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Itobori Black Limited Driver!

Itobori Golf Driver2

Introducing the Itobori Driver – TSG has acquired a limited number of these heads ( UPDATE: SOLD OUT! ) the new Itobori Driver is made using a super hot DAT55 face material and titanium body,  it features a deep round face that feels soft at impact and launches the ball on a medium trajectory with low spin for straighter shots and optimal carry distance and roll.

Itobori will be releasing a few varients of this club in different finishes and specs in the future but for now if you need one it’s slim picking as TSG can’t hold on to them fast enough.  Please inquire with [email protected] to pre order yours now.   Follow the Jump for more Photos…

Itobori Golf Driver1

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2016 SEVEN CB Iron Limited


Introducing the New 2016 Limited Edition SEVEN CB – Forged and Hand Ground in Himeji Japan with Steel Sourced from Kyoto the new Limited 2016 CB features a top line that is 0.75mm thicker than the original Seven Cavity Blade.  The center bump within it’s CNC milled cavity has been widened and increased in size for better feel and forgiveness,  with slightly more offset than the original this appeals to the same segment of player who would consider ONOFF Kuro or other semi mid sized CB irons,  the lofts are modern traditional with the PW coming in at 47* these are Limited to only 25 sets made worldwide.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

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A-GRIND Limited Black Oxide Wedges


A-Grind is on a role with recent releases like their new 440cc driver and this black oxide limited wedge,  they also have another larger UT coming end of August.  This limited series of black wedges is offered in 52/58* with only 250 pcs produced.  It’s made of Himeji forged S25C and features a milled face with conforming grooves.  This wedge will wear but the feel is soft and this finish is the most requested by JPGA tour players.

For more images follow the jump and if you have interest please email [email protected] to pick up a set before they are gone.

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Srixon Z-Series Limited Edition Black Series


Another new release coming this September 19th is a Limited Edition Srixon Z-Series Black Irons with custom graphic and color Design Tuning Shafts.  Pre-order starts next week on TSG these should sell out well before the release date,  it’s finished in what they are calling a “black satin”.  Simply Stealth.. stay tuned!

The 2012 Crazy Smart Series Caddy Bags!

I dropped by the Crazy Factory in Adachi on Tuesday to go over some of the new prototype shafts and products that will be out in coming weeks. While I was there they happened to be taking delivery of the first batch of new Crazy Smart Series caddy bags. The Smart Series are all made of top grade poly urethane and artificial leather as well as PVC in the Emboss models. The Leather series is of course all real leather. The models that came in were the Enamel, Lizard and Quilting lines.  I have to say the workmanship and designs are superb and the bags themselves very classy and different from the typical sporty looking caddy bags on the market today. What surprised me was the size and number of pockets which remind me of the superb older ONOFF circular type tour bags.  The materials and stitching on each bag are very well done and they shout quality. I also like the opening which are all soft velour which prevent shafts from being marked and scratched. I snapped a few pics which you can see below (the Crazy Sports Bag is also there in Red, Black and White). The bags can now be ordered here in the pro shop.

ONOFF Labospec Shingo Katayama Limited Wedge Review

One of the cool clubs that really caught our eye back at the Japan Golf Fair was the ONOFF Labospec wedge specially made for top Japanese pro Shingo Katayama.  Last week ONOFF sent me a sample for testing and I was able to spend some range time with it as well as a round out at Katsuura Country Club so here is a brief review. Katayama who played Ping Eye wedges early in his career requested a similar style wedge as homage to the Ping eye. Onoff created the new Limited Labospec wedge W358 and decided on ST22 steel as the material. ONOFF wanted a wedge with the durability of stainless steel but the soft feel of a forged club. ST22 is softer than typical cast stainless irons and wedges but it does not need to be forged. It can also be bent and adjusted like a forged club.  The W358 is a 59* wedge and named 358 due to featuring a 3.5mm height cavity and 8* of bounce. 

The 59* W358 in fact has 10* of bounce at its highest point but due to a multi grind sole, sits at address with 8* of bounce.  The two stand out characteristics of the W358 are the head’s unorthodox shape and its wider than normal sole. Katayama has always been a strong believer that one can never have enough forgiveness, as a pro or an average golfer. He was one of the first tour pros in Japan to play graphite shafts in his irons and while he has the choice of playing ONOFF’s athlete model Type S or Black driver, he always plays the Red driver or Type D.  The sole of the Labospec W358 while wide for easy bunker use and play on lusher fairways has a very versatile grind with multiple relief, allowing for the head to also excel in tighter lies and be opened up when necessary.

Its Ping Eye inspired shape may take getting used to for some but the design is rather effective. The very high toe creates a lot of real estate for the better player to work the ball thus creating more spin control. Yet again the rounded leading edge and offset create plenty of forgiveness and allow a player cleaner impact in various lies which result in more accurate shots and more spin.


Speaking of spin, the wedge performs admirably. The USGA conforming grooves are made to the limit allowed and the sand blasted face is micro milled for lots of additional friction and bite. I really appreciated its versatile sole. I used the wedge in bunkers of couse but also on short chips, approaches 75y or so in and even for a lob shot. In all cases, and no matter how I addressed the ball, the wedge kept its face and score lines squarely aimed at the target.  The wider sole excelled in the sand and I was in and out of bunkers without any stress including one bunker that was as deep as I am tall. Just opened up the face, swung away and out it came.

Feel wise, the wedge is softer than some cast models but not mushy soft. It provides soft (soft enough to feel the ball compress on full shots) but solid feedback and you know exactly where you are hitting it on the face, ie picking it low on the face to bring trajectory down or running it right up the face for more spin and stopping power.  I think its a good looking wedge, from the cavity side, its very slick, while at address it is shape may take getting used to but its gray matte finish is a plus. ONOFF is offering a very small amount of the Labospec Shingo Katayama W358 Wedges to the public and all custom built by their Labospec department for each customer who orders. It certainly is versatile enough and unique enough that I have ordered one for my bag. Get yours here while they last!

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