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New Limited Edition Modus Red Series Shafts!


Coming Sept 16th a 2000 set limited production that will never be produced again that celebrates the success the Modus series has had on both the U.S and Japan tours not to mention various smaller tours worldwide.

6 years ago in 2010 the Modus Tour 120 was released and NSPRO has sole more than 2 million worldwide. Now they are commemorating this with the limited RED edition.  The price is higher retailing for about $70 usd per shaft but it’s a beautiful Japan Only shaft that will quickly sell out.





Titleist Limited 100MB


The Titleist Limited 100MB is made in Japan only 100 pieces to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Titleist.

Obviously a muscle back it’s been given sharper more sleek edges and angles which some brands now claim to increase the players ability to focus during address while standing over the ball.  It’s got slightly heavier heads than usual but the most interesting thing is that inner tungsten weights have been added in the 3 thru 9 irons for a lower center of gravity, increased inertia and better performance for off center hits, yes a Titleist iron with inner tungsten weights…

Titleist has also focused on feel decreasing the vibrations felt through impact in what they call a “cupping effect” when hitting center, the standard shaft is the Tour Issue S200 and this set was sold out quickly before release and offered to only a few select accounts,  TourSpecGolf has already sold our only set and are working on getting another but the MSRP on these are 3,000 usd!

Odyssey limited edition Damascus Grand Putter


Odyssey had on display a very rare and limited putter made for the Japanese market named the Damascus Grand Limited Putter. ( This is true Damascus steel ) as Damascus has been a trend lately when it comes to high end putter materials that said not all Damacus is the same.  Some brands offer full Damascus made putters at less than half the cost of the material alone.  This is what I’m calling Faux Damascus or Damascus look.

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TourStage 909 Limited Blades

TourStage 909 Blade X-BLADE


Introducing the 2013 TourStage X-BLADE 909 Limited Edition irons.  These irons deserve their very own blog post not because they are rare & limited but because TourStage has done a fantastic job evolving their muscle back over the years making the 909 in my opinion their best effort yet.

So how is it different than previous years?  The biggest thing for me was it’s feel & finish.  TourStage has moved to the center a bit to please muscle back enthusiasts by providing us a softer feel at impact and a fully brushed satin finish.

TourStage 909 face picture

How’s it look?  I think it’s beautiful with little to improve.  From the clean and uncluttered pressed text on the back face to it’s attractive shape from just about every angle TourStage seems to have finally figured out what TSG’ers are looking for in a muscle back.  Of course this all takes back seat to how it actually performs and we are happy to report that these deliver.

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From Forged JDM Taylormade ATV’s to Forged JDM Vokeys to Crazy Toyoshima’s

In the last 6 months I’ve been somewhat of a wedge fanatic.  It all started back at the 2012 Japan Golf Fair or what we at TSG call the “Tokyo Show” where so many new Forged Japan only offerings were highlighted by Major OEMs.  The most exciting were the Taylormade Japan Only “FORGED” ATV wedges in a beautiful Dark IP Satin finish in contrast  the standard release was cast and didn’t have such a sexy finish.  Then there was the Japan Only  “FORGED” Titleist Vokey TVD and after some serious delays and back orders I finally got a custom set built to my specs.   When it came to surprises at the Tokyo Show these two forged wedges hit the mark.

Above the Forged ATV,  Its forgiving, modern, and beautiful not to mention very easy to hit.  It has a wide sole that you could still play it off of tighter lies. I also tried the 64* lob and still to this date is it the easiest bunker club I’ve ever experienced,  From anywhere else though a 64* is a pain in the butt and requires perfect angles of striking.  Although this forged model felt better than the standard release cast version and looked much better it still didn’t have the soft rewarding feel I am accustomed to hitting in Japanese wedges and irons.  If it did I would probably still have them in the bag.  These lasted a couple of months in my bag, very good wedges indeed.

Above a picture of what’s gotta be one of the best Titleist Vokey’s EVER released.  It’s soft forged of S20C by ENDO and feels superb.  This one is an extremely hot seller here at TSG with many  back orders but customers were patient and now they are readily available again.  The word I would use to sum these up is Versatile and especially when it comes to opening the face.  It’s as if the grind would fit a tour pro but it’s forgiving enough to hit clean for any level of player.  The face isn’t overly compact and It’s pretty much in a nut shell the softest & best feeling Vokey TVD Titleist has ever produced.  Comparing these to the Forged ATV’s I enjoyed the feel of these but the forgiveness of the sole of the ATV’s.


