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MIURA ICL-601 Driving Iron


The ICL-601 by Miura Golf was just announced and released in Japan.  Its a driving iron with a hollow cavity and weight screw located on the sole.   Miura designed this club as an optional replacement to the long irons in their forged iron sets creating a club easy to hit 200 yards and beyond.  Learn more about the materials,  technology and where its made after the jump…

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Modified – Miura CB-2008 in Black IP by TSG Club Works!


Yesterday we showed you a set of Miura CB-2008’s with black mirror finish and charcoal gray cavity paint.   Today we bring you Japan black IP with black gloss cavity paint!  Which do you prefer?  or will you wait to see what we bring tomorrow before deciding ;) .  Japan black IP is a very durable and high quality finish that looks outstanding.  Its the best black you can get when done right,  and these are.  Follow the Jump for more pics…

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The New Miura CB-2008 Modified


You are looking at a very custom set of the new Miura CB-2008 irons.  How is this one different than the standard model?  Its all cosmetics we took the heads and stripped the finish off of them and then sent it to our Japanese factory that does our black mirror finish.  Black Mirror is very similar to chrome mirror, but it has a deep dark hue to it.  Ready for more? Follow the jump for more details…

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Miura Limited Y-GRIND MB-5005’s



It’s the MB-5005 with a custom Y-Grind and hairline finish.  Only 150 sets were produced and they are all that wonderful Miura shape, feel and quality that so many have grown to love. With all the recent press about Miura’s globals majority share being purchased and with all the fan boys & naysayers speculating the brands future I wanted to get everyone back to what matters most… Their awesome clubs!

After the jump we will share how these are different from the standard 5005 and what is so special about the Y-GRIND.  Click to Read On…

Miura Golf Y-GRIND4

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Miura MG-S01 Giken Wedge Golf6

Miura MG-S01 Wedge – Miura Japan not to be confused with Miura Global has released their newest model of wedge.  The MG-S01 which is what I would classify as a semi game improvement wedge due to it’s extra size, width, and shape.

It is made of FE Iron 99.3% something we saw back years ago with TourStage Maru Limited wedges. Follow the Jump to read more impressions and to view our pictures…

Miura MG-S01 Giken Wedge Golf5

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RODDIO Muscle Back by Miura Giken Japan

Miura Roddio MB

The Miura Giken (Japan) made Roddio Muscle Back Iron – Limited Edition only 100 sets produced and already sold out,  TSG has 1 set only available heads only 4-PW,  I will not be hitting these for testing as they are too rare they will be going to some lucky Miura Japan fanatic out there who wants a very rare and hard to get set especially brand new. Follow the jump after the below image to see this beauty from all angles…

Roddio Iron by Miura

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Miura Giken PP-9005 Passing Point Irons

Miura PP 9005

Miura Giken appears to be going in a new design direction or at least trying things they havent in the past Miura usually makes spin welded forged iron heads by hand in Japan while the new Passing Point Neo PP-9005 is is their first model that’s a 2 piece head design including a deep cavity undercut, when I say 2 piece it’s because the face and body are separate and different materials,  the body is S20C while the face is SUP-10 steel and the result is actually Miura’s most forgiving,  longest distance,  and largest club head they ever made.  Oh and one more thing these are not made in Japan unlike their other models follow the jump to read more.

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Craig’s Factory Miura Giken Putter by Gold’s Factory :)

Gold's Factory Miura Putter

It all started with a used and abused Miura Giken Japan putter…  One of our top clients sent in 9 or so pretty beat up putters and asked us to mod them to our vision one per month or so,  with only 3 putters remaining and 6 completed already in the clients hands I decided to go all out and produce something “special” for him.  This client is extremely discerning he wants things a particular way and with all the options we could pull from and a no concern for price it could have been very easy to produce a tacky overly optioned putter that he wouldn’t of liked.

Good news is he and I share similar tastes,  first it must be a heavy head,  second it’s gotta have class with an understated approach to it’s design.  I started with a drawing then a design and sent it to the master “Masayuki Sasaya-san” of Gold’s Factory who worked on this putter personally as if it was a M.A.C series and while this putter is still in the air on it’s way to the clients hands I still feel nervous that there is something he won’t like about it as it is my design and vision completed by Gold’s Factory to appeal to another persons preference,  I guess those nerves are a good thing.  Follow the Jump for more pics and the complete breakdown of what was done…

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Miura Giken CB-1007 Forged Iron Introduction

Today I’m going to do a quick introduction of the all new Miura Giken CB-1007 Forged Cavity Back Iron. We received a loaner head for photos which we have to unfortunately return so we won’t be able to shaft it up and test it so this post instead will be a brief intro into Miura’s latest athlete model offering.  The CB series has always been the more compact cavity back made for the better golfer. The previous model, the CB-1006 was released back in 2006 so the launch of the CB-1007 was long overdue.

Miura irons are very much based on feel which is not only attributed to their soft premium S25C forgings but also their designs. CB-1006 was already aimed at purer feel though the use of a muscle power hump. The CB-1007 design is more intricate, with a cavity that features multi thickness to both mimic the feel of a muscle back and to control weight distribution.

The thickest portion of the cavity is right in the center and Miura designed the thick part to extend vertically up and down, the typically striking pattern of a better golfer. The second level of thickness fans outwards and is not quite as thick as the center. This distributes weight outwards and lower to maintain a healthy launch and add some forgiveness while still providing feel.

Like all CB models or all Miura models for that matter, the topline is quite thin and the offset quite minimal. With very little cavity and a narrow sole, the CB-1007 is designed to appear like a blade at address promoting workability and control.

As better players prefer, the CB-1007 features a sharp face profile with a thin and straight top line. The toe is boxy and high while the heel area is shorter. The tall toe promotes using the height of the face for spin control and provides a confident appearance at address. To compensate for the narrow sole, the leading edge is slightly rounded to add some versatility. The new CB-1007 does sport conforming  USGA V grooves for tournament play.

The all new Miura Giken CB-1007 Forged iron is a good looking cavity back. Compared to previous heads its design is cleaner and less cluttered with a simple MG and CB-1007 in the cavity. Miura still insisted on leaving the W.D.D. Accurate Forged on the head but if they had taken that off or put it on the neck instead, the head would look even cleaner and less cluttered. Fans of Miura will love this iron mostly for its pure feel thanks to its muscle back like design. The new CB-1007 is available now through TSG as heads only or built to spec with your favorite shaft and grip. Look for it in the pro shop in the next few days!

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