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After many months of not having any stock we finally received more of the Seven X Shinagawa MB. Unfortunately, it’s only 25 sets, but we are doing our best to get more. This is a custom finish called white satin completely matte no glare with good durability and excellent feel. The standard no up-charge finish is copper under chrome satin! Let me repeat these come stock with copper underlay + nicr chrome satin.

Another thing we are doing now is offering #5-PW with optional #4 this was a common request, and we listened, the last time it was 3-PW only. So those are the two differences this year for the SEVEN MB, Copper Underlay, 5-PW option, and a new finish offered called white satin. Follow the Jump to Read More…


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Just wanted to post these up of a custom set of SEVEN X SHINAGAWA irons finished in soft black.  This is one of my favorite finishes on my favorite blade irons,  the soft black finish is very durable yet has a soft feel at impact it has zero glare and gives the iron a stealth look that isn’t too dark or light.  Enjoy more photos at all angles after the Jump…

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Prototype is a word thrown around too easily in the golf industry,  companies are labelling products prototypes that are nothing of the sort.  From Wiki : A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.  Many hate to admit it but the word has at the very least peaked their interest on multiple occasions but how many of us actually have the chance to play “real” prototypes I’m talking only a few made as a brand is evolving a concept into a retail release?  My guess is not many.

Here is your chance,  this is a one of a kind set of S15C Forged hand ground 100% Japan made (of course) Seven Blades 4-AW  brand new a one of one concept.  It’s special,  it’s rare and its a “real prototype” click read more to continue…


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Japanese Golf Clubs

Introducing the SEVEN X SHINAGAWA Blade! This product is a 3-way collaboration design between SEVEN + SKG Shinagawa + Kitada CNC creating a sexy new muscle back iron with inspiration from the classic Macgregor golf irons.


We started by sourcing Japanese S15C billets to produce the blank iron head for this specific design,  then after the initial prep grind these heads were sent to Kitada CNC to have the edgy back face milled  for consistency in look and weighting perfectly placing the CG depth, height, and location in the perfect spot for each iron,  also, the Seven Logo on the back face and neck were CNC milled instead of pressed.  After Kitada-San they were sent back to Shinagawa-san for the complete grinding of the heads,  extremely limited over two years in the making we are extremely confident in the performance, feel, and quality of SEVEN’s latest creation,  much more after the jump…

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Crazy Sbi-02 Forged Blades

Crazy Golf

A while back I posted images of the black boron modified Crazy CBi-02 Irons yet somehow forgot to show off the normal version which has been popular internally at TSG with the hardcore members but hasn’t gained the attention of  the masses,  so here today I want to show it off in it’s original form all done up in Satin Finish with the sole, neck and face bead blasted for further glare reduction.  These irons are a pleasure to hit if your on the cusp of a players CB and MB or just really want a forgiving and soft feeling blade look no further,  except after the jump that is…

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Modart Suda-Blade TSG Exclusive

Those who follow Modart closely may have seen a picture from a few years backof a muscle back iron hand made by Suda-san himself.  We can always count on TSG members to find these hidden gems and when I asked the team at Modart if they were available the answer was a quick no.  Why?  It’s because Suda-san can hand grind no more than 2 heads per day including wedges so a single set of blades 3-PW would take him 4 days just to grind the heads pre stamping and finish.

Grinding an iron or wedge usually doesn’t take very long,  I’ve watched many being made but never any the way Suda-san does his,  It literally takes him 1 hour to get the base shape done on just one head and you can blame that on his extreme attention to detail where everything must be perfect.   Follow the jump to see the prototype blade and the very first available set of Modart Suda-Grind MB’s being made…  Click Read More to continue.

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Bridgestone 2015 Limited J15MB Blade Iron


Bridgestone J15MB Iron – New for 2015 Bridgestone Golf has been unified under one global name combining TourStage + Bridgestone to create Bridgestone Global! Entirely new design and technology has been implemented across a new full line up.

Introducing the Limited Edition Bridgestone J15MB Iron.  Only 2000 sets are produced world wide!  Forged of S25C with a very compact appearance the J15MB features a compact size,  razor thin top line and narrow sole with a nice curve to it.  TSG is able to offer custom finishes, specs, and shafts.  Ready for more Pics?  Follow the Jump…

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