irons so different and special compared to the others?  Follow the Jump….

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Modart MA01DS Driver

Modart MA01DS

New for 2015 the Modart MA01DS Adjustable Shaft Driver – Last year the surpise brand of the Japan Golf Fair was Modart which flew completely under the radar until it’s launch and besides a complete line up of equipment from woods to multiple sets of irons and wedges 2 Modart drivers were released the MA01S and MA01D which although similar in appearance were designed for players who desire two different flight characteristics.  I personally played the MA01S for almost all of last year and fell in love with it’s mute feel and sound during impact combined with it’s low spin design and good distance.

This year Modart has further evolved the MA01 driver with the new “DS” and it features a new adjustable hosel not for loft or lie or face angle but only for interchangeable shafts.  I got to hit the new MA01DS on the trackman at Modart HQ last month and walked away impressed as I usually do when it comes to Suda-san’s designs. Follow the Jump to Read…

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Modart Suda-Blade TSG Exclusive

Those who follow Modart closely may have seen a picture from a few years backof a muscle back iron hand made by Suda-san himself.  We can always count on TSG members to find these hidden gems and when I asked the team at Modart if they were available the answer was a quick no.  Why?  It’s because Suda-san can hand grind no more than 2 heads per day including wedges so a single set of blades 3-PW would take him 4 days just to grind the heads pre stamping and finish.

Grinding an iron or wedge usually doesn’t take very long,  I’ve watched many being made but never any the way Suda-san does his,  It literally takes him 1 hour to get the base shape done on just one head and you can blame that on his extreme attention to detail where everything must be perfect.   Follow the jump to see the prototype blade and the very first available set of Modart Suda-Grind MB’s being made…  Click Read More to continue.

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Modart T55 Milled Wedge | Made in JAPAN

Modart T55 Wedge

Modart Wedges are a sight to behold,  CNC’d from a solid block of S25C steel “BEFORE IT HAS BEEN FORGED” to create the most uniform grain pattern and a sensational feel during impact.  There are a few types of different Modart wedges but I put them in 2 different categories the first is the CNC milled wedges as you see in this post,  the second are the forged  handmade Suda-Grind wedges fully custom and made for you by who in my opinion is the best hand grinder in all of Japan today.  Click “Read more” to Continue.

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Modart R51 and R52 Putters

Modart Golf Putters

They make really nice putters don’t they?  My fav most fav clubs from Modart are their woods, suda wedges,  and now putters.  All original shapes in compact form elegant and simple with an absolutely perfect finish that’s easy on the eyes.

The R51 – plumbers neck, mallet style,  soft flat grey finish.  The milling is at perfect depth it’s a forged putter so already soft.  The R52 – Your classic L shape but this one is smaller,  sharper,  more refined, It’s perfect.  Follow Jump to See More…

Modart R52 Golf Putter

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Modart R50 Putter


Made in Japan – The Modart R50 Putter,  One of the most interesting thing’s about Modart is how they mill S25C from a solid block without it being forged,  this creates a unique dense and soft feel known only to Modart clubs made this way and it’s simply divine!

The Modart R50 has a nice smoky dark finish over it with one of the most attractive sole designs we have seen on a putter ever,  it’s head weight is a touch on the heavier side and it comes with a head cover that is heads over heels better than what other makers provide.  Follow the Jump to check out more pictures of the R50…

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Modart A60-G CNC Milled Irons


Modern – Art aka Modart has been getting great reviews among our clients and readers,  not only has Modart seemed to have created something different but also has a produced an entire line up of clubs that perform very well.  Back in Feb at the golf show obviously the first thing to catch everyone’s eye was their more compact CBC CNC milled iron,  time when by we had some customers wait months to receive their CBC’s then following that members started picking up on how good the Driver MA01D and S along with their fairway woods and utility clubs.  More recently TSG will go on the record saying the Suda-wedges are the best we have to offer here or anywhere else in our opinion.

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