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New ONOFF Tour Division & Labo Spec Limited Releases!


The all new ONOFF RB247 LABO SPEC LIMITED IRONS will be releasing soon in limited numbers.  It’s built on order by the Labo Spec Tour Division for TSG customers.  Your basically getting a special Tour Only model built by the Tour Staff in Japan.  The conforming grooved RB247 fits right in between the ONOFF Red and ONOFF Forged providing the ease of use of the ONOFF Red but the control and performance of the ONOFF Forged.

ONOFF RB247 Labo Spec Irons

Designed with similar forgiving characteristics as the ONOFF Red, the head is smaller with less offset and a much thinner topline and sole.  Heel and toe tungsten increase MOI and widen the irons sweet spot. The RB247 also sports a pocket cavity for increased forgivness on off center hits.  This pocket cavity is different from the Red model in that it uses special cushioning to reduce miss hit vibrations yet provide a soft and pure feel off the sweet spot.  A rounded sole and trailing edge relief allow for versatility and clean entry and exit through a variety of lies for better sweet spot contact.

ONOFF Fairway Wings ProSpec The new ONOFF LABO SPEC Fairway Wings Utility Wood is the same club used by JPGA star Shingo Katayama.  It features a more forward and aggressive leading edge and a straight neck.  The CG has also been changed to create a more workable head with a more penetrating trajectory.  The V sole found on the standard model has been lessened here to flatten out the club and provide impact higher up on the face. The 27* looks intriguing to me and I may be trading out one or two of my TourStage X-UT’s for these if testing goes well.

ONOFF 2011 DriversThe LABO SPEC Type S Driver is a forgiving shallow faced driver aimed at the better player wanting a balance of distance and control. Compared to Plus models of the past, not only is the face shallower the head is also slightly larger and the CG a touch lower. The thicker Endo forged ELF Titanium face provides soft feel at impact and optimal smash factor for the faster and better player. The Type S produces a more penetrating low spin trajectory compared to the average golfer Type D model.

ONOFF has addded the Type S and Type D to their Labo Spec custom build options list.  Meaning you can get the loft, lie, and face angle +/- 1* adjusted to your preference along with custom length and one of the new Roddio Shafts.  All of the new LABO SPEC clubs are available in the TSG ProShop by “Clicking Here”.

2011 TourStage X-BLADE 905 CB Limited Edition Irons

TourStage Japan Golf ClubsThe New 2011 TourStage X-BLADE 905 CB Limited Edition Irons were first spotted at the Japan Golf Fair back in late February.  TSG immediately put the Pre-Sale up as we know the new TS limited irons would sell out quickly.  I had to wait for my sets one 905 Limited MB and CB until all customer orders will filled.  I finally got them in and I just can’t wait to hit them.  Already TourStage is almost sold out.  They have only a few left as of today with NS950 only,  If you didn’t jump on the presale you may want to do so now.

I have all sorts of idea’s running through my head,  Do I go with a combo 4-8 in CB & 9-PW in MB? Should I give them a brushed satin look and change the paint fill and install Muziik Grips to match?   I’m Even considering Crazy 80T graphite shafts…  Things have been coming around lately for my golf game with the last 2 rounds in the low 80’s and one 9 at 2 over.  It’s almost a 10 stroke swing from where I was at almost a month ago.  Thank’s Tatsuro Sensei for helping me sort out swing issues and thanks to Ryoma/Muziik for keeping me in the fairway and longer than ever!  I have the confidence that I could handle a Combo set, but should I?

TourSTage 905 CB Irons & DriverForged of S20C at Endo and backed by all the technology Bridgestone Golf could throw into these I consider the new 905CB the latest evolution of the ultimate players CB.  The next Generation MR-23CB if I could with hint’s of the TS-201’s in there yet in a much smaller more refined package.  The loft’s are as close to semi traditional as one can be now days.  The 905 CB comes in with a PW at 46* while the MB 47*  Traditional set makeup is at 3-PW but I opted for 4-PW and will probobly only bag 5-PW as I use utility woods and a driving iron in place of the *4.

