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Titleist 718 T-MB New for 2017!

Titleist 718 T-MB

Introducing the New Titleist T-MB 718 Irons – The 2017 Japan Golf Fair is nearing just a couple of months away scheduled to take place during the last week of March.  We are expecting many new Japan Only Titleist clubs mostly due to the fact that we are getting notices of current models being discontinued.  It started with the Vokey Cold Forged then the T-MB and now we are starting learn a bit more about what’s next to come from Titleist.

Like the 716 T-MB the new 718 T-MB by Titleist looks like a muscle back but features a hollow structure making it very forgiving for it’s size.  This is the first sight of a model named “718”  with the 716 series destined to be replaced with the same moniker on the future.  Titleist has expanded the tungsten structure on the heel and toe side bringing the MOI up and lowering the CG to make it even easier to hit.   We do expect a #2 iron as well.  Titleist Japan is saying that they have found a way to make the new T-MB more forgiving than even the current model AP2.   TSG will have pre-orders up for these very shortly so stay tuned!

Titleist 718 Golf Clubs


Mizuno MP-66 Yoro Craft Irons

Mizuno MP66 Irons Japan 8

Mizuno MP-66 Yoro Craft Irons – The new MP-66 was just released a few weeks back.  This Japan only design is Mizuno Japan’s new flagship players cavity back.

The MP-66 is the evolution of the MP-64 iron with the help of Mizuno’s Japan tour players who have requested multiple improvements not only in shape but also design and feel.  We have many photos after the jump and please remember these are full blown custom by yoro featuring a unique finish and grind that is not retail in Japan.  Click read more to continue…

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Titleist VG3 Utility Wood (Japan Only)

Titleist Japan Only VG3

Titleist VG3 Series Utility Woods – I would have to say these do a very good job at who they were designed to help, the mid to high handicap player.  I’ve hit this for a few holes now and had range time with them and they are an absolute pleasure to hit IF you are looking for something long, straight, and forgiving yet it has a bit of size to it.

The most interesting attribute is it’s face shape,  in fact the entire VG3 series shares very unique face shapes when looking head on.  As you can see below very few if any woods share the same style.  Ready for more?  Follow the Jump Please…

Japan Titleist Golf CLubs

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Titleist VG3 Forged Japan Only Irons Pictures

VG3 Forged Irons

Titleist VG3 Forged Japan Only Irons – Introducing the new 2016 VG3’s by Titleist.  Only offered in Japan the VG3 series is geared toward the mid to low handicap player the forged version as seen in these photos features very little offset yet with a rounded somewhat thick topline it’s forged head has a progressive cavity with short irons having no undercut while the mid to long irons have a deeper CNC milled undercut for extra added forgiveness.  The soles of the mid to long irons also feature embedded tungsten weighting spread optimally across the entire sole area making these very forgiving and lowering the trajectory which blends well with it’s stronger lofts somewhat the same combo used in the Titleist T-MB 716 irons, but these are not stainless steel or hollow like the T-MB they are soft forged 1 piece heads,  just the way we like um.  Follow the jump for detailed photos of the PW, #7 and #5 irons….

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Titleist VG3

Japanese Golf Clubs

Titleist VG3 Series in hand images and hitting impressions –  Titleist Japan did not attend the 2016 Japan Golf Fair this year which was a big surpise as they have just about every previous show I can remember in the last 15 years BUT they did have all of their clubs available to test with launch monitor data,  enjoy the pics and my impressions after the jump…

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Japan Only Mizuno MP-55 Irons by Yoro Craft


Over the last couple of weeks we have been teasing with multiple Yoro Craft editions by Mizuno absolute works of art hand ground with possibly the best crew on the planet to do such,  Today an all NEW model that is Japan Only Introducing the MP-55.

The retail MP-55 is no slouch at all either and every bit as good possibly better for the masses but what I’m showing here today is the hardcore version.  Forged of S25C /1025E this iron is Made in Japan and  comes finished in Nickel Chrome Mirror standard.  We had ours tricked out quite a bit with the goal of it looking as compact and “player” as possible yet maintain the forgiveness of the original.   Misson accomplished!  Read On….


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Titleist Cold Forged Wedges 2015


The cold forged is back and further improved for 2015!  The previous version was a major hit with TSG members and clients one our best selling wedges we have ever had and already the new cold forged is picking up where it left off.

This year offered with lofts between 48* and 60* in 3 different grinds the  F, M, and K Grinds all made with a more medium bounce profile making them extremely versatile for all types of conditions.  Why would Titleist only offer a forged wedge in Japan and not everywhere else and I don’t know the reason  perhaps it’s a supply or cost issue or maybe it because the majority of golfers and especially outside of Japan don’t particularly have a preference on what materials were used to make their golf clubs.

Lots of photos and comments so click Read More to continue on…

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Callaway Japan Only Beta Series

Callaway Japan Beta Series

Japan Only Big Bertha Beta Series Woods & Irons – Globally Callaway Golf has released the Big Bertha Alpha Series & V-Series while Japan get’s a very unique new model called the Big Bertha “Beta” that was produced to replace the higher end Legacy models.  The U.S Big Bertha V-Series is based on the Japanese Legacy Driver while this new BETA could become the foundation of a next gen design by Callaway Global.

This is the lightest weight Callaway driver has every released and it features their thinnest and lightest face material in the history of the brand called 811 Titanium which promises to have the highest ball velocity of any Callaway Driver ever.   This driver has a fixed heel weight giving it a draw bias to aid in keeping the right side our of play and it’s also Interesting they released a higher end model using yet left out the adjustable hosel in the sake of performance & design.  A new internal sound rib was implemented for better feel and the standard shaft similar to the Fujikura Air a very light weight longer in length distance focused design mated special with this head design is supposed to make the new Beta series driver Callaway’s biggest distance club they have ever released.   Ready to see the rest of the models including the new HEAVENWOOD?  Follow the Jump Please…

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Titleist 2015 Cold Forged Japan Wedges

Cold Forged Vokey 2015

The Titleist Vokey Cold Forged 2015 Japan Only edition was revealed at the Japan Golf Fair this weekend yet you wouldn’t have known by looking at the Titleist booth,  the big push was the new ProV1 ball while the new and very exciting release were hidden in their bags at the hitting booth.  We had an idea that these were coming when just a couple of months ago the previous model Cold Forged wedge was no longer available.

The codename being thrown around by some of the staff was 716 Tour Wedge which to me sounds a hell of a lot cooler than Titleist Vokey Cold Forged Wedge.  The changes are subtle in spec with small adjustments to face progression and grind they are still very similar to the cast Titleist offerings in the states.  More info & pics after the jump…

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