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2017 Diamana X Shaft by Mitsubishi Rayon

Diamana X Golf Shaft

Mitsubishi Diamana X new for 2017!  How long has it been?  4 years since the last version was released. Hard hitters rejoice!  This is the lowest Torque in the brands history with the 70X & XX coming in at 1.9*.  The goal of this shaft is to produce a strong and powerful piercing trajectory reducing side spin and reducing the loss of energy through the bend.  Today on the US PGA tour you see a trend with players going slightly lighter or a lot lighter than a decade ago so this time the Diamana X shaft comes in a 50g range as well!  This is Diamana’s most premium model for the strong swinger.

Another big deal is this shaft has a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 1g ib weight and +/- 1cpm on frequency. The materials are a Japanese 90T carbon with 78T in the butt end to strengthen that area.  Diamana uses PAN MR70 CF,  this is a similar type of PAN material that seven dreamers shafts are known for.

The New Mitsubishi Diamana X shaft is now available in the TSG Pro Shop for pre order (ships Jan 13th)  This is a very limited edition model just like last time so be swift and good luck.  click here to purchase

Diamana X Golf Shaft 2017 Mitsubishi Golf

Mitsubishi Diamana BF-Series Shafts

Diamana BF Golf Shaft

Introducing the next-generation Blue Board shaft by Mitsubishi – The Diamana BF Series Blue

Continuing the same tradition of the original blue series the new BF blue board shaft is known for a tight dispersion combined with a smooth feel. Mitsubishi started by reinforcing the tip of the shaft to improve impact efficiency ball velocity. Mitsubishi utilized their new Superelastic DIALEAD material to particular areas such as the tip and butt section. What this does is improve the maneuverability of the ball at the players will. The tip section has also been reinforced with their new MR70 high strength carbon fiber mixed with boron fiber to improve elasticity without hindering energy loss transferred to the ball. The result is more distance with better direction and workability making the overall shaft experience both stronger and more flexible at the same time.

Reexamining the raw material fibers and the manufacturing process of the original blue board allowed Mitsubishi to create a new carbon fiber material possessing both improved elasticity and strength, something which has been hard to achieve in the past. Approximately 20% strength improvement and 10% elasticity improvement compared to Mitsubishi Rayon’s past products. Now available for pre-order in the TSG ProShop with an August 5th Ship Date!

Mitsubishi Blue Board DF Shaft

New Mitsubishi Oti75/105 & KuroKage XM50 Announced!

Mitsubishi OT Shafts have been highly suggested by TSG since release because they feel great,  are very user friendly producing easy launching and accurate results and they are somewhat reasonably priced for a top performing carbon shaft.

Mitsubishi has just announced 2 new weights,  the i75 and i105,  this gets me excited as I’m a big fan of the i95 I was waiting for something a bit heavier and I think 105 is really optimal for a lot of players.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.05.07 PM

Also a new light weight KuroKage XM is coming early next year geared to players who want a lighter weight shaft perhaps due to a smoother tempo and transition which will ultimately aid those players in gaining more distance,  we always say use the lightest shaft that you can control with the accuracy you want and considering these are coming in X flex Mitsubishi is covering all it’s bases.  More info to come closer to release and at the 2016 Japan Golf Fair.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.04.57 PM

Mitsubishi OT Iron Shaft by FRANKI

Mitsubishi OT Iron Shaft FRANKI

Mitsubishi OT Iron Shaft by FRANKI – Last year TSG visited Mitsubishi Japan at the Tokyo Golf Fair and saw several prototypes labelled FRANKI they were extremely light weight as in less than 25 grams!!!  Just this week Mitsubishi Japan is showing off it’s official creation the OT Iron Shaft by FRANKI.

Who is Franki?  I have no clue but this shaft has peaked our interest as it is a major departure in how carbon shafts are made.  Mitsubishi’s goal was to create an affordable and highly capable iron shaft that has the soft feel of carbon yet the tight trajectory and stability of a steel shaft.  Follow the jump below this image to read on and see it’s specs…


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The Phoenix Returns! Bassara P-Series by Mitsubishi Rayon


This spring Mitsubishi Rayon is releasing the successor to it’s popular Bassara series shafts.  It’s the P-Series and is designed for pretty much the same player as the previous version except with some technology improvements and specification adjustments.  First off let me just say this thing is attractive,  metallic looking ion plating always gets me and on top of this vivid colored orange reminiscent of the Phoenix bird of fire it’s got my attention.


So what’s new here?  First of all it’s been 3 years since the original G & W series Bassara shafts were released,  originally designed for big distance while maintaining stability they went with a lighter weight and more kick while preventing shaft deformation.  The new P-Series takes things a step further most notably with a new technology called “Elastic Titanium Fiber” in a nut shell it further prevents shaft deformation by properly recovering the shaft to it’s original shape.  Mitsubishi claims that the new Bassara P-Series compared to other lightweight shafts energy transfer is stronger and ball velocity is up 0.4 meters per second with an increase of about 4yds total on a drive based on swing robot testing using a 42 ms swing speed setting.


