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Miyazaki Shafts Coming December 2009!

11-11-2009-7-47-05-AMMiyazaki shafts have been some waves on the PGA Tour recently with players like VJ Singh, Jerry Kelly, and John Rollins putting together some amazing rounds while having this new and relatively unknown shaft in play.


International Flex Code…
Already Miyazaki is doing some new innovative things like assigning an international flex code rating to the shafts in the form of numbers. The idea behind this is to give the player a more clear idea of what flex they should be using. The stiffness is relative to traditional measurements by assigning a 4 digit code to each shaft for its bending properties and torsional stiffness.  Now I am not so sure that the masses will pick up on this and move away from your basic letter based flex system but its similar to something that has been used by companies like Mamiya in their original Axiv line of shafts in the past.


Graphite Artistry
Another cool concept is that the series is based from what appears to be an artists work. In this case  the Kusala Series, Miyazaki say’s that each series will be named after and defined by the artistic contributions of previously unknown artists. The inaugural design comes from an artist named Kusala and represents the three phases of fluids ( ice, water, steam ).



I am not sure if they are using propriatory materials like Diamana does or if they have some super design that no one else has done  or even what ton ply they are using to build these shafts,  Perhaps that information will leak out to the public a bit  later but for now it seems they have a bend profile that a handful of  pro’s really enjoy and this has lead Miyazaki to a couple of PGA Tour victories in 2009. Unknown shaft label gets wins before the official launch is always a good sign of things to come.


The Miyazaki series golf shafts are currently offered in up to three weight options in three unique flex profiles that are available in R, S and X flex designs. Low-trajectory Black, mid-trajectory Blue, and high-trajectory Silver profiles are available in each flex with a standard 0.335” tip diameter.

SRI Sports, the Japan-based parent compay of Cleveland Golf and Srixon Golf, is introducing the Miyazaki brand of golf shafts. SRI Sports’ shaft designs and technologies have previously only been offered within Asia, but the launch of the Miyazaki shafts brand expands availability into North America beginning Dec. 1.