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First look: Miura Golf CB-2008 Irons

Miura Golf CB-2008

Your looking at Miura golf’s new CB-2008 iron! For the first time in 4 years Miura will update the 2000 series! The Long irons are 2 piece while the short irons 1 piece. It features the widest sole in any of their line up!  What miura is doing is actually genius,  they are using the capabilities of their partner in taiwan together with Miura’s polishing,  grinding capabilities to create some seriously sexy looking irons that have tech like undercuts or 2 piece heads.  We smell only success in their future if new releases continue to look like this.

Miura Giken CB-1008 Irons

Miura Giken CB1008

And here we have it the new  beautiful Miura Giken CB-1008 Irons only available by Miura Giken Japan (not Miura Canada).  A refresher for those new to Miura golf clubs,  Miura Giken is the actual company in Japan that owns the factory that produces all Miura Clubs,  Miura North America based out of Canada is a separate company that distributes the global models they are all still made at the Japan Factory just dated without many of the options available,  they would rather you not see the new CB-1008 or anything from Miura Giken.

TourSpecGolf on the other hand wants you to see these,  they are beautiful players cavity back irons that finally Miura has given somewhat minimal stamping.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

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