Comparing Specs between the old version and the new a few pleasant yet subtle adjustments have been made,  not only is this shaft tighter but it’s also a little heavier with less torque.  This makes it a viable option for players who are more athletic seeking more distance through a lighter shaft.  For example the the “Tour Stiff” P53 comes in at 59 grams with 4.3 torque.


Diamana B-Series Shafts Announced!

Mitsubishi Rayon introduces the 3rd generation Diamana, The B series, for the athlete golfer. It follows the same concept as previous generation models, but with added improvements to further enhance the consistency. The flex characteristics and torque is precisely measured out to create a shaft that is very neutral and can fit a variety of swing types. It brings a similar characteristics as the previous Blue Board version, but with enhanced consistency and feedback.

New Dialead material is put into use for this new shaft. Dialead is a new high quality carbon material that is used in satellites that are developed to travel in space. It is very light weight and strong against any type of pressure that is applied. This Dialead material is used with the 3D MDI (Multi DImensional Interlay) technology. The 3D MDI is a strategically angled and rolled carbon sheet pattern. The multi layers of the sheets make the shaft very strong against deformation during high speeds. The Dialead material is layered in a 90* cross pattern between the normal carbon sheets to give it an enhanced consistency and feel.  The Diamana B Series is said to be the new standard of shafts for the athlete golfer.


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Diamana ‘ahina review

diamana ahina reviewsIt’s been a while since posting a review, been busy with all sorts of amazing projects and I feel refreshed and thankful to be back into the swing of things.  I recently got out there to try the new Diamana ‘ahina 70 Stiff flex in an Epon AF151 10.5 head .5 closed face angle.  I built the club un tipped with a final length of 45 inches coming in at a D3 swing weight.  I first want to comment on the Epon AF151 head, it’s the closest thing I can find to the ol Epon 460ZR which was a driver I am absolutely head over heels for.  On to the review…

About My Game:
I am about a 14 handicap today, I’ve been in the single digits off and on and recently more so hovering around a 16+.  I’ve wrestled with back and weight problems that have prevented me from reaching my full potential.  I naturally hit a medium trajectory ball and with equipment tweaks know how to get it a higher,  I’m very sensitive when it comes to equipment and feel and shafts.  The long game is my weakest aspect, accuracy has always been my key over distance.  My driver swing speed is currently averaged around 97-100mph with a very fast tempo.  My bad shot is a slice or pull due to the common over the top problem while my good shot is dead straight.

ahina shaft review diamana

Diamana ‘ahina review

I received a sample of the Diamana Ahina to review and requested  the heavier 70 gram version to help smooth things out with my tempo.  Keep in mind this is only one man’s experience and also be aware that I shouldn’t even be playing a high kick shaft in the first place.  Before building this Epon/ahina combo i had the Titleist VG3 in play with a Graphite Design DI-7 Stiff flex installed aftermarket by yours truly.  I am in love with this combo and will never ever sell it..:)

During the first round of play I did need adjustment time, The positive was that it was long no matter with a pull or fade.  My bad shot the slice had a tighter dispersion than with my Tour AD shaft.  This I can appreciate when my game is not on firing on all cylinders.  I feel that the extra distance came from spin reduction and the medium trajectory creating more forward roll.  With modest torque ratings at 2.7 its not difficult to turn over.

By the second round into the new ‘ahina things were more fluid and I really noticed the great feel this shaft has which I contribute to it’s softer but section.  Compared to other high kick low spin mid trajectory shafts it doesn’t feel nearly as boardy as others.  The kick was smooth and well mannered all in all throwing the ball out into the 235-245 range for me which is great considering I was able to hit most fairways consistently. Below is a chart showing the stiff tip of the ‘ahina and softer butt end promoting improved control and maximum kick/power in the downswing.

diamana ahina shaft price?To sum it all up this shaft is great for those who already hit a higher ball and those who require a tighter dispersion.  I personally will not be using this shaft as I do not feel it serves my already low ball flight yet I can totally see it working very well for the faster swinger who go’s after it and wants to keep their trajectory in check.  Overall It’s an amazing step forward when compared to the Diamana white board improving on dispersion, feel, and distance.  I’m more of an ‘ilima guy myself…  The Diamana ‘ahina is now available at the TourSpecGolf Proshop for $360.00, need a discount?  contact us via PM through the forums.

diamana ahina, ilima, kaili differences

Mitsubishi Fubuki Alpha Shaft

Fubuki Alpha Shaft
Mitsubishi has released several new products recently like the next generation Diamana’s, Tour Prototype Stingers, and now the all new Fubuki Alpha Shaft. The new Alpha features enhanced torsional stability, low spin rates and a new updated bend profile.