TourStage New ProductsAbove is a comparison image of the New 905 Limited Blade’s sole next to the 905 Limited CB’s.  I will be posting more comparisons shortly in the TSG Forum shortly.  Both irons have an extremely think top line with almost no offset.  The MB has less than the CB of course but heel to toe lengths and overall shapes are similar enough to make a great combo set.  Both are in NS950 with the same swing weights and I think that should work out good as the design produces a lower flight while the NS 950 will help get the ball up.  Below I have Images to share, please take your time and look through them.  Full written review + video coming early next week along with a profile post of the Muscle Back Tomorrow!

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2011 ONOFF Shingo Bag Limited Edition


First pics outside of the JPGA tour of the 2011 Limited Edition Shingo Katayama bag produced by ONOFF golf.  These are extremely limited, If you would like to secure yours now please contact us.  It’s a 9.5″ diameter  and produced of synthetic leather.  It features a shoulder belt with 3 bearings making it more stable and a full opening pocket up front and large pocket in the back.  A bottle holder is located on the side and also a watertight zipper for valuables.

We have some video of it coming up in the ONOFF Japan Golf Fair post this week. Shingo limited products are rarely released.  This bag is the first release of 2011. Our fingers are crossed that the 2011 Shingo-Spec driver and roddio shaft will be released soon as well.

Epon i33 Putter Review

The Epon i33 putter was produced late in 2009 and available to only select accounts. Only 300 pieces were produced which were sold out extremely quickly in Japan and globally. Endo factory has not produced many putters, in fact I ‘m really not sure if they have ever produced any putters in the past.

The i33 was in development for over a year and features a familiar anser design that has subtle adjustments that make it unique and very attractive to gaze upon.  Produced of soft forged S20C steel which carries a Rockwell hardness rating of  HRB80 the feel at impact is surprisingly soft. Usually forged putters do vibrate softer than stainless putters but this one takes the cake producing a rewarding impact that feels expensive and of the highest quality

I have played several rounds with this putter as well as put it to the test on my own putting green at home and feel comfortable enough to post this review, please enjoy!

This is one of the best feeling putters I have ever hit and I have had the honor of hitting everything from GSS camerons to Gold’s Factory putters with German Silver inserts. Very few putters anywhere or ever have felt this great, it’s soft, muted, and firm not at all mushy in any way.

It rolls just as well as many of the top putters on the market today, In this department its on par with everything else. Let’s face it, it’s very difficult to improve upon roll in this day and age with all of the advancements in design and technology made recently.
This is where some peoples opinions may differ from mine, I really enjoy overweight putters and this one is exactly that at around 369 grams. Some will say that throws the balance off but really in my opinion to each is own and maybe on faster greens I would prefer a bit lighter weight head for a more delicate touch but where I play regularly it does the job. Heavier heads help me stabilize the stroke and get the ball through the average greens imperfections.

I would prefer they didnt put the steps near the back face of the putter as to me it looks cheap and does nothing for performance, I do feel that engraving the lie and loft was unnecessary as well because like many I changed my loft for the forward press in the hands i have and flattened out my lie angle by a degree making the stock engraving inaccurate.  The almost blank sole is very sexy but in chrome it gets scratched up fairly quick. Everything else is very nice about the putter the shape and rounded heel and toe as well as the matte satin style finish from visual angles while putting was a good decision on the part of Epon to avoid glare
It’s all there 100% and best part is you can feel it when you stroke the putter and at impact, it doesn’t feel cheap instead it feels solid, stable, expensive, and rewarding. The craftsmanship is excellent and the putter is pretty much flawless in this category. Kudo’s to Epon for staying true to their QC ethics.

My Final Take 
If you can afford this putter and enjoy anser style designs we here at GTI & TSG highly suggest it, on top of all that IF you wanted it adjusted we can send it to Master Sasaya for a different finish, removal of some of the engravings to help you shed weight, tungsten or visual aid work and maybe even your own design on the sole.  The putter is shipped in a stunning black box and comes with an original i33 Epon head cover, it’s very nice! The stock shaft is the Shimada 121-P 120g heavy putter shaft at 34″ coming in at around a total head weight of 540 grams. Lie = 71* & Loft = 3.3*.

We were told that an additional run of 100pcs may be coming in the future to satisfy international market demands. TSG has secured 5 more putters available to ship now. 

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