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Crazy STP Utility Shafts Now Shipping!

Crazy STP Hybrid Utility Shafts6

Looking for the best Japan Made Hybrid Shaft Available?  I get this question a lot and while there are many options few I can suggest with the utmost confidence up until now.  Introducing the Crazy STP UT shaft,  for those not familiar with the STP series it stands for “Step”  Crazy Shaft Co. Purchased the patent for this carbon step technology a couple of years ago and created what I believe is the most straight shooting carbon or steel shaft ever made,  the STP Iron Shaft.  Usually only steel shafts have a step in them now that has changed.  The Original STP IRON shaft plays very stiff to flex and is weight to frequency matched meaning you can’t select a weight in any flex they are only sold in specific weight flex combinations. The STP iron shaft is also the lowest flight most spin reducing iron shaft I have ever played and our customer feedback mirrors my opinion.  The same concept and technology in the STP irons now flows into the STP Utility Shaft but the key adjustment is that it’s not as stiff, these play true to flex with a more vibrant feel yet extremely straight.

What can also be done is we can have Crazy tip the shafts to play stiffer or softer per the customers request to fine tune to their preferences. The new Crazy STP Utility Shafts are now in stock and shipping immediately shaft only or you can contact [email protected] to set you up with a highly recommended head.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

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Titleist VG3 Utility Wood (Japan Only)

Titleist Japan Only VG3

Titleist VG3 Series Utility Woods – I would have to say these do a very good job at who they were designed to help, the mid to high handicap player.  I’ve hit this for a few holes now and had range time with them and they are an absolute pleasure to hit IF you are looking for something long, straight, and forgiving yet it has a bit of size to it.

The most interesting attribute is it’s face shape,  in fact the entire VG3 series shares very unique face shapes when looking head on.  As you can see below very few if any woods share the same style.  Ready for more?  Follow the Jump Please…

Japan Titleist Golf CLubs

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A-GRIND 2016 CMB Driving Iron


Last year A-Grind was officially started a new brand from famous club designer and tour service rep Yusuke Ako-san who was in the past the lead designer for Royal Collection in 2004 to 2013 for all their clubs including woods, irons, wedges, and utilities.  

With 1 year under his belt and his own company he has made a lot of progress with nearly a dozen products released and in just a short time professional victories in the bags of winners.  In this post we will go over his new version CMB Hybrid Iron or what TSG calls a driving iron,  follow the jump to continue…

A-Design A Grind Golf

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RomaRo Golf Alpha Fairway and Alpha Utility Woods

RomaRo Alpha Fairway Wood 2015

RomaRo Alpha Fairway Wood – The entire series of Alpha woods contains the same DNA,  easy to hit, long, very straight forgiving and higher launching I think that wraps it up nicely it’s forged cup face and stainless 17-4 body make for a satisfying sound at impact.

It’s shallow face looks as though you can get airborne well and that inspires confidence a low center of gravity help with picking the ball off turf it’s flatter more rounded sole slides very well.  In this post we have both the Fairway & Utility to talk about so please continue to read on…

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Fourteen Type-7 Driving Iron

Fourteen Golf Type-7 Driving Iron Hybrid

Fourteen Type 7 Driving Hybrid Iron – You seen it on the PGA Tour at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open in Las Vegas,  we have been seeing variants of these for more than a year on the Japan Tour and now it’s been sent to us for testing and eval.  I’m going to keep this short and sweet,  This is a near perfect driving iron that is highly refined,  from it’s angles, feel, forgiveness and overall performance it hit’s all marks for the player type it’s intended for.

So who is it intended for?  I’d have to say the low/mid handicapper who want’s to shoot tight accurate bullets to land in 2 on a par 5, or I can imagine it’s extremely usefull off the tee on tricky par 4’s or longer par 3’s,  yes there are higher launching more forgiving driving irons and hybrids that can be used but none as evolved as this in my opinion.  Follow the Jump for more pics and review…

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RomaRo Chapter 2 iBrid Hybrid Iron

RomaRo iBrid Driving Iron

Back in February of 2014 at the Japan Golf Fair RomaRo showed off it’s new iBrid Chapter 2 driving iron,  many months went by with no official release and customers began asking when  it will become available.  Good news is it’s now at TSG head only or with custom shaft options.  Better yet I’ve fallen heads over heels with it’s performance,  looks, and feel.  let’s dive a little deeper into the good stuff.

RomaRo iBrid Chapter 2 Driving Iron

Not many driving irons have a forged cup face,  for those not familiar with a cup face it’s basically a higher rebounding softer feeling design where the face is not welded at the edges but  more cup like wrapping around the edges before it’s welded making the face more flexible.  It’s evident that the Chapter 2 iBrid has a forged cup face because it feels so much better than any other driving iron I’ve tried it’s a more springy more spongy launch you will notice immediately at impact.

For more pictures and the rest of the review please follow the Jump…

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PRGR (Pro Gear) RS iD Nabla Utility Wood

PRGR iD Nabla RS Hybrid Utility

In my opinion PRGR and Yamaha lead all brands globally when it comes to Technology and Innovation and it’s not difficult to see why,  PRGR also known as Pro Gear is owned and operated by Yokohama Rubber Co.  which has it’s hand in not only golf but automotive tires,  and industrial products in a wide range of industries globally.

It’s a very good sign when brands issue multiple patents within a single product line for new technologies in the golf industry.   Today let’s have a look at the new PRGR iD Nabla RS Utility Woods…

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PRGR New egg Models Coming Soon!

PRGR has begun teasing the public with ads for their new egg lineup including 3 new models for 2011 Summer. PRGR will release a new eggbrid driver, egg i+ hybrid and New egg irons. The eggbird (yes the name is odd!) stands for egg hybrid driver which will be designed for those who want an ultralight distance driver – fly like a bird. Unlike the former egg Impact driver which was 43.5″, the new eggbird will be 46 and 46.5″ and ULTRA light at around 260g.  They seem to have broken up the egg iron line and released the longer irons in a redesigned form as the new i+ hybrids which will be a very shallow faced iron like hybrid made from maraging and stainless steel. The New egg iron replaces the egg II irons and will once again feature ultra strong lofts and maximum ease of use in its continuing reign as the longest hitting irons in golf. As always the PRGR egg is leading the class in ease of use and distance and we don’t expect any different from the new models.

The new egg lineup is released on August 6th so please look for the pre order in the pro shop soon!

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