 The Fubuki Tour shaft that has been out for a little while was a major hit as well, it was first released as a prototype in 2008 and ended up with victories on the PGA Tour and European PGA Tour. This new Fubuki Alpha builds upon the Tour’s solid foundation. The profile incorporates an extreme shift in the mid-section, in addition to a butt section that has tapering butt stiffness.  This combination provides even the most demanding player a shaft profile that generates smooth acceleration through impact and maximum stability and control.

Mitsubishi Says:
What separates Mitsubishi Rayon from other companies is that we know how to take an already successful product and build on it. New for 2010, the Fubuki Alpha utilizes the same MD Technology in the tip section as the Fubuki Tour, with and added application throughout the entire length of the shaft to reduce torsional twisting. The result is a shaft that delivers enhanced, smooth acceleration with stability at impact.

Fubuki Alpha Hybrid
Mitsubishi also has a new Fubuki Hybrid shaft with a .350 tip size and a profile that suites today’s utility hybrids with ease. There are 3 different weight variations the Hybrid 415, 465, and 515 ranging from 85g to 105g.

Pricing & Availability
The new Fubuki Alpha will be officially launched in the U.S. at the upcoming 2010 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL (January 28-30, 2010), and will be available through MRC GOLF Authorized Retailers and Dealers nationwide. 

Fubuki Alpha has a suggested retail price of $400 USD and is available in the following weights and flexes:

Fubuki Alpha Woods Shafts
Alpha 50R, 50S, 50X
Alpha 60R, 60S, 60X
Alpha 70S, 70X

Mitsubishi Diamana ilima Review


Diamana-ilima-shaftThis is our first official Shaft review here at GolfToImpress, we have done quite a few golf club reviews and although feedback shows us to be brutal in our judgements and results we feel its very fair and honest. We try to put to the side the honeymoon phase that most golfers go through, we have no loyalty to write glowing reviews for any brand. If the products is good, we tell you, if it stinks ( in our opinion ) we will tell you that as well.

Today’s review is on the Mitsubishi Diamana i’lima shaft new to the Japanese & U.S markets.  The concept of the new i’lima is based off of a challenge from Mitsubishi USA  to it’s Japanese engineers and designers to create  the next generation Diamana Red Board

mitsubishi-diamana-ilimaIn our opinion the original Diamana Red Board is a very underrated shaft, its release was announced on the PGA Tour 4 years ago yet dwarfed by the White Board release that was rushed to retail quickly because Tiger, Phil, and VJ putt it into play.  This created a huge buzz for the white board making many average players gravitate to what the worlds best players were using while the shaft that would provide the better results for most golfers in America was indeed the red board as it had a profile and spin rates that benefit the average to scratch level golfer.

You know how it is, many golfers stateside want what the fast swingers use and what the top players bag.  This in my opinion is a bad way to select golf equipment, often the player ends up with shaft that is too stiff and the wrong type of shaft profile to enhance the players best attributes.

diamana-ilima-60-stiffAnyhow back to the i’lima, the challenge was set to Mitsubishi’s top designers and what they came out with was similar to the red board but updated with a new way of layering materials called MDI, this is the same technology used in the Kai’li.  To sum it up it’s ultra thin layers layed 360 degrees using 50 micron or thinner prepeg. Whats that do?  Well it creates a firmer profile in the butt and tip yet even more importantly it is overall a much better structure for today’s higher MOI club heads. 4-5 years ago Drivers were not where they are at today.


As for performance, you will notice it spins quite a bit less than the original redboard, it best fit’s a smoother to semi aggressive player and is an excellent choice for a driver or fairway wood. While testing it I found it to have similar characteristics as the red board but much more stable, better feeling, and a lot more stability with less spin. That’s it in a nutshell, its far superior to previous diamana shafts in regards to performance and technology, now the real question one should ask is if that type of profile sounds like it will suit their swing…


In regards to distance this shaft has BIG CARRY without going ballooning you and I attribute that to its near perfect spin rates for my tupe which also helps. The feel is very good also I would rank it a little more numb in kick when compared to the original but the benifit is well worth it. We feel the stiffend up the butt section may have something to do with that.

keeping dispersion in check. When you have too much spin you got issues and this shaft helps in that category. For a player who swings 110mph with a fast tempo its not the best choice but if you have a semi agressive or even smooth tempo and swing anywhere within the flex range of R -S I find it to be in the top 3 or even #1. It’s a well balanced and designed shaft, if its your sort of profile I really think it will improve your game

I forgot to mention that the shaft has really cool graphics, one side is this red orange that looks insane and the graphic is multiple flower bands around the shaft, the other side of the shaft has a dark grey ION finish. Diamana continues to produce the best graphics in the shaft industry in my opinion.

Check out the Gallery, like the pics? just picked up a new lens… 

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