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The American Classic Remastered – MacGregor IM-G5 Classic!


Introducing the MacGregor Japan Tourney Classic IM-G5 Iron Master Putter!  This putter is 100% made in Japan as a limited edition based on the original dating back to the 1930’s when it was named after Tommy Armor.  Back in the 30’s to 40’s it cost only $8.00 brand new oh have time changed as today it costs almost $600 dollars.  Ready for more images and explanation? Follow the Jump…

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MacGregor Golf NV-F Blue and Red


MacGregor Japan has long been a favorite brand of the average golfer. Making some of the best performing and most forgiving irons and drivers over the years.  During the last season MacGregor began doing a dual release of drivers a Blue and Red series aimed at blue for the swinger and red for the more aggressive hitter.  The first generation NV-R Type 1 and Type 2 were a success in the domestic market as it was easier for average golfers to choose the best model to suit their swing.

img04MacGregor has now come out with second generation Blue and Red drivers, the NV-BLUE NV-F Type 1 and the NV-RED NV-F Type 2. Once again the blue is for the smoother swinger while the red is for the aggressive harder hitter.  MacGregor has enhanced the Weight Force technology used in the sole of each driver with a heavy interchangealbe tungsten weight in the sole. Three different weights can be used in the sole including 10g, 13g and 16g altering the CG, and spin characteristics. MacGregor has focused on lowering spin in this new generation NV driver with spin coming down 300-700 rpm from the previous model providing extra run and a more stable drive.

img05The new NV-F lineup features a premium forged 4 piece titanium head design with MacGregor’s successful hybrid cup face. The face features variable thickness with the thickest section being right at the sweet spot creating a soft slingshot feel. The conforming head uses an ultra thin 0.6mm crown so that weight can be pushed lower for an optimal launch. Using robot testing, both new NV-F models were able to out drive similar spec NV-R models by an average of 7-15 yards thanks to the lower spin.  The Blue model features a closed 1.0* face while the Red model has a 0* square face. The Blue is also longer from face to back and shallower while the Red is more traditional shaped.

The new NV-F Series will be available with special Motore shafts made for MacGregor by Fujikura.  The Blue features ultra light low 40g shafts with a low mid kick while the Red offers two shafts. A lightweight high 40g mid to high kicking shaft and a low torque 63g mid kicking shaft for those who want more weight.

The new NV-F line will also feature Blue and Red fairway woods as well as Blue and Red irons. Look for the new MacGregors in the pro shop soon for their December launch!