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Miura Giken Hayate Driver

Miura Giken Hayate Driver Golf5

Introducing the Miura Giken Hayate driver – Recently Miura has been designing new releases based around more forgiveness and distance.  The PP-9005 Genesis irons are a serious departure from their players cavity and blade offerings Miura is so well known for.  The MG-S01 wedge is another offering the brand has produced that caters to the average player and now a new release the MG Hayate driver follows along the same path.  Follow the Jump for more photos and information…

Miura Giken Hayate Driver Golf6

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Miura Craftsman World CB-1008 Custom Irons

Miura Japan Only Iron

Miura Craftsman World CB-1008 Custom Irons – Another heavily customized set from the Miura Giken Factory in Japan,  this set features a Copper – Nickel – Chromium Mirror finish this is the softest feeling chrome mirror finish available anywhere,  the sole has the custom grind dent sole option and the heads have been ordered extra heavy. Finally we have requested as little offset possible on this head design making it look like a butter knife at address.  Enjoy the photos and if interested in your own custom set, please contact us at [email protected]  More Photos after the jump… Continue Reading

Miura Giken PP-9005G Irons

Miura PP-9005 Irons

To say Miura Giken is on fire would be an understatement,  with their new MG CB-1008 players CB and also the new PP-9005G “Genesis” Iron they have Miura Giken fans in a very happy place with 2 new models  to choose from.   This new Passing Point Iron is next generation Miura by utilizing a 2 piece structure.

Made using a forged S20C body with a 455 carpenter steel face these are unlike other Miura irons,  they are thicker,  they feature a deep cavity,  and designed around forgiveness and distance.  Follow the Jump for more photos and explanation…

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Miura Giken CB-1008 Irons

Miura Giken CB1008

And here we have it the new  beautiful Miura Giken CB-1008 Irons only available by Miura Giken Japan (not Miura Canada).  A refresher for those new to Miura golf clubs,  Miura Giken is the actual company in Japan that owns the factory that produces all Miura Clubs,  Miura North America based out of Canada is a separate company that distributes the global models they are all still made at the Japan Factory just dated without many of the options available,  they would rather you not see the new CB-1008 or anything from Miura Giken.

TourSpecGolf on the other hand wants you to see these,  they are beautiful players cavity back irons that finally Miura has given somewhat minimal stamping.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

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RODDIO Muscle Back by Miura Giken Japan

Miura Roddio MB

The Miura Giken (Japan) made Roddio Muscle Back Iron – Limited Edition only 100 sets produced and already sold out,  TSG has 1 set only available heads only 4-PW,  I will not be hitting these for testing as they are too rare they will be going to some lucky Miura Japan fanatic out there who wants a very rare and hard to get set especially brand new. Follow the jump after the below image to see this beauty from all angles…

Roddio Iron by Miura

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Miura Giken PP-9005 Passing Point Irons

Miura Passing Point PP 9005

Coming this month to the TSG Pro Shop the all new Miura Giken Passing Point PP-9005 Forged Cavity Irons,  labelled NEO this time it’s a big departure from how Miura irons have been made in the past,  This is the first multipiece design I can remember from Miura that has a Forged S25C body that is separate from the face which is a  J.I.S SUP-10 Steel.  The PP-9005 also comes with a  deep undercut cavity lowering the center of gravity and also allowing Miura to gain more head size without gaining as much head weight which equals the more forgiving Miura everyone has been asking for.

Miura Giken also has a new finish that uses a separate surface treatment called Accurise Coat which is supposed to reduce friction during turf contact.  On top of this they also feature a full copper underlayer for an even softer feel.

While this undercut/badge/2 piece iron is  new to Miura it also brings in a more modern look like the inside of the cavity which features a carbon style badge that gives it some extra edgeyness but at the same time that comes off looking a little cheap to some.. what has remained is Miura’s commitment to minimal offset, a beautiful shape,  geared toward the better player and in in the case of the new Passing Point Neo PP-9005 that is no different.  In hand photos are and course reviews are  just a week or two away.

Passing Point Miura 9005 PP Irons

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